Sam Bradford officially on IR as Rams reach 75-man limit


Not that there was any doubt, but now it’s official: Sam Bradford is out for the season.

Bradford, the Rams franchise quarterback who suffered a torn ACL in Saturday’s preseason game, has been officially placed on injured reserve.

Moving Bradford to IR was one of four roster moves the Rams made today to get down to the 75-player limit. St. Louis also waived DE Sammy Brown and S Matt Daniels and placed C Demetrius Rhaney on injured reserve.

For the Rams and Bradford, the question now is whether Bradford has played his last game in St. Louis. The enormous contract Bradford got as a first overall draft pick under the old Collective Bargaining Agreement means it’s inconceivable that he could be back under his current contract. It’s possible that Bradford could return to the Rams if he’s willing to take a big pay cut, but it’s also possible that Bradford and the Rams are done.

17 responses to “Sam Bradford officially on IR as Rams reach 75-man limit

  1. Thumbs up – he suits up for the Rams again.

    Thumbs down – he’s played his last down in horns.

  2. He either has a really weak knee, or the last repair surgery was a botched job. He got hit on the side by the Browns player’s thigh, and Bradford was wearing a knee brace. It was not a catastrophic hit in any way. Good luck to you Bradford.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back on reworked one year deal. The rams are still the team that gives him the best option to start next year.

  4. He’s done. It’s the way the NFL goes. Just look at RG3. One great season, teams start figuring out exactly what he does, loses his talent a bit, and fans now say Cousins should start. Same goes for Bradford. He was offensive rookie of the year four years ago or so, now he’s done

  5. People say preseason doesnt matter!!! Well this is why i disagree with them.. Lose ur qb and preseason matters..but while i doubt history will repeat itself the last time yall lost star qb in the preseason yall went on to give the fans the greatest show on turf

  6. He has a choice: move to a winner as a backup or return to the Rams for a lot less money, with a chance at starting again. If I had to bet, I’d say he goes to Dallas, Denver or NO for a one year deal.

  7. Sam Bradford is a class act that worked his a$$ off for the Rams. As a 30+ year Rams fan, I hope Sam comes back with a reduced contract…..competes next season.

    The Rams are a hideous organization. Just like Steven Jackson before him, he tried his hardest to make a epic loser competitive. Where does the blame really lie?

    He had 3 OC’s in 5 years. Take a look at his WR corps and his offensive lines.

    Give the kid a break. Yeah, he’s rich. But he never asked to play for an organization I foolishly support this organization…. and they have let several good players and millions of fans of down for many years.

  8. The injury is terribly sad. Shucks. I pray the Lord heal him and provide blessings for him whichever way his future might lead.

    I recall Sam’s draft and his early success and thought more than once that it wouldn’t be long before Sam had the Rams back competing for championships again. As a Packer fan, it made me a little scared that the Rams had found Kurt Warner II.

    All of us can recite the litany of woes that get in the way between a QB draft and an enduring franchise QB result. Statistically, the chances of having a young QB end up as an enduring elite class QB are exceedingly slim.

    So, I’m really happy my Dad got me interested in being a Packer Fan in the 1960s. Had to wait for a while after Bart Starr retired ….. but for the last 20+ years it’s been some sort of miracle that we went immediately from Brett Favre to Aaron Rogers. Holy cow.

    The 49ers had that genre of miracle too with Montana and Young. Can anyone think of another equivalent consecutive elite QB succession story?

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