Sherman reiterates belief that new rules emphasis won’t affect Seahawks


Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman consistently has claimed that the NFL’s decision to emphasize illegal contact and defensive holding will not affect the defending Super Bowl champions.

Most recently, Sherman reiterated his position during an interview with NBC’s Josh Elliott.

“I don’t think it’ll affect our game at all,” Sherman said. “We’ve been playing at the line of scrimmage. And those rules have always been in place. I think they’ll affect other teams a little bit more. If you look at the statistics, the way the preseason has gone, it’s rarely ever affected us in a game.”

While the rules actually have been in place for fewer than 40 years, he’s right about the stats. The Seahawks haven’t seen many of the flags that have been plaguing other teams this preseason, which suggests that Pete Carroll and company already have adjusted.

“I think the point of emphasis is what it is,” Sherman added. “But I think it’s a little bit more, you know, of the league trying to mandate, a playing style which is interesting. When the fantasy football numbers need to be what they need to be, then the league needs to do what it needs to do to get it done. This is a money-driven league. So whatever sells the tickets is gonna sell the tickets.”

Asked specifically whether fantasy football played a role in the point of emphasis, Sherman didn’t hesitate.

“Selling tickets is the number one concern,” Sherman said. And fantasy football is a phase of that. That is the next billion dollar industry that they’re gonna protect.”

There’s some merit to Sherman’s reasoning, even if the NFL never would actually admit it.  With fans now able to stay home and watch an endless stream of scoring on the RedZone channel, fans are less inclined to focus on only one game.  Which is precisely what happens when buying a ticket to attend only one game.

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  1. I believe so far in the preseason, the Seahawks have been the least penalized with the new holding and illegal contact emphasis. It makes some sense, as the primary offender, Brandon Browner, is now playing for the Patriots.

  2. Once again Sherman gives an honest, well thought out remark that is on point. Imagine that, a young man in the mist of “the change” able to articulate the reason for a rule emphasis, that doesn’t just say, “it is what it is”.

    Great job of exposing the NFL for what it is. BTW, as he said, the rules don’t really effect the Seahawks. It hurts teams who don’t know how to play press defense more than anything.

    Still, expect 4 or five 5,000 yards passing seasons, as the NFL 7 on 7 flag league evolves.

  3. He can’t concentrate without Adderall and can’t play without illegal contact and defensive holding. The NFL knows it, the refs know it, the 12th woman knows it, we all know it. It will be fun watching him implode.

  4. Sherman is right, the NFL is going to officiate games exactly like they did last year… teams that are ‘known’ to be physical like the Seahawks are be allowed to be more physical while teams that aren’t necessarily known to be physical will be the ones that are affected by the renewed emphasis on PI… That’s the reality…

  5. When this new emphasis came about, everyone called it the Legion of Boom rules. Perhaps, in an attempt to not single out Seattle, the NFL is being easier on them this preseason, so that they can point at it and say, see, we didnt make the rule for Seattle, they didnt get many flags like other teams… Does anyone really believe the NFL is above that kind of behavior?

  6. Selling tickets takes a backseat to general growth. More points seems to get the growth they want. They also want highlights shown 24/7. TD catches are typically better highlights as opposed to passes defensed. Ticket sales revenue is nothing compared to TV.

  7. “Point of emphasis” on defensive contact because of the Seahawks? Hawks are the only team NOT to get a defensive holding penalty this preseason. As usual, RS25 is right. Let that sink in… After all, he IS a Super Bowl champion….


  8. “Perhaps, in an attempt to not single out Seattle, the NFL is being easier on them this preseason, so that they can point at it and say, see, we didnt make the rule for Seattle, they didnt get many flags like other teams…”

    This inspired me to reconnect with Steely Dan’s fantastic album, Pretzel Logic. Highly recommended.

  9. I’ve said the same thing for months. The NFL can’t come out and openly embrace gambling as a method of getting people more interested in their product, but they can certainly promote fantasy football. And what makes fantasy football more appealing? Why, lots and lots and lots of offense.

  10. Once again great and well thought out answers from one of the most educated football players in the game. So what if he has one so called “blemish” on his resume. The NFL should be promoting him more than they do. Great job Sherman25

  11. I have watched this secondary develop into what it is from 2010, they talented as they come and well coached by Kris Richard/Pete Carroll.

    Playing against the Bears, you don’t get a more physical and imposing set of WRs and the only call was on Phillip Addams late in the 3rd quarter.

    I look forward to seeing how teams that need to load the box to stop Lynch also stop Percy Harvin, Paul Richardson, Doug Baldwin Kearse with Wilson scrambling toward the line of scrimmage.

  12. The emphasis on pass interference has nothing to do with Seattle’s play last year, it has everything to do with fantasy players.

    Just follow the money. What makes the most revenue for the NFL = TV contracts.

    What makes people watch lousy games between lousy teams that they wouldn’t normally watch = they have players on their fantasy team in the lousy game.

    This is all about fluffing up the TV numbers so they can get even more money for the contracts.

  13. I’ll admit i play fantasy & in multiple leagues to boot. Having said that i believe football is sacred & you don’t mess with the game to indulge those ofus that delude ourselves into thinking our fantasy teams have any relevance to the game whatsoever. In my opinion, and why i play to begin with, fantasy is a great way to generate interest in games we, as fans, could careless about once our favorite team’s game is over. That’s why i play. I have 1 favorite team & after their game is over without fantasy i wouldn’t more than a passing interest in the rest of the games. With fantasy i’ll be just as enthusiastic about a game with 2 teams i hate as long as i have players on those teams but the NFL its being really short sighted if they’re willing to change rules to indulge those of us who play.

  14. What other contrived names will they come up with next? The only decent one is 12th man, hover we already know who started that one


  15. The young man didn’t earn a degree from Stanford for nothing. His take is thinking outside the box, and dead on considering its been reported the NFL wants to bank $25 BILLION per year. So, don’t shoot the messenger…you heard it from Sherman, first!

  16. What other contrived names will they come up with next? The only decent one is 12th man, hover we already know who started that one


    Another jealous Santa Clara fan….

    Go Hawks


  17. The Legion of Boom looks stingier than ever, and did I mention that they are the only team in the NFL without a defensive holding penalty called against them?

  18. Do Seahawks fans really think calling the San Francisco 49ers the “Santa Clara” 49ers is gonna ruffle feathers? Or a super witty rhyme (one of which, I’ve never heard before “forty whiners”)? I pretty sure there were probably more 49ers fans that reside in Santa Clara than the entire Seahawks fan base before 2012.

  19. The great thing about sports is that you actually get to go out on the field and prove it.

    Will the renewed emphasis affect the Seahawks? maybe. Maybe not.

    What makes repeating hard is not rules emphasis, it’s several factors.
    1. Every team in the league studies your template
    2. Everyone in your organization from players to coaches to front office feel their value has gone up and you start getting picked apart.
    3. Every team circles you on the calendar and you get their best effort in every game.
    4. Your offseason is a few weeks shorter

    The Seahawks are unlikely to repeat because repeating is incredibly hard. I doubt a few flags will make the difference, they are unlikely to do it with or without those flags.

  20. Sherm is right…..this TEAM DEFENSE is what makes it special and what helped lead us to our 1st Superbowl championship.
    Good tackling, smart playmaking and pressure on the QB is what wins games.

    However, I do suspect more calls down in the red zone where more contact is made just because of the tight windows to throw in.

    Either way…excited for this year with a super tough schedule.


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