Burfict won’t talk about his contract


A week after it was reported that the Bengals and linebacker Vontaze Burfict had reached a deal on a new contract, he remains unsigned. And he remains unwilling to talk about it.

Burfict was asked about his contract situation and said, “No comment,” according to Cincinnati.com.

The subject is apparently a topic of conversation in the Bengals’ locker room, however. Bengals cornerback Terence Newman piped up to reporters with a line from Rounders.

“Just like the line in that movie, pay that man his money,” Newman said.

The situation with Burfict is strange: A week ago the reports said the contract had been agreed upon, and Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has said he expects Burfict to sign. Until the contract is signed, however, everything else is just talk. And Burfict won’t talk.

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  1. Then his agent is an idiot for announcing a deal has been made. I hope Mike Brown and his beautiful daughter don’t screw this up. Yes, Katie is smoking! Haha

  2. knew it, next he will fire his agent and get a new one for a new contract…he has outplayed all expectations and more…he warrants a better deal but then again he was undrafted because of his attitude and work ethic…

  3. Marvin says he thought the deal was done because Burfict’s agent is the one that told the media it was done. I’m guessing someone got in Burfict’s hear saying it should have been for more money or years.

  4. Every heard of anyone boasting proudly about a contract they got from Mike Brown? Heck, even Dalton’s deal is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

  5. Agent shouldn’t have said they had an agreement. Burfict should fire his agent after this one. He screwed him big time. I guess they saw the public saying how great of a deal the Bengals got. But Burfict wasn’t going to be hurting. He was going to be paid well and his contract would be up while he’s still young and he’d get another huge contract then as well. So it fits for both sides. I guess Burfict would rather make a base of 600k this year. To each his own I guess.

  6. what was it, $5 mil per yr ?

    he is arguably one of top LBs in league. despite his coming into NFL under dubious circumstances, he has proven his worth, so his past shouldn’t penalize him.

    is there trouble brewin’ in cincy ?

  7. From undrafted rookie to leading the NFL in tackles, now it’s time to get paid. My question is when he gets the big money will he change his attitude? Will the money bring out the person that caused him to go undrafted and become a problem on the Bengals. Let’s see how this plays . Go Redskins.

  8. The guy IS strange. He’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

    I’m glad he had turned it around, at least so far, but this right here showcases he still does crazy stuff, and his thinking is off.

    At ASU he would sometimes make the big play on 1st down, and then do 2-3 penalties in a row. Really dumb stuff. He really let his team down so many times. By the end of his career there he was shell shocked and had regressed to the point where you wondered if he’d even start in high school. No kidding, he really regressed that far. He was a back pedaling linebacker, even while attempting to tackle.

    You were sure he was either going to flame out, and may even find him on the news after being found dead. This was the poster child of head cases.

    Blamed the coaches for his problems and then threw them under the bus when they finally, after three years of his insane crap, they benched him. Dennis Erickson made a lot of bad moves, but VB’s craziness and inopportune penalties lost multiple games for multiple seasons, and was probably a huge contribution to Erickson being fired. VB was a cancer, even if he was supposedly a ‘good guy’. But he blamed everyone else, and then decided to ‘go pro’ to punish Erickson for finally benching him, something he should of done years earlier and about a dozen times.

    He then proceeds to get fat, slower, and tests positive for pot at the combine. In the interviews, once again, he threw Erickson under the bus.

    All the above, and more, is why he wasn’t drafted, and he shouldn’t of been. Guy was making the case for the biggest flame out in history. Made Ryan Leaf look like Tom Brady.

    Even punched out a freshman receiver in a locker room that was much, much smaller.

    If you don’t know the story of Vontaze Burfict at ASU, you should. As crazy as crazy can be.

    Thankfully he so far has mostly turned it around. He’s had a couple of dumb penalties, but those were every game or every other game at ASU.

    But he still is crazy, as evidenced by not signing the contract yet.

    He should sign it. No one is going to give him a 100 million dollar contract. He still is crazy. He still can flip that switch back. He’s getting paid before anyone else in his draft, BY FAR.

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