Cowboys claim Patriots pick Jemea Thomas off waivers


The Patriots spent a sixth-round draft pick on defensive back Jemea Thomas this year, and Thomas was so unimpressive in training camp that he didn’t even survive the first round of roster cuts. But he’ll now get a shot in Dallas.

Thomas was claimed on waivers by the Cowboys today, a day after he was placed on waivers by the Patriots.

Thomas played both cornerback and safety at Georgia Tech and was also viewed heading into the draft as a player with the potential to be a solid contributor on special teams. He didn’t show much of anything in three months of work with New England.

But in Dallas, where they’re desperate for talent on defense, there’s a decent chance that Thomas can stick around beyond Saturday’s cut down to the 53-man roster. The Patriots saw Thomas’s talent before the draft, and the Cowboys still think he has promise, even if he couldn’t cut it in New England.

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  1. patriotsarespygaters says: Aug 27, 2014 5:57 PM

    and then the hoodie released him wasting a 6th round pick on him…..dallas will cut him soon because he will not help u will see
    haha how many of your teams 6th or 7th round picks have stuck around over the last 10 yrs? I GUARANTEE not as many as Belichick’s. Hater

  2. the Pats like to trade down & stockpile late rd. picks so they can waste them on guys like this

  3. .
    Belichick was attracted to Thomas because of his versatility, as he could play CB, Safety and special teams. However, it appears he didn’t play them well enough to find a spot in the crowded Patriots secondary.

  4. He was hurt almost the entire length of camp. He practiced a hand full of times. I wouldn’t say they were so unimpressed. It’s a numbers game and they are stacked at DB. But hey, good research bro

  5. Couldn’t beat out UDRFA Malcom Butler is why. Certainly wasn’t going to beat out the incumbants.

    Yeh, BB’s record of 6th round picks is sooo bad.

  6. Oh right!!!! His 6th round picks are terrible…… Who would want Tom Brady… Haters

  7. When Jerry Jones is your GM you claim on waivers other teams mistakes to build your team.The Cowboys could have a top 5 pick in the draft next season to draft their next QB.

  8. He is a CB/S but undersized for safety, so he was drafted for play nickel CB, but Patriots´depth at the position (Arrington, Dennard, Ryan) pushed Thomas out of the roster.
    I think this is a steal for the Cowboys, reviewing some tape of this guy after the draft he can cover, he can tackle, there is some impressive plays over Kevin Benjamin.

  9. I think BB, as of late, always has a very good team but in a average division. Pats are the 7th best team in the NFL maybe 8th. The Brady train is running out of steam, and as we know, great QB’s make coaches look real good. He’s still a good coach, but he’s even better w/ Mr. Brady.

  10. Belichick’s(wasted) 6th/7th rnd pks:


  11. In other news, Jemea Thomas just put on IR after pulling his hamstring signing his contract with the Cowboys…

  12. Just because a guy can’t make one team doesn’t mean he can’t play. The cowboys are deep at running back and will probably cut a guy that will play for another team. The boys are thin at DB due to injury and the pats were too deep. The pats were so thin at a TE that they traded a starting OL for one.

  13. If the Patriots have a flaw, it’s they don’t keep their draft picks.
    But maybe they feel like since they get to pick over the waiver wire from all the other teams, then maybe those available guys are as susceptible to success as the ones the Pats drafted.

  14. While everybody else is playing checkers, Belichek is playing chess. This is just part of the game of chess….making draft mistakes. It won’t matter Patriots and their fans will be bowing down to the King of the AFC L east. Big woop.

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