Gordon may apply for reinstatement after 2014 season

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The good news for the Browns and Josh Gordon is that hearing officer Harold Henderson ultimately didn’t apply the substance-abuse policy as written regarding the duration of Gordon’s suspension.  The bad news is that Gordon will still miss the full season.

But Gordon may be reinstated before August 27, 2015, which would mean that the supposedly mandatory one-year suspension contained in the policy won’t be enforced in this case.

While it does nothing to help Gordon or the Browns in 2014, it means that he could be back with the team in time to better prepare for 2015.  If the policy had been applied as written, Gordon would not have been back until August 27, 2015.

Of course, Gordon must stay clean over the next several months and beyond, passing up to 10 drug tests per month.  If he fails before he’s reinstated, he may not be reinstated.  If he fails after, he’ll face another lengthy suspension.

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  1. I know it has been said already, probably more than once, but it sickens me to know that Ray Rice can HIT A WOMAN in public and get two games. This dude smokes some pot like probably 1/4 of the NFL players do, and gets suspended for a year. It is just like Von Miller. He got the hammer thrown at him last year for pot.

    Lets not forget that Jim Irsay is still enjoying every pill in his pocket and cruising around high oxy with $30K in his pocket and nothing is done about it. Yeah, makes SO MUCH SENSE!!!!!

  2. The headline is factually wrong. The NFL’s statement – 2 articles down – says the NFL has not determined when Gordon will be eligible to apply for reinstatement. But knowing Roger, I’m sure he’ll cut Josh a break once all the media attention has gone away.

  3. Hey, if he doesn’t like the rules, he CAN LEAVE. How many chances do you get at your job if you flunk a drug test. Mine is one. Go work at Wal-Mart if you don’t like the NFL rules.

  4. He’s not kicked out, he’s suspended. If he retired, they would probably take him out of the program. If he then unretired, they would put him right back in.

  5. They’ve been overly harsh with this kid. He was entered into the substance abuse program for action he took in college. His only violation of the NFL substance abuse program is for codene cough syrup (apparently) prescribed by his doctor (thus the reason they reduced his suspension Last year). Now he barely tests over and the “duplicate” sample was clean – boom – he’s suspended for a whole year? Wow….just wow.

  6. Lets see MUST stay clean and not fail test. How long before he wants to play the big macho guy and back out doing the drugs.

  7. I’m sorry but this is a ridiculous suspension. Is smoking weed banned by the NFL – yes. He did break their rule, but at some point common sense has to factor into a decision like this. As it’s been said many times, now players know they can beat a woman and miss two games, while smoking weed can keep you out for a year.

    Use common sense sometimes NFL

  8. For everyone saying negative things about Gordon and/or marijuana.

    I wish every athlete that used marijuana would quit playing in the league they’re in. That would leave you couch potato alcoholics with nothing but golf.

    Have fun with that!

  9. I think the NFL made a huge error in this case. But where is outrage at the NFLPA?

    The NFLPA helped cause this situation by failing to negotiate better terms on pot.

    If the NFLPA wanted to help the players guys like Josh Gordon would be in sanctioned treatment programs during their suspensions. They would be permitted to be monitored by their teams.

    Both the NFL and the NFLPA are wrong in the Gordon case.

  10. He’ll never play again. He’s high right now. Talented, stupid, and hangs around with bad dudes. CYA loser.

  11. It’s not just pot folks, the man is an addict. Hopefully this is a wake up call because he is a still a very young man who can still have a great career and good life moving forward.

  12. I feel bad for everyone involved. Browns ownership and management set back 2 -3 years. Browns fans have to wait til next year – again and again and… NFL reputation takes a hit especially with Rice and Irsay contrasts. And Gorden is all but done – talent wasted and millions flushed along with the other brown stuff.

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