Jay Cutler not thrilled with seeing Jordan Palmer so soon


When the Bears chose Jimmy Clausen over Jordan Palmer as their backup quarterback, they opened the door for Palmer to find another job.

They also opened their playbook to their opening week opponent.

According to Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler wasn’t wild about the fact Palmer will likely be turning over 10 months of information about the Bears offense in the next 10 days.

It’s not an ideal situation,” Cutler said. “It’s not exactly what you’d want. He can give them a few things I’m sure. If he does sign, he’ll be meeting with [Bills defensive coordinator Jim] Schwartz pretty much immediately.

“He knows snap counts, some of the stuff we do with some of our checks, what plays we like. But they still have to defend it. So I don’t think we’ll change much if anything. Maybe a few tweaks here and there. But we’ll just have to go play football.”

Players and coaches usually downplay any edge an opponent might glean, but given the level of detail the quarterback has to know, it’s the one position which could force a team to make a major adjustment.

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  1. Say what you want but I think this exact situation led to the Bengals thrashing of the Jets last season. Bengals picked up Greg McElroy who Rex often called the smartest guy in the building (bring on the jokes) and he gave them everything they needed.

    If Palmer is half as smart and Trestman is as good a QB coach as he’s known I’m there will be some issues but they can also use it to their advantage. Mix a few things up on some obviously looking play calls Palmer could point out.

    Smart move by the Bills if that was their intention but I assume it mostly had to do with their dicey QB situation in general.

  2. oh be quiet baby… Its still EJ Manual at QB…If the Bills win, and I am saying that is a big IF, it will have very little to do with Jordan Palmer..

    It will be because you played worse that expected, or the Bills played their top game..

  3. Wow Cutler… whine much?

    You act like things like this have never happened before. Man up, and realize that with a few adjustments to the snap counts and check downs this can actually be advantage.

    I don’t think you kept Denver’s tendencies to yourself when you whined your way out of there now did you?

  4. To those saying Cutler is whining…

    Chill out. He was asked a question by the media and responded. He didn’t call a press conference to talk about it. And it’s not like he said it’s unfair, he just said it’s not ideal. Whenever Cutler is in the headline, the haters come out. We’re all aware of what you think of him. Move on.

  5. The Bears are especially sensitive to this because the same thing happened last year when the Lions signed long-time Bears DL Izzy Idonije. He tipped them off to all the Bears defensive calls and as a result the Lions offense rolled the Bears D not once, but twice.

  6. I always remember bills signing lawyer milloy after the patriots released him as the bills played the patriots week 1. Bills shut them out 31-0.

  7. Lol – the Lions offense, with the best receiver in the NFL and two great and dynamic running backs needed some sort of help to roll an incredibly average Bears defense?


  8. I bet Cutler could publicly state that the grass is green and the sky is blue, and he’d still be trashed for whining about the bright sunshine reflecting off the grass.

  9. Culter is just setting himself up to excuse any INT’s he throws on the first weekend.

    I don’t get what the Bears see in Cutler to give him that big contract, he whines more than my 3 year old.

  10. like every yr, bears start out good, like 6-4. then cutler suffers his annual late season injury, and bears collapse to end 7-9 or 8-8.

    like sunrise, death and taxes, the annual cutler injury-induced late season bears swoon is part of the human condition.

    book it. also it hasn’t been said much, but cutler will go down as a coach killer.

  11. “Bills shut them out 31-0.” Yup, and New England returned the favor in the final game of the season.

  12. I watched (not sure why) almost the whole game last night during a fantasy football draft between the Bears and the Seahawks.

    Cutler looked like a deer in headlights the entire night and I’m not sure he could be any slower trying to get out or up in the pocket.

  13. Returning the favor 16 weeks later has nothing to do with this article. The point was getting a player from the team you’re starting the season against.

  14. Well Jay if you don’t realize that they don’t already have your playbook that would explain a lot of your play. Keep it up, we love you playing in Chicago.

  15. Hey every team is cutting players now and any other team is free to sign them. The Bears can certainly sign a Bills castoff if they want to.

    In fact its very common for teams to sign someone cut by a division rival, happens many times every season.

  16. To those of you calling Cutler a whiner and a baby or whatever, just come right out and say you hate him. He’s not whining you dolts, he was asked a question and all he said is it wasn’t ideal, which is correct! Palmer knows the plays, the snap counts, everything, so yeah, that’s the definition of not ideal. Cutler also said they still have to stop the play, and he’s absolutely right. All you haters are morons, hating for no reason other than ESPN questioning his body language. Talk about stupid!

  17. Bills v. Bears… an offense that can’t move the ball at all against a D that can’t stop anyone. Something’s gotta give.

  18. “Hey every team is cutting players now and any other team is free to sign them. The Bears can certainly sign a Bills castoff if they want to.In fact its very common for teams to sign someone cut by a division rival, happens many times every season”

    and for the very reason stated when its someone who calls plays on offense or defense…that’s a whole different issue….GO BILLS

  19. Glad to see the haters out in force today, I needed a few good laughs…I’m willing to bet Jay’s teammates, to a man, don’t find this to be an ideal situation, but since nobody quoted them they are spared the ‘whiner’ label. Then again, had anyone else said it, no one woulda questioned it ’cause it’s true.

    Go Bears!

  20. And if his years in Detroit are any indication, Schwartz will choke this opportunity away, too.

  21. Of course the comments arise of Cutler “whining.” I’m sure he was just responding to a question from a reporter about Palmer. It’s not like he’s up all night writing Palmer’s name all over the walls of his house or anything.
    To the haters, it’s like if I asked you how the weather was on a hot day, and after you respond “hot” I go around and tell everyone you’re whining about the heat.

  22. Welcome to our world Jay…….. we didn’t like the idea that we’d be seeing 4 more years of you either here in Chicago for 16 million annually. Life ain’t fair is it?

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