Jeff Fisher still angry at ESPN over shower coverage

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ESPN has already apologized for its out-of-line story about Michael Sam’s showering habits.

But that’s not necessarily enough for Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

Via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Fisher is still quite angry with reporter Josina Anderson and her employer about the story, even after getting a follow-up apology call from ESPN president John Skipper.

I’m extremely disappointed in her piece,” Fisher said. “I think it’s unethical. I think it’s very, very unprofessional. Not only the piece itself, the content. The manner in which she did it.”

Part of Fisher’s displeasure is apparently with Anderson’s talking to players away from the team facility. Coaches don’t like anything that happens outside their controlled little world, and for that, Anderson behaved like every other professional reporter who covers the NFL.

“She was out of line because she went and contacted several players on their personal time,” Fisher said. “Misled them with questions and then put this piece together. . . .

“I’m disappointed for Mike. I’m disappointed for the players who she put in this position, and mostly I’m disappointed for her because she felt what she was doing was right — and it wasn’t right.”

Rams defensive end Chris Long followed up the initial report with a Twitter message which read: “Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it.”

We wish that was the truth.

59 responses to “Jeff Fisher still angry at ESPN over shower coverage

  1. ESPN Reporting is a everyone who knows anything about sports laughs at.

    Their reporting style is a now a mix of TMZ and US Weekly.

  2. baltimore ravens fans look forward to more ESPN stories about wet, soapy, hairy men taking hot showers.

  3. .
    The average fan has been over Michael Sam since the draft day tmi massacre. Only the media is talking about him now, and they are beating a dead horse’s skeleton.

  4. Yea, but if the players are being honest, and players are not comfortable, what is wrong with that? Should players be forced into something like this if they are uncomfortable or offended? Is that fair to them?

  5. Yea, ESPN has yet to get over the fact that Mike Sam is gay. They try to put the onus on players and everyone in the organization, but its them. To have a reporter ask about the shower is uncalled for. No one cares about that, but ESPN.

  6. But Tony Dungy was wrong? No media circus around this guy….nope. None.

  7. Why would a “news” program catered mostly towards men run a story about a guy showering with other men?

    It’s just too invasive and really unnecessary.

  8. ESPN tries to create a story where none exist. There have been gay players in professional locker rooms forever, the players and coaches know who they are, and don’t give a bleep about it. All they care is “can the man play football” Too many media outlets and too many hacks trying to make a name for themselves by creating a story where on doesn’t exist.

  9. Josina Anderson, i have words for her but it will be not nice. Anyhow, to piggy back on what someone said earlier ESPN is a rumor mongering, useless network in recent years.

  10. “We wish that was the truth.”
    Then stop jumping at every chance to capitalize on it. Be honest, the pundits and scribes can’t get enough of this. The rest of America has moved on.

  11. ESPN has editors … not very good ones … but they have them. Someone approves those stories before they go online. That’s whose butt should be in the sling.

  12. I’m going to guess that everyone who feels that Michael Sam’s presence in the shower making players “uncomfortable” or “offended” shouldn’t be “forced” to, are the same ones who feel that Native Americans who find Washington’s nickname offensive should be forced to live with it. Hypocrites.

  13. What do you expect from espn, they employed/employee racist reporters like Rob Parker, Michael Smith, jemele hill, and dragged out the bully scandal more than any sports outlet. They live off of controversy, encourage it and are totally bias.

  14. It just amazes me that nobody in the process involved with vetting this particular story even thought that it would be a really, really bad idea. ESPN has lost a ton of credibility in recent years. Its magazine is the biggest joke of a sports magazine that ever existed, its website is terrible and the few good writers are hidden behind a content pay wall, and its TV programs have generally stopped being about content and focused instead on hype and drama.

  15. I don’t care that Michael Sam is gay….I don’t care about Johnny Manziel, and his partying, cash phones, or cocaine problem……I didn’t care about Tim Tebow……I just really enjoy football, and will read, watch, etc, anything about my beloved sport. These media outlets, ESPN, NFL Network, etc….all think we want these stories on 24/7, so they keep shoving it down our throats. News Flash, we the collective fan base of the NFL don’t care!!!!!! It’s a joke!!!!! I can’t take it anymore!!!!!

  16. ESPN is proving the only program it airs that is dedicated entirely to pro football that is credible is Fantasy Football Sundays. How sad is that?

  17. If the Tennessee Titans hired a male cheerleader (like they did their first couple years in Nashville), but this time only provided one set of showers for him and his teammates (cheerleaders) to share, would it be an issue? … How is this different?

  18. ESPN got what they wanted here. Everyone talking about ESPN. I wish those who really needed it the most would quit watching them and parroting them. Or wear some kind of sign saying “I get my sports knowledge from ESPN” so everyone else would know who to never talk sports with. Bottom feeding “reporting” for the mouth breather wanna bees.

  19. A media created issue. People have their opinions about the lifestyle, but if he can ball then other players will play with him. The media straw man continues…

  20. This is typical of ESPN. Anything to get a story. They should really take a looong look at some of the people they hire

  21. “Yea, but if the players are being honest, and players are not comfortable, what is wrong with that? Should players be forced into something like this if they are uncomfortable or offended? Is that fair to them?”

    It’s their job. If they don’t like it they can find a new one. I’ve worked with many gay people in my lifetime and will work with many many more. No skin off my back.

  22. As much as I disagree with Michael Sam’s lifestyle, what Anderson did was out of line and unethical. I’m not free to do as I wish even though my beliefs differ from Sam. I’m far from being an advocate of this modern age political correctness garbage today, but, this reporter truly crossed the line and it’s inexcusable.

  23. It’s not her fault, she’s just a talking head.

    It’s the program director who is at fault. He or She should be fired!

  24. Jeff Fisher to the principals office….Jeff Fisher to the principals office.
    “Jeff you do realize Josina Anderson is…..well you know.” (Fisher) What? Well she is you know…African American and we are in St. Louis not to far from Ferguson? Hello and your calling out the 4 letter network?
    I’m sure Chris “the boomer” Bermin gave his blessing on her story as everyone knows he’s really calling all the shots at ESPN when it pertains to the NFL.

    On a side note just what the hell was the point of the story Josina?

    Just like Chris Long said everyone has moved on I guess with the exception of ESPN.

    What a joke!

  25. “Part of Fisher’s displeasure is apparently with Anderson’s talking to players away from the team facility.”

    You want to be upset about the content of the report, fine. She was way out of line. If you want to be upset about talking to players away from the team facility, different story, because almost every reporter in the league does this. I’m guessing Coach Mullet and Chest Hair wouldn’t have a problem with a positive, fluff, PR-setup story done on one of his players on one of their off-days.

  26. unclebluck says: Aug 27, 2014 3:49 PM

    Are you telling me people still watch ESPN?

    I do! Where else would I get my hourly Lebron and Johnny Football updates?!

  27. Would Rex Ryan, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS, attend a fund-raiser wearing a No.12 Patriots Jersey exclaiming: “I just wanna feel like a winner.”? That would be called Unquestionable Disloyalty.

  28. Ban ESPN from all team facilities for a year.

    ESPN long ago became the worst thing in sports journalism. They are at the level of the National Enquirer and have more interest making stories then report on stories.

  29. I would like to thank ESPN. Until they brought this to my attention, I had absolutely no idea I didn’t care about it.

  30. Lots of Social Justice Warrior outrage over this.

    Yet every single player on that team has likely thought about what Sam is looking at it in the shower.

    Why not first consider the rights and feelings of the other 100 players in the training camp locker room?

    Why can’t people actually come out and talk about the truth about these subjects?

  31. “I disagree with Michael Sam’s lifestyle”

    You really don’t understand the difference between a person’s LIFE and a LIFESTYLE, do you? Who a person IS is not a STYLE. Get it?

  32. Honestly, i eliminated ESPN from my like about 3 years ago (except if my team is on and i have no choice) and i’ve been a happier more informed sports fan ever since.

    I look at it this way, if your favorite musician had some new music out do you go to MTV? of course not

    If you want sports news do you go to ESPN? the answer should be of course not also.

    ESPN is a garbage tabloid sports station for morons and children.

    Do yourself a favor and rid it from your life.

  33. I’m still amazed that multi-million dollar employees have to take a communal shower in a billion dollar facility. You’d think they’d have personal shower stalls in these locker rooms by now.

  34. I’m starting to wonder if good, honest news reporting even exists. Between this and all the race-baiting reporting the national media’s been doing, I think I’ll just stick to watching old Simpsons episodes instead.

  35. Being a Jaguars fan, I cannot stand Fisher. However, I do admire how he has gone 100% attack mode against ESPN, defending his team. I have to respect that.

  36. @usmutts, Michael Sam made it about his life when he decided to announce he was gay prior to draft in an effort to ensure be was drafted. Then we have to hear him proclaim every week that hmget knows he can play in this league. If this circus wasn’t about his life, there wouldn’t be so much focus on a 7th round draft pick who was about six spots from going undrafted.

  37. I don’t care is its ESPN, CNN, FOXNEWS or any other media outlet. So what Michael Sam is gay, he is also a football player like everyone else that was in training camp. I get “breaking news” alerts the other night from ESPN, CNN and FOX because the first openly gay football player got cut. Who cares, he is a human being just like everyone else. No story here, tons of other guys got cut but that wasn’t breaking news. Hope he signs with someone though.

  38. Josina Anderson has just set a new low in ESPN journalism. Just when you think that they can’t stoop any lower, they find a way to do it.
    Josina probably has a great career ahead of her as a probing reporter on serious sports issues. Maybe they can get her a gig on the Sports Reporters show on Sundays. Bob Ryan and Josina on the same set would be compelling viewing. She might get ridiculed.

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