Jets say Dimitri Patterson can return on September 1


The Jets originally suspended cornerback Dimitri Patterson indefinitely after he didn’t show up for last Friday’s preseason game against the Giants, but they came up with an end date for the ban on Tuesday.

The team announced that Patterson’s suspension will run through the rest of the preseason and he’ll be eligible to return to work on September 1. That means Patterson will miss the team’s final preseason game and the possibility that his play would boost his spot on the team’s depth chart. There have been reports that Patterson was unhappy with his spot below the starters on the team’s depth chart for the Giants game, which coach Rex Ryan addressed on Tuesday.

“He hadn’t worked to that extent, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have put him in there with the ones at some point,” Ryan said, via the New York Daily News.

Patterson’s bid for a starting job was already hurt by his struggles with leg injuries this summer, but his spot on the roster is helped by the team’s overall picture at cornerback. With Dee Milliner still out, the team isn’t really in a position to take a hard line with Patterson at this point. That could conceivably change as players shake loose during final cuts, but Patterson is still an experienced hand at a spot where the Jets don’t have a lot of other options.

10 responses to “Jets say Dimitri Patterson can return on September 1

  1. there has to be more to this story than this…..Patterson is a veteran he knows how things work……hopefully one day we will find out what really happened, because this aint it….

  2. Second rate dolphin reject has the Jets over the barrel head and he knows it.

    “Meh. what are they gonna do to me? have you seen that corner back depth chart. LOL”

  3. I don’t know Rex, the Steelers say the best way to punish misbehaving football players is to make them play football.

    Maybe Patterson should be forced to play a series or two, as punishment.

    Then again your punishment is to sit him a meaningless preseason game so i’m not sure which fake punishment is worse.

    I’m gonna go with the Steelers as theirs is headed to court.

  4. I don’t know where you guys are getting this Diva stuff, or lazy, or head case, or lazy, or entitled……..he was with the Eagles for years they never had a problem with him once.

    The kid has half as much talent as most of the other CB’s in the league and got when he got by working his butt off.

    Wait till you hear all the facts I would bet there is more to this like a family problem!

    Keep in mind you are only hearing the front office version of events. The Jat’s front office isn’t exactly known for being well a place of much truth or professionalism.

  5. So his “punishment” is missing the final preseason game… that he was already going to sit out…that’ll show him Jets!

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