Linval Joseph: I’m just glad I have opportunity to do what I love


It’s a familiar sight to see stories about a player returning to practice late in the preseason with designs on being ready to play when the regular season gets underway.

Those stories usually feature hamstring pulls or sprained ankles rather than gunshot wounds to the calf, however, so that makes Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph’s situation pretty unusual. Joseph was at a nightclub on August 7 when someone opened fire, hitting Joseph and eight other people. Joseph spoke publicly about the incident for the first time on Tuesday and said that he knows he was lucky to emerge with a relatively minor injury.

“It was very scary,” Joseph said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Now, I just look at every day differently because your life flashes in front of you in the situation that happened. I’m just glad I have the opportunity to do what I love.”

Joseph won’t play on Thursday night and hasn’t practiced in pads since returning to the field, leaving the September 7 opener against the Rams as his goal. Joseph said he will be “full go” next week to prepare for that contest and expects to be ready to play a month after taking a bullet.

23 responses to “Linval Joseph: I’m just glad I have opportunity to do what I love

  1. Our defense should improve a little more with Joseph in the line-up. I personally can’t wait to see what this defense does in a full game, Packer, Bears, Lions and others be scared very scared! SKOL!

  2. This guy is so terrible a rookie backup center on Green Bay is going to stuff him. Another year in the dumpster for Minnesota, that’s what happens when GB outclasses you at every single position on the field.

  3. I have never heard the word nightclub used in a sentence with an NFL players name when it wasn’t bad news.

  4. The situation could have been far worse. Glad to see him back at practice.

    Cue the GB trolls that will say he shouldn’t have been out that night, he deserved it, etc, to that I say this:

    Considering the high number of injuries the GB players experience on the field, do you honestly think anyone on your team could come back as quickly?

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be enough to improve our defense into the top 25. Starting to wish we had some of the busted Packers on our defense.

  6. Coming back a month after getting ventilated would be remarkable. It takes more than a month to get the muscle back to strength considering the holes in the blown away muscle tissue. Why rush coming back from the nonfootball injury list except to get paid?

    Little did he know about the tolerance of gang violence in Minneapolis when he signed that fat free agent deal. Minnesota has no death penalty.

    I’m sure he doesn’t want to be NFI and on the PUP not getting paid.

  7. Classy guy, as he said he was more concerned about the other 9 shooting victims and their families. In the meantime, to the east they have had to add another server in the GM’s office to increase the memory capacity for the ever expanding injury list.

  8. His life flashed before him because of a bullet that grazed his calf? He was treated and released.

  9. If Linval thinks being shot was scary, wait until he has go to Green Bay….it will be apparent there are some things worse than being shot…

  10. Let’s see Joseph is back at the tackle position, so who will GB have to line up against him as a center?

    That’s right, they let their starting center go (go get ’em TT) and his replacement is out with a knee injury.

    Pro Football Focus’ highest rated DT may want to meet Eddie Lacy-underpants.

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