Loss of Gordon = more targets, more $ for Jordan Cameron


The big losers in the Josh Gordon suspension, other than Gordon, are the Browns.

But Browns *tight end Jordan Cameron could benefit handsomely from this, on the field and at the teller’s window.

The Pro Bowl pass-catcher is now clearly the Browns’ most capable receiving target, and should have the opportunity to put up monster numbers since the Browns don’t many reliable options in the passing game.

While they wait for Miles Austin’s hamstring to explode or Nate Burleson to go out for a pizza or for Andrew Hawkins to develop into something other than a complementary slot player, Cameron should get all the looks from Brian Hoyer and/or Johnny Manziel.

That’s good news for a guy going into the final year of his rookie contract.

Cameron said recently that talks toward an extension were “going well,” and there are many reasons to take care of him now.

Not only do the Browns need to dilute (pun intended) the impact of the bad news about losing the league’s leading receiver from last year, they need to make sure they don’t lose Cameron a year from now, when Gordon might come back.

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  1. For those stating “Well, teams will just account for him,” I think it is a bit more difficult to do so than you’re making it out to be. When you’re referring to physically gifted TEs like Cameron, you can’t just stick your best 5’10” CB on him. You basically need the equivalent athleticism on the other side of the ball and that seems to be even more rare than is the Camerson-type TE these days.

    NFL defenses still have not found an effective way in the chess match to counteract the ultra athletic basketball-style TE and they won’t until they get that prospective TE to switch to the defensive side of the ball early on in their playing lives.

  2. Too bad he’s stuck on a team w/no QB & a new offense that NOBODY understands.


  3. Branmanflan,

    Go look at how teams defended Graham towards the end of the season. When you can man cover the WRs it’s not hard to over under the TE. Especially if you have a taller CB a la Talib or Sherman.

  4. For everyone saying that this means “more attention to Cameron” take a look at last year’s stats. Cameron put up much bigger stats in the games gordon was out. It won’t be easy to cover him because he is a matchup nightmare. He’s too fast for linebackers and too big for defensive backs.

  5. Yeah but he will get more attention from the defense now. Not sure losing Gordon helps him. Gordon took a lot of attention.

    Actually Gordon wasn’t taking attention away until about the 4th game when teams started realizing this un-drafted player is pretty good. Camron had huge games when Gordon wasn’t even playing.

  6. Cameron is a has rare athletic talent. He is too fast for lb’s and too big for db’s. His td’s might take a dip but if he is healthy and gets decent qb play, no way he doesn’t outperform his catches and yards this season.

  7. Nope wrong again. Part of the reason he caught so many balls was defenses had to double J. Weedhead. Not now, zero threat on this team in the passing game, his numbers will go down.

  8. The bad news for Cameron is that opposing teams will not rely on linebackers to cover him because there is very little threat of any Browns receivers going deep on them.

    The Browns will run the ball and dink and dunk in the passing game.

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