NFL announces Gordon suspension

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It’s official.  The NFL has suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon for a full year, effective immediately.

The banishment, first proposed more than three months ago and languishing on appeal until today, has been announced by the league.

“Appeals officer Harold Henderson has upheld the suspension for the 2014 NFL season of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse,” the NFL said in a statement.  “The suspension is effective immediately.  Gordon’s eligibility for reinstatement will be determined following the 2014 season.”

Gordon, whose suspension comes under the substance-abuse policy, likewise has issued a statement acknowledging the situation.

““I’’d like to apologize to my teammates, coaches, the Cleveland Browns organization and our fans,” Gordon said.  “I am very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing officer didn’’t exercise better discretion and judgment in my case. I would like to sincerely thank the people who have been incredibly supportive of me during this challenging time, including my family, my agent, my union, my legal team, and the Cleveland Browns staff.””

Gordon will need even more support over the next year, since he will be prohibited from receiving any assistance from the NFL or the Browns.  It’s a sad situation, with Gordon banished for smoking a substance that is legal in two of the 22 states in which the NFL does business.  At a time when he may have an addiction.

At a time when Ray Rice will miss only two games for knocking out his then-fiancée, now wife.

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  1. prove he knocked her out, please enough of it. The prosecution let him walk. the cops let them go home together after he “knocked her out”. no medical attention needed by the woman either. get over it, he never knocked her out.

  2. Is he banned from smoking while he’s suspended? Or can he go get his card and smoke all he wants? He’s basically a civilian until next August, right?

  3. Great Job NFL, You effectively suspended him for this season and because of the timing He won’t be ready for game 1 of next season.

    This ruling should have happened a month ago even with appeals.

  4. I wish the Browns well, but come on…what a poor draft when you knew you needed a top WR, and you knew Johnny Selfish was too small to start.

  5. Aaaaaaand cue the lawsuit for unnecessary delay in rendering the decision. Injunction to suspend the suspension is coming…Gordon will play in 2014.

  6. “I am very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing officer didn’’t exercise better discretion and judgment in my case.”
    -if this isnt irony then i dont know what the hell is!

  7. It’s ok you can join the commissioner for happy hour and drink Martini’s, and get drunk and violent…..but please lay off the bong because you might end up eating to many chocolate chip cookies afterwards.

  8. “I am very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing officer didn’’t exercise better discretion and judgment in my case.”

    Ummmmmm, seriously? I am sure every Cleveland Brown fan is disappointed YOU didn’t exercise better discretion and judgment when you decided to smoke pot when you knew the punishment.

    Idiot. Dude just doesn’t have a clue.

  9. His career is over. Sad to say, but he (allegedly) couldn’t stay away from the devil’s grass even when he knew he was facing a year suspension & now we’re supposed to believe that he’ll be sitting at home for an entire year & he won’t fall off the wagon? He really reminded me a lot of a young Terrell Owens out there & I wish him the best, but I just don’t see this guy staying out of trouble. Hope he gets the help that he clearly needs.

  10. At this point, shouldn’t be 1 year. Should be like 6 months. 1 year bans him from this year, plus makes it a punishment for a second year as he will get no OTA and no Training Camp.


  11. crindal3000 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 12:57 PM
    what a waste


    Gordon isn’t the waste here. The stupid metrics used for testing in the NFL belong in the 1960s. All other sports have a higher threshold for the chemical found in Gordon’s system.

  12. It’s a sad day for pot- enthusiasts and football fans when, “don’t hit me, ray” gets paid and josh Gordon, gets no pay. Atleast ray rices $ will go to nfl supported therapy. Josh Gordon’s $$ would go to doctors, who do not wear white lab coats. Legalize weed or legalize the abuse of others.
    Middle finger to the nfl for this crap!

  13. REMEMBER: It’s ALLLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault and suspended josh gordon, cut Greg Little, and cut/institutionalized Davone Bess get a free pass

  14. I almost feel bad for Josh Gordon.

    This is why the Minnesota Vikings are by far the best franchise in the NFL.

    These kind of situations just don’t happen to us.

    None of our players ever commit crimes, or put themselves in harms way.

    It’s a Vikings thing.

    If Josh Gordon was on the Vikings, he would have never had this fragile, criminal mindset.

    It’s just the way we are.

    Classiness is just in our DNA.


  15. Complete and utter nonsense. Anyone who actually did a cursory glance at the facts of this case would agree that even a 2-4 game ban would be unfair. But the NFL is not really interested in fair. Or the health & well being of the players. Only interests are money, protecting their public image, and money. (and money)

  16. The hearing officer needs have better discretion and judgement? Wow, this guy still hasn’t realized that he is his own problem. Goodbye nfl and millions of dollars. Idiot.

  17. This is a waste of talent. IDK what he did, if it was actually 2nd hand smoke or if that was a lie. The worst part is the timing. Why’d the NFL drag its feet so now he can’t attend training camp next year or play in the preseason games. This was insensitive to both the Browns AND Josh Gordon. The NFL is a joke.

  18. If only he had been beating the crap out of his wife while smoking a doobie, he might have been ok. Instead it was just the pot, so moral of the story: Beat up women apparently, it doesn’t get you in as much trouble.

  19. I’m not going to pile on the Browns conspiracy theory – – but it shouldn’t be that long and it absolutely didn’t need to take this long to hand down the punishment.

  20. Wow, what a loaded diaper Gordon is! He’s gotten busted multiple times for positive drug tests and driving under the influence, but yet he has the nerve to question why the hearing officer didn’t use better discretion?

  21. ravens634 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 12:58 PM
    prove he knocked her out, please enough of it. The prosecution let him walk. the cops let them go home together after he “knocked her out”. no medical attention needed by the woman either. get over it, he never knocked her out.


    lolololol she apologized for him knocking her out.

    The power of him turning you from “fiance” to “wife” to save his career, haha!!

  22. What a shock another player that can’t own it. Take accountability you loser you have only been caught what like 5 times?

  23. Maybe you should “exercise better discretion and judgment” before you break a black and white for level 3 violations of the NFL substance policy. Doesn’t matter if it’s outdated. It’s a black and white rule that you knew of….

  24. ravens634 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 12:58 PM
    prove he knocked her out, please enough of it. The prosecution let him walk. the cops let them go home together after he “knocked her out”. no medical attention needed by the woman either. get over it, he never knocked her out.


    It was probably a really long elevator ride and she fell asleep…

  25. This is the NFL & the big Ginger we’re talking about here. Where a middle finger with kids watching is an $11k fine and dunking a football is a $15k fine.

  26. Well there goes me looking like a genius drafting him in the 16th round. Would have been just in time for fantasy playoffs and yet another championship.

    Legalize it, don’t criminalize it!

  27. In the NBA you have to fail 3 tests to get a 5 game suspension. And they play 80 games! Should be a one game banishment…. Just saying.

  28. This is an outrageous punishment for pot-smoking to begin with, but it’s made even worse in light of the Ray Rice suspension.

  29. What a horrible ruling. Can a commissioner be impeached? By my calculations Gordon could’ve knocked out 8 women and gotten the same punishment as a few bong rips

  30. At a time when Ray Rice will miss only two games for knocking out his then-fiancée, now wife.
    So are you going to cut-n-paste this EVERY TIME another player gets suspended? Maybe Rice got less time because it was his first violation, as in not habitual like Gordon. Some players learn from their mistakes, while others do not.

  31. Strip the NFL of it’s Antitrust Exemption. Different rules for different teams, players, and owners. Hit them in the wallet where it counts. Glad I didn’t renew my NFL Ticket package. Just a bunch of defensive holding, illegal contacts, and mystery blows to the head calls. I’m done. Goodell needs to realize this is not his New York high school team where no one could break a 5.0 forty… Make Madden the Commish!

  32. This isn’t an apology as much as it is when a politician apologizes “that people were offended by what I said”.

    He never apologized for making a bad decision. I get that weed is legal in two states but when you’re making MILLIONS of $$’s maybe you can put off that recreational use just a few years and make bank.

  33. One last time:

    Get caught beating the snot out of wife: 2 games

    Smoking a plant: Full season

    There is so much wrong with this! The NFL, particularly the greed of the owners and the hypocrisy of Goodell, needs to be stopped. Killing the game man. Just slowly killing it. This incident is merely a sample of the multitude problems.

  34. I guess we can safely assume that Henderson is not a Browns fan…

    Also, it was very big of Gordon to apologize for the league and Henderson not exercising better judgment.

  35. what a joke you are NFL……FREE THE WEED…..the only thing that’s threatened when you toke is cake!!!!

    signed a Steeler’s Fan

  36. Smoking weed is 8 times worse than beating your fiance to a bloody pulp. NFL logic. The suits who made this decision should be ashamed of themselves.

  37. I agree Mike. If Ray Rice and his then girlfriend had been smoking pot instead of drinking alcohol they would have poured out of the elevator ‘laughing’ on their way to the open buffet. Then they would have proceeded to their luxury suite for 2 hours of the ‘horizontal bop’! Hee Hee! Geaux Saints!

  38. edgarpoe3 says: Aug 27, 2014 1:10 PM

    At a time when Ray Rice will miss only two games for knocking out his then-fiancée, now wife.
    So are you going to cut-n-paste this EVERY TIME another player gets suspended? Maybe Rice got less time because it was his first violation, as in not habitual like Gordon. Some players learn from their mistakes, while others do not.

    I think smoking pot every day is so much less worse than beating your wife, even if it’s just once.

    BTW, how do you know it was only once? Or maybe he just does that when he’s drinking.

  39. This story is not about Ray Rice. It’s about Josh Gordon, a REPEAT offender of rules AGREED upon by the players union. Ray Rice being a bad person doesn’t make Josh Gordon any less of a bad person. He had these issues in college. He’s had more chances than most people get, and he’s proven he can’t handle it. And let’s not forget his DUI while waiting on the NFL appeals process. He’s a loser, and he’s still getting less than he deserves.

  40. I was gonna be an elite WR but then I got high. I coulda dominated and I coulda lasted but then I got high. Now I’m sitting at home and I know why; because I got high, because I got high, because I got hiiiiiiiiiiigh.

  41. What a joke!! Ray Rice should be banished from the NFL, and Josh Gordon smokes pot and gets a DUI and is out a year, I’m embarrassed for Roger Goodell!

  42. I surprised by the amount of whining. What part of if you do drugs and test positive multiple times you get suspended don’t you get. The players union helps put the rules in place. They are cut and dry about the drug policy. Yes, the NFL should have given Rice way more of a suspension. If you are going to compare suspensions, the way people are doing on this forum, Rice hasn’t kept going back and continued to beat his wife. Gordon keeps on repeating the same cycle. Smoke pot, test positive, get caught, serve suspension – Smoke pot, test positive, get caught, serve suspension new suspension.

  43. No, it is NOT sad. And the proponents of legalized pot claim it is nearly “impossible” to get addicted to.

    Unless his head was up his rear-end, Josh Gordon was well aware of the league policy regarding substance-abuse and suspensions. By participating in said activity, Gordon was taking a risk, one he knew could land him in hot water.

    Some get caught, and others don’t, but it is a risk either way. It is disappointing, but it is not “sad.”

  44. Well I guess now Josh and Justin Blackmon can get together and catch up on Game of Thrones will all the free time they have!!

  45. I agree comparing this to Ray Rice looks bad on the NFL. A year for some weed when guys can go out and get drunk all they want as long as they don’t drive. Just dumb. LEGALIZE IT

  46. What a major middle finger this is to the Browns and Fans EVERYWHERE in the country… This could, no SHOULD have been announced at the very least 2 weeks ago. Most fantasy football drafts (not ours for this very reason) have already taken place and you can bet this guy was drafted in 90% of those leagues – The good old NFL better start remembering that it’s not only the sponsors who pay the bills in this League but the FANS TOO who they seem to be crapping on ever more increasingly.

  47. This has gotten completely insane.

    We’re talking about pot, right? I don’t use the stuff, but good grief, it’s not steroids . . . it’s not going to give anyone a competitive advantage. Quite the contrary. And they are banning guys for a whole year because they puff it on their free time?

    A player could get falling down drunk every single night of the offseason and face no repercussion.

    And of course, you can be criminally violent and not need to worry about any serious loss of playing time.

    The Goodell regime is nuts.

  48. Ray Rice is one of the worst individuals to ever play in the NFL.

    Who hits a women so hard it renders her unconscious?

    He should be in jail.

    What kind of a woman stays with a man like that? Maybe a gold digger?

  49. So tell me again what the purpose of the B sample is again, if it can’t overturn the results of the A sample?

    If he smoked weed a 3rd time, then fine suspend him. He knew the consequences, but when there is controversy like this with the B Sample results, you have to question those drug results.

  50. ravens634 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 12:58 PM
    prove he knocked her out, please enough of it. The prosecution let him walk. the cops let them go home together after he “knocked her out”. no medical attention needed by the woman either. get over it, he never knocked her out.
    Prove he didn’t! See how I did that! So by your way of thinking, Ray was probably just playing with her when he drug her from the elevator by her hair??Riiiggggghhhhhtttt!

    ravens634=biggest idiot in Fairyland

  51. What Ray Rice did was wrong, but it was his first offense at any level. Comparing Gordon (3 offenses) or Meriweather (6 offenses) is absolutely wrong. Did Rice deserve more? Most likely, but none of us know what happened in the elevator — it is only speculation. What these guys did is fact.

  52. ravens634 says: Aug 27, 2014 12:58 PM

    prove he knocked her out, please enough of it. The prosecution let him walk. the cops let them go home together after he “knocked her out”. no medical attention needed by the woman either. get over it, he never knocked her out.


    Someone needs to remove the blinders!

  53. I hope you people realize that was not his first time breaking the substance abuse policy. The first 3 times you get a pass and get put into their drug treatment program. The 4th time you fail a drug test they give you a 4 game suspension. The 5th time you get a year suspension. So yea he’s failed a drug test 5 times! He obviously prioritizes drugs over his career.

    As bad as the Ray Rice thing was that was his first incident.

  54. I like how he basically blames the league for something he CHOSE to do and knew could get him suspended. Typical of today’s athletes who never want to take responsibility for what they do.

    I think it is silly they have such a harsh penalty over players smoking weed yet the fact is the rule is there and these players know about it. No excuse if they smoke up, get caught and get suspended.

  55. Too bad he isn’t an Olympian. He would have passed their MJ testing by a mile. The NFL is just plain wrong on this one. No other business in this country has testing failures set so low.

  56. GUYS! The Browns were going to go 12-4 this year! But now it’s all the NFL’s fault that they aren’t. HAHA

    -Didn’t draft a WR when they had the chance
    -Played Gordon all pre-season with the 1’s.
    The Browns being the Browns.

  57. I love the NFL and I’m not a Browns fan but what a joke. Ray Rice gets two games for knocking his fiance the f out and Gordon gets a whole year. As the wonderful Czaban would say “THIS LEAGUE”.

  58. Fact of the matter is marijuana is illegal in the NFL regardless of opinion. He smoked it knowing he would face a suspension again yet he still did it. He’s a knucklehead.

  59. I get REALYL tired of the whole “it’s a stupid rule” thing. It may be a stupid rule, but it’s still a rule. The place where I work has stupid rules….and I FOLLOW THEM. It’s how I stay employed and get paid. Stupid or not, he knew it was a rule and he did it anyways. The responsibility is on him.

  60. Obviously hitting a woman is a million times worse than smoking weed. But why does everyone act like this is Gordon’s first offense or something?

    He’s known the rules all his life, and he’s continued to break them. Now he will once again pay the price.

    Neither Gordon nor the Browns get any sympathy from me.

  61. just watched the TMZ video of ray rice pulling his motionless wife out of the elevator after knocking her senseless – makes me wonder what the NFL is thinking.

    Sad day for Gordon, Sad day for Browns Fans, Sad Day for the NFL.

    had to repost cause the PFT guys wont let me include the link to TMZ.

  62. What does this say about the NFL? Go ahead, Rice, keep beating her up, you know you want to, and you will…and the most you’ll get is a timeout. Raven’s fans STILL saying he didn’t knock her out, that she knocked herself out and they’re the first ones on this thread bashing the Browns, their fans, and Gordon. This is a very harsh penalty, and my support of the NFL is diminishing very quickly.

    Punish him, yes, but not a year!!! NFL is a joke. Not a Brown’s fan, but feel for their team and fans.

  63. Crazy. The way the test went, they can’t even prove he smoked it, its the same level as second-hand smoke.

    There still hasn’t been any punishment for Jim Irsay, whose situation is a lot worse. Goodell started strong, but man is he looking bad.

  64. Like the song said, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. This big dummy is throwing away what could be a great career because of weed. Makes you wonder how harmless it really is.

  65. I’ve said this before (not sure if it was on this board or not), that the reason the NFL took so long was to prepare for litigation. In my opinion, I think they now feel comfortable that it will not be overturned if it goes into the court system. Had they not had that level of comfort, they’d have negotiated something smaller.

    Gordon should fight, and I’d like to see the Browns also do something. This occurred 8 or whatever months ago, the league knew about it at the draft and here we are 10 days or so before the season and just getting word of the suspension. It will turn out to be closer to 18 or 20 games in reality because he can’t start practicing until late August next year and he won’t be in game condition until a few games into the season.

  66. At least he manned up and took responsibility for his actions and didn’t try to place the blame on someone else like the NFL…..solid citizen right there.

  67. dare5259 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 12:58 PM

    Is he banned from smoking while he’s suspended? Or can he go get his card and smoke all he wants? He’s basically a civilian until next August, right?


    No, remember Brandon Browner got suspended for missing an NFL drug test even though he’d been out of the NFL, and in the CFL, for several years. (He’d briefly been on the Broncos roster, but never played a game for them.)

  68. Still fail to see how this is a “sad situation”. This is a grown man making a conscious decision to violate a contract. Be a man, get your life together, take it on the chin and come back better than ever.

    When he faces the consequences of his actions, people are up in arms about it??

    The true “sad situation” is how irresponsibility is now becoming a norm and people expect to be given an easy out.

    Gordon and Rice, and all the other suspensions over the offseason have their penalties spelled out via the CBA and the US Justice System. Pretty clear to me that the due process ran its course. What the public thinks is irrelevant, and should be.

    The words of ignorant minds fall on deaf ears.

  69. This guy is a joke. Stop defending him. If it isn’t this offense, it will be something else soon enough. He doesn’t know how to handle himself, follow the NFL rules or even accept responsibility for his own actions. It’s sad that a player with this kind of talent can’t clean up his act, but how many failing high school star athletes can’t get into colleges because of bad grades? Rules are rules and I don’t think these were terribly difficult ones to follow…….especially when you have 2 strikes to your record.

  70. Gordon got drafted in both the fantasy league drafts I was in last weekend. Bet those owners ain’t all that happy, even if they really only too a flyer on him knowing a suspension was coming.

  71. Eff Roger GODdell and his minions!!
    LEGALIZE the other 48 states and let’s move past this nonsense! If the drug can’t help you play football better, why should it matter to GODdell!
    Being drunk is WAY worse than being high off of a plant…. smoked, eaten, etc, however ingested.

    Beat your wife unconscious = 2 game suspension
    smoke a little herb = a year ban?!?!
    R I D I C U L O U S ! !

  72. really pathetic to read Ravens fans toss around phrases like “it was Ray Rice’s first offense” …as if smoking weed and knocking out your fiance are somehow comparable….

    what would a “2nd offense” be? actually killing her this time?

  73. ONCE AGAIN…Josh Gordon has NOT been busted for smoking pot multiple times. He was busted for CODIENE IN COUGH SYRUP. And the levels the NFL uses are lower than even the military or pilots have to use. NFL levels: 154ng/ml Military: 50ng/ml Olympics: 150ng/ml Fair? Not so much.

  74. If everyone thinks this is overboard (as they should), severe and unrestrained pressure needs to be focused at our elected officials to reclassify Marijuana at the federal level.

    You think this is bad? Try taking a look at our prisons, and how bloated they are with simple possession offenses. More people are busted for Marijuana possession each year than _all violent crimes combined_.

    Check the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2012, it estimates roughly 750,000 people were arrested for marijuana related reasons. 87% of them for simple possession. That’s about 650,000 people, and going by other crime statistics, that’s 1 out of every 20 arrests being a Marijuana charge.

    The only way to change the NFL, is to force the fed to change it’s stupid, wasteful, and clearly outdated stance on Marijuana (which was only put in place to protect the assets/market share of DoW Chemicals – Synthetic Fiber, and William Randolph Hearst’s wood pulp/paper empire).

  75. His apology doesn’t sound to convincing that he understands what he did wrong. Can’t imagine what he might have said when he was interviewed. His apology sounds like second hand smoke…

  76. Well I’d say somebody was high during that hearing., and I don’t think it was Gordon or his chauffeur.

    Still, this is a strict interpretation of the rules as they’re written. See you next year, Josh. Don’t book any flights to Colorado or Washington.

  77. riggo08 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 1:21 PM

    What Ray Rice did was wrong, but it was his first offense at any level. Comparing Gordon (3 offenses) or Meriweather (6 offenses) is absolutely wrong. Did Rice deserve more? Most likely, but none of us know what happened in the elevator — it is only speculation. What these guys did is fact.
    You can clearly see from the tape is that Rice is dragging her out like a sack of potatoes, as opposed to being genuinely concerned about her well being. When he sees the other dude, did he look frantic and ask for help? Nope – he looked more embarrassed than anything else.

  78. Thanks for taking your time and wrecking his 2015 preseason, guys. I bet you were all wearing your replica black and yellow referee jerseys as you laughed about it.

  79. ONCE AGAIN…Josh Gordon has NOT been busted for smoking pot multiple times. He was busted for CODIENE IN COUGH SYRUP. And the levels the NFL uses are lower than even the military or pilots have to use. NFL levels: 15ng/ml Military: 50ng/ml Olympics: 150ng/ml Fair? Not so much.

  80. It’s a sad situation, with Brown banished for smoking a substance that is legal in two of the 22 states in which the NFL does business. At a time when he may have an addiction.

    SO BY your own admission POT, HEMP,,GANJA,,WEED,,,is addictive….YOU WROTE IT!!! How can something that is addictive and negatively affects your work performance,,,,”HARMLESS”?

  81. I know the rules are the rules, but to be suspended for a full 16 games plus training camp is not in proportion to the crime of substance abuse IMHO.

    Brandon Meriweather’s 2-game suspension is a relative slap on the wrist…and he has been caught repeatedly (and some could argue intentionally) trying to concuss other players. One could also argue that Meriweather is effectively trying to shorten or even end other players’ careers and cause them long-term mental harm.

    Habitual Concussion Provider = 2 games
    Habitual Marijuana Smoker = 16 games

    (Scratching head)

  82. Hysterical. Josh blames the NFL for not being fair when they upheld the rules negotiated by his union. He should get another year for continuing to be an idiot.

  83. It’s absolutely egregious that they waited this long to tell the Browns organization and the fans across the USA (and world), that this was the final decision. Gordon now will miss the entire 2015 Pre-Season as well as this year’s regular Season because they waited so long to bang the gavel here. It’s also a major slap in the face to the MILLIONS of $$ spending fantasy football playing NFL fans who have already drafted for the upcoming season – what good could it possibly have done to sit on this for so long??

  84. 1) The lack of ownership on Gordon’s part is really comical. He needs to point the thumb instead of the finger…and I think that’s fairly obvious.

    2) I fail to see the correlation between “legal in 22 states” and “permissible in the NFL.” It doesn’t matter if it’s legal, it is expressly prohibited in the NFL. It’s not like they have some secret, convoluted policy when it comes to weed…it’s simple: players who choose to use it are subject to suspension, and they know that at the time of use. You know what else is banned? Ritalin and aderol…stuff half our schoolchildren are on right now. Your opinions of whether or not it is a “fair” law are not relevant to the right of the NFL to enforce their code of conduct…sorry.

    3) I don’t believe comparing the moral equivalency of Gordon and Ray Rice makes for a good argument to overturn his suspension. Ray rice has kept his nose clean his entire career, and Gordon can’t seem to get out of his own way. Now, what Rice did was WAY worse, but blame the policy. It highlights the need to address the severity of punishment (or lack thereof) for first time domestic violence offenders, but the rules are the same rules that were in place before these two events occurred, and were negotiated by the players union.

    4) “At a time when he may have an addiction.” You mean to pot? Lol. Cue the Dave Chappelle/Bob Sagat “addicted to weed” clip from Half Baked.

  85. I have a problem with the NFL being the judge and the jury on any of these issues and you should have a problem with it too.

    Just curious, can the Browns trade him during this time? Obviously his value is going to be at its lowest but why not just move on? It seems to me the Browns need to do anything they can to move forward from anything they’ve constructed in the past.

  86. To Mike Florio,
    Can you do a story about your legal insight into this? Does the possiblility of an injunction or stay still exist such as in the StarCaps case? From what I understand, the NFL is subject to labor laws of the state in which the team resides, in this case Ohio. By the guidelines set forth in Ohio labor statutes, neither of Gordon’s tests (both A and B) would be considered “positive” due tue the metabolite per dL of the samples. This gets more interesting as time goes on.

  87. The NFL and the Union really screwed this up. Guys like Gordon need to be around the team and in NFL/Union approved support programs. Gordon can have no contact with the Browns or the NFL during his suspension. That stupid old school rule is why guys cant get clean.

    You can be sure, Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, or Dan Rooney wouldnt have had a player twisting like Roger did with Gordon.

    Last thought–Josh Brent has applied for reinstatement. The guy killed someone while driving under the influence of alcohol much worse than smoking some stupid dope. Anything less than a one year suspension and its a joke. A total joke.

  88. Why does everyone want to blame the NFL and Goodell. Last I checked Federal law for the U.S. says that recreational pot is illegal. I know two states have legalized it, but federal law trumps state laws so technically it’s still illegal. Let’s lay the blame where it truly belongs, on Gordon. All players in the NFL are aware of the policy and the consequences. There is a scale they follow to determine punishments for offenses. In order to be suspended for a full year a player must be qualify for stage 3 of the drug program. That means at a minimum 3 failed tests. And before anyone says Goodel determines the punishment HE DOES NOT, he just informs the masses what the previously determined punishment is and imposes it. Punishments are mutually agreed upon by the NFL “PLAYERS” association and the NFL management council (NFL OWNERS). Ironically the NFL let’s all NFL players know that they are tested only once a year between April 20th – Aug 9th. If they pass that test then they can smoke all the pot they want the rest of the year without worrying about getting tested. Having said that, how stupid do you have to be to pop positive during that time frame? Oh wait I know the answer to that, just ask Josh Gordon. So let’s not blame the NFL or Goodell and hold those getting paid millions of dollars to play a sport accountable for their actions because any one of us would be FIRED from our job for a failed drug test.

  89. You people are so typical. Blame the NFL, Goodell, lawyers, Ray Rice, the legalization of marijuana in two states, the appeals process.


    Btw: if Gordon truly needs “help”, then that means marijuana is an addictive drug and should remain illegal.

  90. Only a Ravens fan would say it’s okay for Rice to knock his girl out. You sir are pathetic. I’m sure if it would have been anyone else on another team you’d of scolded him. You’re a joke raven***

  91. Did I miss when the NFLPA asked the NFL to make Ray Rices suspension longer? The the NFL and Goodell all you want, but the NFLPA obviously doesn’t care about domestic abuse either.

  92. I will be surprised if Gordon and his agent don’t file suit against the NFL for the improper handling and labeling of the test samples.

    However, there is also the case where Gordon got stopped in Ohio with the odor of weed in his vehicle, and the DUI in N. Carolina. Gordon may have a lot more of GODdell’s wisdom to deal with.

    I think the NFL’s anti-trust exemption should be eliminated by now.

  93. I don’t want to hear all these people tell me he has an addiction. I can’t tell you how many times every Weed Legalization Advocate I’ve ever heard utter the defense that it is “Not Addictive”.

    Now all of a sudden its an addiction!? You can’t have it both ways, sorry.

  94. It’s bargained in the CBA. Agreed to by the players union. Quit trying to justify the use because it was only “weed”.
    Not very smart of Gordon. Stupid is as stupid does.

  95. The NFLPA agreed to these rules. Agreed! Blame the players themselves if you don’t like it. That’s like signing a contract and then saying you won’t play unless you get paid more money. Oh wait…

  96. So what if it’s legal in two states? So are Starcaps, HGH, prescription painkillers and any number of other NFL banned substances. You get paid millions of dollars to play in the NFL. FOLLOW THEIR RULES!

    Risking millions of dollars for a toke. Brilliant, man, simply brilliant.

  97. There’s enough tears from Browns fans to fill up Lake Erie over a waste of space like Gordon. Enjoy 4-12 Cleveland, at least you have Lebron back

  98. The people who write the laws and agree upon CBA’s would be better off punishing DUI’s & abusers, as well as, treating Marijuana no different than Aleve. Same should said about our civil justice system. Weed is legal in some states, countries and does not harm people. Does not kill people. Does not drag people out of elevators. Does not rescind my comments.

  99. From misapplied and unneeded blackout rules, unequal suspensions, racist team names, over pricing and gouging fans, commercializing every aspect, the list goes on and on as every day the NFL gets more and more out of control with no one to monitor them. Mark Cuban was right.

  100. Take away the fact that most of you enjoy a nice doobie every now and then, and look at it from an unbiased standpoint: Rice violated an NFL policy once. He was released at the scene of the incident by police, he was put into a program by the state with the intention of dropping all charges upon completion, and the NFL game him 2 games, as this is the only time he broke a company policy. Gordon? He was ‘hired’ coming off of a strike during college (which put him in the ‘draft for morons’), so he already had a blemish on his record. Since then? 4 more strikes. Tell me now- if you got busted breaking a company policy at work 4 times, would they still keep you around? Would they say ‘its just pot so you’re fine…’ And on that note, would any of your companies say “we feel that we have no obligation to uphold the law, so we are okay with pot, even though it is still not legal in the vast majority of states?” Actually do your homework- name ONE company in the US that is US owned and operated that has in their company policies a note that marijuana is perfectly okay with their company and if you come to work stoned or fail a drug test they don’t care. I’ll wait…

  101. Gordon = Douchnozzle

    He wants to blame the NFL, who hires him, for them not punishing him for something that is:
    A) against the law and league (employer) rules; B) That he has done at least twice before, this is his third strike; C) He had a choice not to do himself. The old I can not be held responsible for something I can’t keep myslef from doing, shuldn’t apply…EVER

    He is not the first player to be punished for thrice failing the drug policy; can you say Leon Lett?

    He should shut-up, go away for a year, and hopefully discover some humility? His arrogance right now has left a stench in Cleveland, and that is very hard to do given the state of the Browns recently.

  102. This only proves that smoking marijuana eventually deprives you of Common Sense. I have Zero Sympathy for Gordon, when there are countless clean and dutiful athletes trying to make team rosters.

  103. “Prove he knocked her out” I suppose this is another conspiracy in this bozos mind. He punched her in the face, she ended up completely unconscious. What more proof do you need??? Ray Rice’s mother failed to teach him any better, I guess yours failed to teach you any common sense.

  104. Got to love the fact that Gordon is complaining about someone else’s “lack of discretion” when Old Josh got kicked out of two different colleges for being discretionless himself.

  105. I just read an article that detailed how a 16-year-old, high on marijuana, killed three of his friends in a car wreck. Yes, he was driving. But all I keep hearing from the mouth breathers is that dope is harmless. Sit it out Josh. You deserve it.

  106. All of the players from both years Superbowl teams (Denver and Seattle, in case you’ve already inhaled and don’t remember) need to make a statement on behalf of there own best interests. The NFL is on the wrong side of this social issue. A player smoking weed is going to happen many times. Both teams, as a group need to march downtown in their respective cities and fire one up where it’s legal, with the media watching. Then, show up on Sunday to play.

  107. I thought “stoning” was an outlawed punishment from the Biblical times. Gordon got stoned and now the NFL stoned him.

  108. Look Gordon wanted to laugh at God-del and the league, 70 some times failed the drug test. He just did not get it and if convicted of the DUI in NC what then. Gordon then wants to point the finger back at the testing yet he still thought he was smarter continuing to do the drugs.

  109. THIS is the story that gets people upset?

    How about how much money the league and the owners are making every year while the players get non-guaranteed contracts and life-altering injuries.

    Keep tuning in , Pleebs- I mean- NFL fans. The rich guys pockets aren’t going to line themselves and those home- care facilities are going to need some fresh meat- I mean, patients- who can’t walk or form a sentence.

  110. Can we stop saying Josh Gordon only smoked weed?

    He has been busted for possession, failed at least 3 known drug tests, and has a DWI. Its a culmination of events. The dude has a problem with a drug that usually doesn’t cause addiction. He needs help and a wake up call and this is it.

  111. This is so terribly lame. Sad for football fans, and this incredibly talented young man.

    There is so much worse going on in the league these days, specifically within the front office. Get your head out of your ass, NFL.

    Cleveland fans, I’m sorry this happened.

  112. Yeah guys, definitely a raw deal for Josh. I mean multiple positive tests since entering the league (that’s not counting the ones that got him kicked off of Baylor and one that never allowed him to play at Utah once transferring) and a DUI of a different kind on top of that, there’s no way they should suspend him for this long, right?

    Like it or not, the players agreed to these punishments for “recreational” drugs when they signed off on the new CBA when they wouldn’t agree on HGH testing. Gordon has no one to blame but himself and his own players’ union. If he doesn’t like that he is held to a higher standard than the rest of us, he can always leave the league and smoke or drive drunk as much as he wants then, well until he wraps his car around a tree in the process. Good luck in whatever path you choose buddy.

  113. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Aug 27, 2014 12:59 PM
    Sounds like he got a raw deal. Still, all this could have been avoided if he just wouldn’t have smoked the dope, which is against NFL rules.

    With the testing levels as absurdly low as they are, it’s quite possible he *didn’t* smoke. The levels for the Olympics are literally 10 times higher.

  114. So Josh Gordon gets a year suspension for smoking doobage….meanwhile, Ray Rice beats his wife unconscious in an elevator, proceeds to drag her out like a corpse, and gets a 2 game suspension……yeah, GREAT job Roger Goodell……sheer lunacy!

  115. Same thing happened to Ricky Williams. Even though I don’t agree with it he works for the NFL and they have their policies.

  116. It’s not whether Gordon deserved a year, but instead the hypocrisy and completely screwed up NFL priorities.

    The NFL wants to puff out its collective chest on pot – fine. But when knocking a woman unconscious, there should be no such thing as “first offense”.

  117. This moron has the balls to say this:

    “I am very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing officer didn’’t exercise better discretion and judgment in my case.”

    What about HIS “better judgment?” Where was HIS “discretion” when he was getting stoned… AGAIN… and AGAIN… and AGAIN??? LOL at the absurdity of his incredibly stupid statement. Does he not see the irony in his words? OMG how lame is this guy….

  118. Its sad when a national sport does not full use of their ability to change the mindset of men about domestic violence. …AND on Gorden…He signed his contract…I agree what part did he NOT understand??Bad play call on his part…

  119. Remember pot supporters, he’s not getting suspended for a year for smoking weed. He’s getting suspended for continuing to break the rules set up by his binding agreement with his place of employment. Wait to the DUI suspension gets added on.

  120. Let’s see what happens to Irsay. The NFL won’t do anything because he’s an owner, not a player. Like my father used to say, “Don’t do what I do, Do what I say.

  121. this coming from a diehard steeler fan big deal he smoked some weed 99% of america does it anyway but he cant play for a year now smack the fire out of your wife and its all good u just lose 2 games

  122. This is a great first step.

    Now test everyone on the Seattle Seaslug team from players to coaches. Over half of the team would disappear overnight.

    It is time that substance abuse policies become punitive.

    First offense should be ban for a year.

    Second and only other offense should result in ban for two years. After that, you are unemployed immediately.

    It is time to make the selfish player a worthless asset. Once teams have experienced a year without that player, he will likely be toast.

  123. Gordon got this suspension for repeatedly violating the substance abuse policy. REPEATEDLY!! It’s like he was giving the NFL the finger! THAT is why it’s year!

  124. Suspension – 6 games, including mandated rehab during that time would be more than enough “punishment” for me.

  125. This should have happened weeks ago, this guy has had problems for years. He needs rehab and that’s the beginning and end of it. How many charges does he have???
    Get over it, the Browns knew what was going on here, so move on. This guy has terrible problems.

  126. This guy will never play another game in the NFL.

    10 pee tests a month? I have a better chance of winning the powerball tonite than him passing that kind of testing!!!


  127. My husband worked a job that didn’t allow employees to consume alcohol – as in zero. Did we think the rule was pretty silly? Yes. Did we respect the rule and abide by it while he worked there? Yes. And believe me – there wouldn’t have been 6 different chances for him to break it and still have a job.

    The NFL is a job – no matter how different the schedule or salary is than most of our jobs. I’m sure these regulations are all explained to you at the onset. It doesn’t matter what you think about state drug laws, your employer’s drug policy or the consequences they impose if you break it. You have a choice: take the job and obey their rules, or work somewhere else. (perhaps a move to Colorado would suit him?) No matter how much you like weed, you’d think all the zeros at the end of that paycheck would be enough to convince you to give it up for a while . . . especially since it’s supposedly non-addictive.

  128. Anything can be addictive, it doesn’t have to be physically addictive.

    I don’t think gambling addicts have a physical addiction, but they probably have a problem nonetheless.

  129. I believe that history will show that decisions made by the NFL commissioner in 2014 were instrumental in the legalization of pot nationwide.

  130. Everyone is like, well gordon signed a contract and he should know the rules. That’s fine, now let him move on with his life and play for the CFL!!!!

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