Packers think Eddie Lacy can lead the league in rushing


Last year Packers running back Eddie Lacy started his rookie season slowly but finished as one of the best backs in football. This year, the Packers think he can be the best back in football.

Packers running backs coach Sam Gash says there’s no question that Lacy can lead the league in rushing, and Gash even thinks Lacy may end up leading the league in total yards from scrimmage.

“Without a doubt,” Gash told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He has the capability of being the leading rusher and maybe even combined yards if he catches a lot of balls. I absolutely do think that. I think he’s a bell cow. He’s a big guy, and he’s physical.”

In 2013, Philadelphia’s LeSean McCoy led the league in rushing yards with 1,607 and scrimmage yards with 2,146. Lacy was eighth in rushing yards with 1,178, and 14th in yards from scrimmage with 1,435. That’s a big gap, but then again Lacy was a rookie who only ran for 51 yards in the first three weeks of last season. If Lacy plays for 16 games like he played down the stretch last year, he could lead the league in rushing.

And the mere fact that the Packers expect that much of Lacy is a good sign for their offense. In Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay already has one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. If Lacy proves himself to be the NFL’s top runner, that should frighten every defensive coordinator on the Packers’ schedule.

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  1. That may be a little ambitious, but not impossible. He’ll lead the division in rushing by far. Peterson, Forte, and Bush are all on the decline, and the Packers have the best QB in the league which will open up amazing running lanes.

  2. With so many teams employing the running back by committee approach, and the pass game becoming more and more successful, it is reasonable to think that any back capable of 1400 yards could end up leading the league in rushing. Last years rush yard leader ran for 1607 and no othe runners reached 1400. Last year could be the exception and not the rule.

  3. While Lacy is a good RB, he’s not even close to being on Shady’s level. Also, GB is a pass first offense so I don’t ever see them having the leading rusher.

  4. I love Lacy, but the Packers are a passing team and I don’t think he’ll get more than 20-25 carries per game.

  5. They’ll run the hurry up offense for the first half and score a lot of points. Then switch to ball control run game and run out the clock in the second half. 1000 yards yes, lead the league, a stretch.

  6. They were just hitting their stride last year when Rodgers went down. Can’t wait to see the two together for a full season. The dual threat will be pretty scary.

  7. This was the guy i wanted the Steelers to draft and instead they bypassed him twice. Sometimes it baffles my mind how people who evaluate talent for a living almost miss on the sure thing.

    Prior to the draft i watched as many games as i could on Lacey and one thing i always noticed, the man always falls forward after been hit and he runs Hard.

    I will always support my team, but it would be nice if we stopped leaving talent on the table to take average talent.

  8. Over 1100 yards last year and that was without Rodgers for 8 games. A Banged up ankle for half the year. Missing a half in two games and missing one full game. Not bad for an “overweight” running back…
    Haters will hate.

  9. Why do they care if he leads the league in rushing. They should only care about leading the games in points. The Vikings have AP… how many wins has that gotten them.

  10. Don’t be surprised if you see a completely different Packer offense this year. DuJuan Harris has been electric this preseason, as well. With Lacy and Starks power and Harris as the change of pace, screen game type of back, they will do some serious damage on the ground.

    You must constantly evolve and re-shape your game to maintain consistent success in the NFL. Otherwise, you end up hiring a new coach every few years, never having a quarterback situation figured out, overpaying for free agent washouts every year, never winning a single championship…and who knows, maybe even having your stadium fall down when it snows.

  11. If Reggie Bush and Joique Bell weren’t splitting reps as evenly as they will be either one of them would run for more yards than Lacey. Bush probably still will. It’s nice to have multiple excellent running backs. Can’t wait for a couple repeats of Thanksgiving this season. Go Lions!

  12. As a Packer’s fan, I’d like to think that they’d go with whatever works best. If that’s passing it, great. If it’s running it, great. But some of MM’s playcalling particularly in the red zone and in short yardage situations has always made me scratch my head. Many times on 3rd and short or and-goal situations he seems overly willing to throw a bomb down the sideline instead of preserving drives. And I’d love to see the numbers broken down running the ball vs. passing it in and-goal situations.

    The running game was the best it’s been in YEARS last year, and it seemed like they abandoned it when they should have been leaning on it the most.

  13. Gash is right; he has the ability to. The Packers likely won’t allow that to happen though. Green Bay has outstanding RB depth in James Starks and DuJuan Harris, both former starters, which will steal some of Lacy’s snaps. Not to mention Aaron Rodgers and that prolific passing offense.

  14. Of course this offense is amazing- best QB in the league one of the best receiving cores and great backfield. As a Packers fan and owner I will think more of this team when we learn how to play defense.

  15. As a Vikings fan, I have to say that I was pissed off when it became clear that Eddie Lacy was indeed the real deal.

  16. If he takes a page out of Adrian Peterson’s book and starts taking PEDs, he’d lead the league in rushing every year.

    Way more talented than the Vikings Father of the Year.

  17. If he leads the league in rushing it won’t be good for the Packers. This is a QB driven league and GB has the best player at the most important position.

    That being said, assuming health to Rodgers and Lacy, he could (should?) get 1200-1400 yards and 10+ TDs in that offense. Depending on the year in today’s NFL, that could lead the league.

    But not likely.

  18. I’d rather he not lead the league in rushing but rather just soften up the defense enough for Starknado and the used car saleaman.

  19. This is a joke, right? I suppose I can always count on the Packers to provide us some morning comedy.

    Keep dreaming, Lacy. You’ll be 3rd best rusher in the division, much less the NFL.

  20. Everyone saying that he is going to have a bigger year since he did so well when Rodgers was out its a moron. He did well BECAUSE Rodgers was out. Their backup QB’s were a joke so they had no choice but to run the ball. He’ll have less touches if Rodgers plays 16 games.

    The reason they call them Cheeseheads are because the entire team is soft and full of holes… Just like a block of Swiss.

  21. Lacy will scare defenses, but he will not lead the league in rushing or total yards. GB likes to alternate their running backs. Kind of a change of pace, for the defenses to think about during the game.

  22. The numbers say no. In a perfect world if both stay healthy the Vikings are going to run Peterson about 70 to 90 times more than Lacy throughout the season. To hope that Lacy still out rushes a multiple rushing leader champ is purely wishful thinking. Packers can “think” what they want. The last runner who had 1178 yards (lacy’s rookie season) was not taking home a rushing title.

  23. But what about the Vikings’ RB McKinon aka Barry Sanders 2.0!? I mean AP said ONE good thing about him and all of the Vikings fans jumped all over him as if he was instantly an elite RB…

  24. 2014 Rushing Projections:

    1. Eddie Lacy – 1722 yds, 17 TDs
    2. Matt Forte – 1388 yds, 12 TDs
    3. Reggie Bush – 1009 yds, 8 TDs
    4. Joique Bell – 788 yds, 4 TDs
    5. James Starks – 712 yds, 6 TDs
    6. Adrian Peterson – 674 yds, 5 TDs

    Peterson is broken. The vikings aren’t playing him in the preseason, because they know he isn’t good anymore.

  25. He may be capable, but come on, the Pack has the best QB in the league, two pro-bowl quality WRs, and just lost their starting center — does everyone really think they will spend the majority of the offense running the ball? Unless Rodgers gets hurt, this has about as much chance of happening as Ponder leading the NFC in passing.

  26. If he ends up with more rushing yards than Adrian Peterson, all those Vikings trolls around here are gonna pop a cork.

    It won’t be pretty.

  27. And he’ll lead the league in cheeseburgers consumed by a RB. Is this the same high powered offense that only scored 1 point more than the Vikings on average. Oh, boy….

  28. Over Rated, Packners will be in 3rd place in the division. Lacy will be injured in week 3, Rodgers in week 4. No FAs want to play there, the window has closed on toilet town.

  29. Lacy averaged 4.1 yards per carry last year. In eight games with Rodgers at quarterback, he averaged 3.85 yards per carry. He’s going to have to do a lot better than that if he wants to lead the league in rushing. I hope he gives it a good try, because I’d much rather see Rodgers hand the ball to Lacy than throw it downfield.

  30. He may or may not be #1 in rushing stats this year, but I do think he has a better chance to lead the league in TD’s. As long as he can stay healthy he has as good of a chance as any elite RB to lead the league in rushing.

  31. C’mon be fair to the Packers, they finished above .500 last year.

    One thing in Lacey’s way, didn’t the Packers just lose their center (on an already shaky O-line)?

  32. Remember before the Packers acquired this dime a dozen running back, all the commenters could talk about was how meaningless the running game is in the NFL and how all that mattered was being able to pass. Then they finally draft a running back in the second round who manages to average slightly more than 4 yards per carry and now all of a sudden they’re excited about leading the league in rushing.

  33. That’s the difference between a team-oriented, class-act organization like the Packers and a “me-first” organization like the one over there on the wrong side of the Mississippi.

    In Green Bay, the coaches talk up their players and the players focus on working together as a team to bring championships to Titletown.

    In Minnesota, the players talk about themselves and the delusional fans only measure success in the number of pro-bowl selections and individual records. If this article was about Adrian PEDerson, he’d be the one telling anyone who will listen that he’s going to lead the league in rushing – no mention of helping the team win or trying to win a championship.

  34. Yep, we will see come week #5, won’t we?

    “Peterson is broken. The vikings aren’t playing him in the preseason, because they know he isn’t good anymore.”

  35. Realistic Rushing Projections for NFN NORTH:

    Peterson – 1650 yards, 13TDs
    Forte – 1410 yards, 9 TDs
    Lacy – 1385 yards, 12 TDs

    Not going to mess with the split backfield of detroit and Forte doesnt score as many rush TDs as others, he will have some receiving though.

  36. So, take the ball out of one of the best QB’s hands and give it to the RB to avg 4 yds per carry. You only get so many plays a game, why would you do that? Its okay if you want to play ball control and your defense is good but thats not how GB has played. And, the D is not that good. You may need to score lots of points in order to win this year.

  37. They’ll need to attach a stick with a string to his uniform that dangles a cheeseburger 2 ft in front of him. Then maybe.

  38. All the smack talk and predictions the trolls write about the Packers are grounded in….nothing. The insults reflect back on the poster showing their ignorance and childishness. Let’s play the games and then comment on what happens and not on what people think will happen.

  39. What a joke. GB is a pass first offense that will be sub par this year.

    Lacy won’t even lead the NFCN is rushing this year, or any year after. Best guess is he will be traded before Peterson retires from the Vikings!

    Thanks for the chuckle though!!

  40. Lacy is good, and as a Vikings fan I’m upset that SOME organizations (Broncos, Steelers) decided to let this guy fall to you. That being said, he’s not leading the league in rushing. The Packers Oline is not good, and also, Rodgers is the engine to the offense. It’s through him the offense will run. Lacy simply won’t have enough attempts. He would need to lead the league or be close to it in attempts to contend for the NFL rushing title based on his rushing style (not an exceedingly high YPC average as he doesn’t break the long ones). It’s just not happening.

  41. @ChuckNorris:

    You think 1,600 is the exception and not the rule? Try 2,097. THATs the exception.

  42. For those that are saying Lacy wont get yards with Rodgers are dead wrong. He had very similar stats with and without Rodgers.

    With Rodgers he had 512 yards with an average of 17 carries a game.

    Without Rodgers he had 666 yards with an average of 19 carries a game.

  43. #purplezimmerpride

    You obviously haven’t watched any pre-season games! Oh that’s right you are a Packer in disguise…..

  44. ariani1985 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 1:43 PM
    In Ted you yellow bellied trolls still trust????


    Well, if you are referring to if we trust Ted Thompson to bring us another NFC North Division Title, then yes… because he has proven to be very good at it. What can your team say they are good at? Losing at the Superbowl 4 times? Seeing how many bust QB’s they can start in a year? Trying to feed off the pipeline of the Packers? Yeah… we trust Ted to bring us a winning quality football team, and the Packers have the record and players to prove he has done just that.

    Oh and yellow bellied trolls? are you 6 years old?

  45. as a fan of a team who has to play the packers, please please please hand the ball off to lacey and keep it out of the hands of the best player in the nfl. at least then we’ll have a fighting chance of keeping up on the scoreboard.

    and by the way, why all the love for lacey? one year under his belt, 4.1 YPC and w/ rodgers out, why didn’t he carry the load more? he is good but, he is no peterson, mccoy, charles, or forte. he is in the second tier right now with morris, bush, and spiller to name a few.

  46. He needs to cherish his time with the Pack. He benefits from the leagues fear of Aaron Rogers. He’s a good back but it is hard to see him as elite when teams drop 7-8 into coverage. If he leads the league he should split the award with Aaron.


  47. Hehehe….Hope is important to Packer fans. Anything to give them hope is a good thing but unfortunately it leads to crushed dreams. Hope.

  48. We’ll see if it works, Sam, if Adrian takes the bait here (MJS) and issues statement in coming days about reaching 2500 rush plateau in ’14, putting his focus on personal, and off team, again. GB would hope.

    And “bell cow,” Sam? Is that old school, off the farm or just too many Sargento commercials? Eddie wants clarification.

  49. The Packers oline is not the same soft unit of 2 years ago. They are stronger against the run at LT, center and RT to go along with their two pro bowl caliber guards. Linsley is a better run blocker than JC Tretter was. Unlike last year when Rodgers was out, Lacy won’t have to worry about running into 8 and 9 man fronts…

  50. He has 2 games against my Vikings NFC North worst defense, so anything is possible.

    Actually Chicago might have the NFC North worst defense. Just saying.

  51. contra74 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 3:11 PM
    Hehehe….Hope is important to Packer fans. Anything to give them hope is a good thing but unfortunately it leads to crushed dreams. Hope


    You guys don’t have any hope anymore, right?

    I mean, never winning the big one, and knowing they never will in your lifetime has pretty much left you hopeless, right?

  52. Pass first team with an average o line and who is going to play center?

    Shady or Jamal Charles will lead the league.

  53. You are right, and don’t even know why you are right.

    Yes, the Packers and their fans have hope., and it can get us down. We have hope to win the North Division again, we have hope to win the NFC again, and we have hope to win the SuperBowl again. We have hope because we know these things are within our grasp and we understand overcoming the difficulties of getting there.

    Hopelessness, on the other hand, is something altogether different. People experiencing hopelessness are oftentimes happier, because they have nothing to hope for……like a village idiot, or like a Viking fan.

    Therein is the difference between a Packer fan and a Viking fan. You have never been more right in your life.

  54. Lacy is a pretzel. Through college and last year? a ding here, a ding there, here a ding, there a ding, everywhere a ding-a-ling. He’ll never play a full season. I put him on 12 games (max!) this year.

  55. I will always support my team, but it would be nice if we stopped leaving talent on the table to take average talent.

    Coach ’em up.

    Oh wait, doc got popped.

    No “coaching up” any more.

  56. bobnelsonjr says:
    Aug 27, 2014 2:58 PM
    49ers, the Saints, and the Seahawks.

    That is all the people need to know.
    Fixed it for you.

  57. Wait a minute. They play against Adrian Peterson twice a year. They should know better.

    That’s like seeing an eagle up close at the zoo and suddenly think you can fly.

  58. stellarperformance says:
    Jan 4, 2014 3:38 PM

    we are in the playoffs!!!! here we come, go pack go!!! We are going to win the super bowl!!!!

    ahhhh, you remember this quote from January??? Yeah you made the playoffs but as usual you lost… much crow?

  59. linemanguy74 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 5:17 PM
    AP has 2 games against Pack thats 500 yds at least

    And Lacy has two games against the vikings, that’s 800 yards at least.

    Your point?

  60. Honestly I look at it like this.
    Adrian Peterson: 1450 yds. 13 TD. 2 Rec TD.
    Eddie Lacy: 1320 yds. 12 TD. 2 Rec TD.
    Matt Forte: 1290 yds. 9 TD. 5 Rec TD.
    Bell & Bush combined: 1840 yds 12 TD. 8 Rec TD.
    That’s much more realistic than everyone else’s predictions.

  61. As a Packer fan I like that idea. Possible I guess, but both he and Rodgers gotta stay healthy for any chance of it happening.

  62. The only place Eddie Lacy is fat is in his wallet stuffed with cash from the contract he signed. And the man then bought his parents a new home. I’d pay big time to see you trolls who say he is fat flattened by trying to tackle him.

  63. I hope he does. At 4 YPC, the Packers offense will drop considerably this year.

    Can’t think of many teams who’d rather have the ball in Rodgers hands than Lacy’s…

  64. He can lead the league in meals eaten in a season by NFL RB. They need to watch him or he will be lining up on DLine.

  65. Aaron Rodger isn’t handing the ball off all season long.He is getting paid to throw it.Lacey isn’t the star that runs that offense.

  66. Eddie Lacey has looked very good in practice, and that’s why the Packers think he can lead the league in rushing. Unfortuntely, during the games, he will actually be trying to rush against defensive players who are not scared of contact. Lacey COULD lead the league in rushing if he got to rush against the Packer defense every week. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

  67. Eddie Lacey is a terrific RB, no question. I question whether he’ll be durable enough to last all year with the hits he’ll be enduring throughout the season. If the Packers can find a suitable #2 back to compliment Lacey, I’d say he’ll be hard to stop all year, then.

  68. Come on people, it’s not that complicated. Lacy ran for over 1100 yards last season with defenses geared to stop him as Rodgers was injured. Now the Packers have Rodgers back, so what do you think is going to happen to Lacy’s numbers??? Defenses can’t load the box anymore because Rodgers and Co. will torch them over the top. With this reality as a backdrop, can Lacy lead the league in rushing? Of course he can. You would have to be a compete moron to think otherwise. Will he do it? I doubt it, because with Rodgers back, he becomes less of a focus of the offense. However, for you fantasy leaguers out there consider this: Lacy has very good hands as a receiver (much better than Peterson, if fact), so I can easily see him leading the league in yards from scrimmage (total yards rushing and receiving).

    Let the games begin! 🙂

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