Pete Carroll: We’re trying to do things exactly right


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll confirmed Wednesday that reports of a minicamp fight involving cornerback Richard Sherman were the impetus for a NFL review of their offseason practices that found the team violated the rules governing contact at those workouts, but said that the team was not intentionally trying to flout the rules.

Carroll said that “we’re trying to do things exactly right” in terms of what goes on during practices after being penalized on the same grounds in 2012, but the league thought otherwise after asking to see film of the practice in question and others from the team’s minicamp. That review led to a reported fine of over $100,000 for Carroll personally and more than $200,000 for the team as well as the loss of minicamp days next year. Carroll said he didn’t feel like the Seahawks were being victimized by receiving a second penalty.

“No, I don’t feel like the victim. No, I don’t at all. I think that we practice in a manner that draws attention, and we have for a long time. And I go back: A year ago and halfway through this camp, when they observed what was going on, they said everything was just fine so we kept going and just kept working. I was really pleased with that but unfortunately it went otherwise when we got to mini camp.”

Carroll wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the penalty, although we’d imagine he could think of better uses for the money he owes the league.

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  1. This leads to a good question – how much money is it worth to have tough practices. $300k can buy a crappy player or it can get the whole team potentially better prepared AND allow for better judgement of individual players.

    If I was an owner I would seriously consider whether breaking the rules was literally “worth it.”

  2. Why did they wait so long? Did someone think they were getting special treatment with the new “emphasis” on illegal contact to prompt this?

  3. I laugh when Santa Claus forty whiners troll Seahawk articles. They think that when someone practices hard, it’s cheating. Smh….

  4. This site will be priceless when the Hawks continue to dominate the NFL.

    This year it will be in all phases and not just defense and special teams.

  5. Cheating is not right, Pete. Try winning without cheating. You know you can’t. You did it to USC, now you’re doing it to Seattle. I’d almost feel sorry the Seahawks fans, but they’ve only been fans for 3 years now. Plus, they’re the worst fanbase I’ve ever encountered.

  6. All this crying about cheating and yet each and every one of you haters would kill to have what the Seahawks have right now. And that’s THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL BABY!

  7. Plus, they’re the worst fanbase I’ve ever encountered.

    Should take this seriously it’s “the worst fanbase I’ve ever encountered”.

    After all, he’s part of a fan base who needed written instructions on how to be a fan.

    If we’re worse than that, we must be hurting.

  8. Sad. If you think hitting your own teammate too hard in practice is cheating, I suggest watching another sport. Chess, bowling, golf…but please, don’t pretend to like football.

  9. This is pretty ridiculous. How many training fights did we see this offseason from pretty much every single team? Why doesn’t he league just watch every practice from every team and hand out fines?

  10. raiderlyfe510 says: Aug 27, 2014 4:08 PM

    The biggest cheater in the history of sports…and that’s coming from a Raider fan who encourages cheating.


    Well played my friend. The fact is that no fan (short for fanatic) wants the game to be fair. Witness the trapped ball by the receiver, ruled a catch, and the hurry up to the line before the opponent throws a flag asking for a review (and the call to be correctly overturned). Whether in stadium or at home we are all hoping or yelling that our team snaps the ball quickly. It’s not what’s fair, and for some it’s not cheating but playing the game smartly, but we all want that break even if we know the call was not correct.

  11. hillbillyjim says:
    Aug 27, 2014 4:07 PM
    Hate us all you want, you still can’t beat us.


    Is that what you said when you barely beat the Buccs…at home? The buccs! Laughable!

    Seattle is absolutely a great team but their biggest opponent will be arrogance. And there’s plenty of that going around, if their fans are any reflection.

  12. The best part about winning the Superbowl and watching my team elevate to clearly the best team in the league is hearing the lamentations of other fans.

    Just yesterday, a Broncos fan in a creamsicle jersey came up to talk smack in a bar and said we cheated in the Superbowl and couldn’t win without PEDs. It was so awesome. I started laughing, like real deep-down belly laughter, to the point that my sides started to hurt. When I stopped laughing enough to speak, I just asked him, “That hurt pretty good, huh?” It was a Cartman moment, me enjoying the taste of his tears, him eating a bowl of chili which contained chunks of Peyton Manning and that all-time NFL record-breaking offense.



  13. A pathological liar and cheater… Paul Allen has that team fine in his car ashtray. (Jim Irsay would have had it in a briefcase…) Should have to forfeit draft picks. (especially after a second offense…) Aw heck, might as well have him on the Competition Committee and changing and creating rules like The Hoodie… Uncle Roger makes up subjective enforcement as he goes… Pitiful.

  14. If I was an owner I would seriously consider whether breaking the rules was literally “worth it.”

    Literally the richest owner in the league. Doubt he cares.

    Also, you’re talking about practice. Come on.

  15. Didn’t Sean Lee have his season ended when his team mate hit him and threw him down? EVERY team is hitting in OTA’s and mini-camp. NFL just chose to fine the Hawks.

  16. Pete Carroll ranks right up there with Bill Belichek, both are cheaters of the systems, and game the NFL with their subterfuge, especially spying on other teams, attempting to steal defenses and offensive patters. In other words, neither one plays fair. The tenure at USC left their program in shambles as Petey boy did everything illegal in order to attract and keep some of the highest paid student athletes on this planet. Whatever he or Bill B. gets is good, recognize that cheaters always end up with that label.

  17. Is that what you said when you barely beat the Buccs…at home? The buccs!

    I agree, Buccs were tough.

    Niners on the other hand were a gimme. Combined score in Seattle in 2013; 52-20. In fact if you include 2012 it’s 94-33.

    But the Buccs were tough.

  18. raiderlyfe510 says:Aug 27, 2014 4:08 PM

    The biggest cheater in the history of sports…and that’s coming from a Raider fan who encourages cheating.

    Bigger than Lance Armstrong? Bigger than Barry Bonds? Bigger than the Bash Brothers? Bigger than Danny Almonte? Bigger than A-Rod? Bigger than th erefs in the ’72 Mens US-Russia BB Olympic game? Bigger than the BlackSox?

    Bigger than the 70’s Raiders?

  19. There aren’t nearly enough cheating claims against the Seahawks.

    Obviously, Russell Wilson has a locker full of Superman drugs. I mean, when you look at Russell Wilson, it’s like God crossed a T-Rex with a giant steel saber-tooth tiger mecha robot warrior, surgically transplanted Chuck Norris’ heart into it, and then gave it the brain of Stephen Hawkings. To cap things off, God then granted this monster (“RussellMania”) with the power to create miracles. That’s the only way to explain the RussellMania.

    Cheaters, indeed. It’s not even fair when you match RussellMania up against mere mortals and NFL defenses.

  20. juliusanonymous says:
    Aug 27, 2014 5:09 PM
    There aren’t nearly enough cheating claims against the Seahawks.

    Unfortunately, they’re not claims.

  21. Just keep building that chip NFL. You would think that winning a superbowl might knock that chip off of a few shoulders but all the fans, players, media, teams, and the NFL in general have managed to do this off season is make that chip even bigger. This is going to be a fun season watching the Seahawks beat teams worse than they beat them last year. Then finish it off with beating Belichick and Brady in Phoenix. Its going to be classic.

  22. @higheriqthanyou

    Yet you still cant beat us in our house, can you? And our games are 16-15 in the span of playing eachother. The way you yap on and on about your “dynasty”, you’d think it’s a lot more than 1 game up. We’ll see you on Thanksgiving. See if we can’t tie that up eh?

  23. Kam Chancellor is clearly cheating every time he hits someone and knocks them into parallel dimensions of time and space.

    In the Superbowl, “Bam Bam” Kam opened the game by absolutely destroying Demaryius Thomas with just such a hit. On television, you could clearly see a time-space portal open before our very eyes, it looked like a swirly blue thing in the middle of the air. Thomas went flying into the space-time portal, and you could hear him screaming and what sounded like Capt. Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise asking who was this strange time traveler that had just appeared in the bridge.

    A few seconds later, Thomas reappeared, falling out of the same time portal and onto the field. Only a few seconds had elapsed, but his hair was gray, he had grown a long beard, and he spoke fluent Klingon. Fellow Broncos report that he spoke of fighting battles on the Klingon home planet and being saved by Worf before being sent home in the same portal some 60 years later. He was clearly affected by the experience, and clearly was unable to finish the game due to the shock.

    I think the NFL should investigate. We can’t have the Legion of Boom just sending guys through Stargate-style space-time portals all willy-nilly without some kind of serious penalty. Perhaps even a fine or an ejection from the game.

  24. If cheaters never win…..then how come we won?

    With the haters logic in mind, we don’t cheat because we never would have won.

    Haters are good at trolling and hating. Just not so good at logic.

    Go Hawks!

  25. Whoever said “cheaters never win” is wrong. Unfortunately, they win all the time. Ask the Patriots. It just doesnt earn you respect. Plus, you get a nice little asterisk at the end of your title.

  26. niners816 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 4:15 PM
    Cheating is not right, Pete. Try winning without cheating. You know you can’t. You did it to USC, now you’re doing it to Seattle. I’d almost feel sorry the Seahawks fans, but they’ve only been fans for 3 years now. Plus, they’re the worst fanbase I’ve ever encountered.


    Well, considering that you’re a Niner fan, they SHOULD be the worst fan base you’ve ever encountered. I would hate fans of another team if they rubbed their championship, their superior team, their superior QB and their superior coach in my face too.

    Sounds like they’re right where they should be.


  27. It’s gotta suck to be Jim Harbaugh and realize that no matter what, you’ve never gotten to the top. Oh sure, you had some good times. But when it came down to it, you still got spanked by Oregon. Oregon! Arrr!

    I imagine it must be pretty painful for 49er fans as well, watching their team come up short over and over and suddenly realize their window just closed, and the closest they ever got was watching JOE FLACCO whoop their team. LOL

  28. juliusanonymous

    Judging by the fact that you dont know it feels like to come up short points to the fact that you’re not a real Seahawks fan. 37 yrs of always coming up short. But you clearly just arrived to the party last year. And Im sure you’ll leave when its not as fun anymore. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  29. It’s quite fun being in the Castle having all the trolls accuse us of cheating to get into the Castle. Well, we are in the Castle; you are not. Call us what you will. Makes not one bit of difference.

    Enjoy life as a wannabe and keep hating (I know it helps)

    Go Hawks!

  30. jdrewsy says:
    Aug 27, 2014 8:07 PM
    It’s quite fun being in the Castle having all the trolls accuse us of cheating to get into the Castle. Well, we are in the Castle; you are not. Call us what you will. Makes not one bit of difference.


    Correction. You live in your mom’s basement, nowhere near the castle. You just happen to like some of the people who live in it. The Seahawks have a nice new room, the niners have a five room suite and the packers have their own huge wing.

  31. All ill will to this team and organization is a good thing for the league. Inside sources they will follow the same direction ofnthe supersonics and heat to Oaklahoma City.;-)

  32. Starting a pool as to which team these bandwagon ‘so called’ ‘hawk’ fans jump to this year… thoughts?

  33. What happened 1994 is pretty irrelevant to this conversation. At least the Packers won it in this century.

  34. The Seahawks will pay the fine and keep on doing what they’re doing. There is a reason they are the toughest team in the NFL and everyone else is the whiniest. They always say that the toughest team they play each week is when they go against each other. Might be why they have the fewest injuries too. They are just plain tougher than everyone else. And Pete Carroll is smarter than you too.

  35. Penalty for making contact in practice?! You’ve got to be kidding? Is this the NFL or two hand touch with the neighbor girls? What a frikin joke! Get real NFL!

  36. Ah, the days. I used to fly paper airplanes from the nose-bleed seats in the Kingdom, watching David Sims and Sherman Smith as our running backs. Remember Efren Herrera’s fake kicks to get a first down and Dan Doornick, one of our other running backs…, then There was Zorn #10 to Largent #80, those were the days 🙂

  37. Beastmode5150

    Lots of em actually. Several are long-time friends from Seattle. Funny that they never once, in all of these years mentioned their love for the Seahawks til just last year.

  38. Pete, the coaching staff, and entire Seahawks organization from top to bottom are committed to making every man on the roster the best they can be and as a result putting the best team on the field. This involves every aspect of player development from the cafeteria food served / nutrition program, sports psychology, sleep monitoring, to the design of workouts and practices.

    On every front Pete and the Seahawks are challenging the old ways of doing things and creating a new standard. Have any of you haters ever seen the VMAC or read anything that players are saying about this environment that has been specifically created to give them the best chance to be successful? I didn’t think so. Sorry, but leaving the shores of Lake Washington to go to any other team in the NFL is a downgrade.

    Sure, okay, the players got too jacked up in non-contact drills and took the “Always Compete” too far in mini-camp. It is simply the nature of this team and the Seahawks will also play harder in actual games than your team…giving them a good chance of winning any given Sunday.

    Go Hawks!

  39. Small price to pay for greatness. There’s plenty of teams that are satisfied just by filling their stadiums. I sincerely feel for fans of those teams. With ticket prices the way they are & the emotion that goes into worshipping your favorite team the fans deserve nothing less than 100% effort not only from their players but from the top down & that includes ownership as well as management & coaching.

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