Phillip Tanner back in Dallas


The Cowboys have two running backs they don’t want to use in Thursday night’s preseason finale and two others battling injuries, leaving them with a need for someone to help get them through 60 minutes against the Broncos.

They’ve called on a familiar face to fill the need. Nick Eatman of the team’s website reports that Phillip Tanner is back with the team after spending the offseason with the Colts, who released him earlier this month.

Joseph Randle and Ryan Williams are competing for the third spot on the depth chart behind DeMarco Murray and Lance Dunbar, but Randle has an oblique injury and the oft-injured Williams is fighting a groin issue. Per Eatman, Tanner, who ran for 12 yards on nine carries in Dallas last year, will handle “most” of the running on Thursday while also seeing time on special teams.

The Cowboys will have to drop a player from the roster to make room for Tanner and could wind up dropping multiple players as Eatman says Tanner may have company as the Cowboys work to set up their roster for Thursday and beyond.

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  1. 4th RB? Doubt we keep one. Randall and Williams are vying for the 3rd RB spot. We need all the bodies on defense we can get, so I doubt we get rid of a DB for a 4th RB.

    And Randall was a draft pick, so I bet he stays over Williams. Williams won’t be unemployed long, though.

  2. Let me break it down. Phillip Tanner has the potential to be your every down back and has the skill set for it but the problem with Tanner is all that potential hasn’t grown yet and maybe never will. NFL is moving towards a “Situation Running back” trend. Remember Marion Barber? He was your bulldozer 3rd down back but he didn’t have the speed then rookie Felix Jones had. That’s why Emmitt was better the Barry. Emmitt was your every down All situation RB. Phillip can be a bulldozer, hit the hole pretty good, and will throw a block for the QB and even catch decently but all those skills will sadly possibly never flourish. He may have serviceable skill and more options to offer then a situation player but a situation player will be way better than Phillip on a certain skill set like ” Run faster” or “smash harder” . All situation RBs are becoming extinct. Welcome to the practice squad bud.

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