Report of Richard Sherman minicamp fight sparked NFLPA investigation


So what caused the NFL to ultimately impose six-figure fines on the Seahawks and coach Pete Carroll for impermissible contact during a supposedly non-contact minicamp practice?

Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, the NFLPA started the investigation after reports emerged of a fight at a June 18 practice involving cornerback Richard Sherman and receiver Bryan Walters.  Coach Pete Carroll had to stop practice in order to restore order.

The NFLPA caught wind of the situation via TV reports of the altercation.  At that point, the NFLPA asked the Seahawks to surrender the video of all offseason practices.

Inspection of the footage resulted in the union concluding that the practice was “way too aggressive,” per the source.  Aggression was detected not simply on one or two plays but for the entire practice.  While the penalties reportedly cover only the day of the fight evidence of excessive aggressiveness was spotted over multiple days of the minicamp.

“Coaches were coaching contact,” the source said.  And the NFL apparently agreed, given that the league ultimately imposed unprecedented fines for something that happens in plenty of offseason practices.  But apparently not to this extent.

94 responses to “Report of Richard Sherman minicamp fight sparked NFLPA investigation

  1. Of course Sherman has something to do with all of this, he’s the biggest cheat of them all… Walters probably got aggravated with Sherman for his illegal contact on every play in practice…

  2. Sherman is a great cover guy, but he is about as intimidating as Prime Time when it comes to delivering a hit

  3. Rumor has it the fight started when Sherman told Walters he was “better at life than him”

  4. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to TAKE DOWN THE SEAHAWKS.

    This recording will self-destruct in 5 seconds or the time for Goodell to come up with something else.(whichever happens first)


  5. Duh.. If football was like golf Roger wouldn’t make 44 million a year… This is too funny… Not a Seattle “new fan” after last year, yes you clowns are pathetic, who cares if they beat each other up.., Sherman picks on receivers, men as little as him… He is just a jackass, but he’s doing his job

  6. Hopefully the Seahawks falter someeone along the way, because right now they are primed for a repeat run. Very long way to go, but they look very good.

  7. My favorite NFL player is Trent Williams who punched Sherman in the face after telling him he was gonna do it. Sherman is afraid to fight back….lol

  8. Yawn, quit being so jealous haters. Its preseason and you’re already full of envy.
    kiss the ring

  9. I have no problem with illegal contact, but it has to be equal on both sides of the ball. When people get nostalgic of the days when CBs could mug and bear hug receivers, they also forget the receivers were allowed to be more physical. Frankly, if a receivers gets physical today, a flag will be tossed.

    If people want more physical football, I’m OK with that. I’d love to see Calvin Johnson, DT, and any other physical receiver toss these CBd around at the line of scrimmage. If Sherman wants to hold, should Calvin Johnson be able to pick up these smaller corners and toss them around?/

  10. Roid rage will do that to guys. Sounds like they’ve replaced salt shakers with Adderall shakers and the steaks marinade in testosterone in the cafeteria.

  11. Oh Noes… The Seahawks practiced too roughly. Those ruffians! I must retire to my fainting couch now to recover from the shock that they would fail to adhere to a gentlemanly approach in preparing for matches against my team! Swoon.

  12. Wait !!

    Let me get this straight. An aggresive football practice?

    This isn’t curling folks- its football!

  13. Love all the uninformed ‘cheaters’ comments. Never get old. This is something that happens at EVERY teams’ practices throughout training camp/preseason/regular season/playoffs…but since it’s Seattle and it’s Richard Sherman involved, every ignorant homer of other teams is up in arms. Gotta love it!

    In that case…I sure hope ol’ Rog is going to crack down on the Falcons. In the first episode of Hard Knocks alone there were about 20,000 scraps.

  14. Seahawks – joined NFC West in 2002

    In the 11 years since then they have been NFC West Champions 6 of those years and in the playoffs 8 of those years. Currently World Champions.

    How’s has your team done in the last 11 years? Yeah, I thought so.

    Don’t speak of “new” fan bases – we are used to winning.

  15. I hate the Seahawks but the reality is that they’ve looked unbeatable in the preseason. It hasn’t just been their starters either. Their depth at a number of positions on Defense is almost unfair. Then there’s a healthy Percy Harvin to help out their offense. Bottom line–this team appears to be loaded like no one else in the NFL. They also look hungrier than any other team which is scary considering they just won a SB.

    The only team that could match up with them last year in the playoffs were the Niners & the Niners have not impressed. Their O-line has looked shaky (at least they’re getting Anthony Davis back), Kaepernick has struggled, the defense is missing Bowman & Dorsey, & their CB’s are questionable. It’s not going to help them either that their best pass rusher is going to get suspended in the near future for a substantial amount of games.

    With all of that said the real games have not started so the results are meaningless up to this point. However there are a three teams that might be able to compete with the Seahawks in the NFC;

    1) Although the Cardinals have lost some very good players on Defense from last year (Daryl Washington, Dockett, & Dansby) I like what I’ve seen from their Defense. Very good tacklers who are very aggressive & physical.
    2) If Rodgers stays healthy & the defense steps up I think GB can be very good
    3) The Saints should be good as well. Their defense really improved last year but they are not the same team on the road.

  16. So what you’re saying is Seattle is still the most physical team in the NFL. Good to know!


  17. Apparently, Meriweather was too aggressive on his shot at Torrie Smith (but Torrie didn’t think so).
    Welker gets knocked out of the game, no suspension for Swearinger.
    Ray Rice knocks a woman out, off the field, gets crowned.
    Josh Gordon smokes pot (oh-no!).
    Middle Finger to NFL!

  18. So there have been something like 4 or 5 other teams that have had training camp fights this year and the league has apparently not looked at them for too much contact in OTA and TC, and I don’t remember any of you posting cheater comments making a single remark about those teams.

    Its called a double standard, and a lot of people here make comments based on such.

  19. If you can’t beat them, then fine them into submission. That will make everyone ‘feel’ better.

  20. My question is, who came out on top in the fight, the receiver or Sherman? A lot of times people who have no problem dishing it out, I would include Sherman here, can’t take it. Kinda like bullies in general. I would love to see it where the other team’s receivers/dbs could dish it out on the Seahawks as much as the Seahawks do. Should be interesting who would come out on top. Just curious, that’s all.

  21. The fight was with Phil Bates*

    The NFLPA reviews training sessions from every team that has a fight. When you draft nothing but aggressive players this is bound to happen. You don’t see any players whining about it.

  22. I like how all the Seahawks fans are blaming “softness” of the NFL on Roger and his cohorts – when the reality is the “softness” stems from players negotiating it into the CBA.

    I guess anyone who’s followed the NFL for more than 2 years or looks at articles beyond their own team would know that.

  23. I wonder why Goodell didn’t feel compelled to destroy this evidence the nanosecond he got it.

    Does he only bring on the corruption and sleaze to protect the Patriots cheating?

  24. When a team wins a championship, the haters usually spew garbage… This is the first time I can recall where they actually have valid points to spew against the reigning champs…

  25. God you trolls sound like a bunch of girls. No wonder the NFL and PA are adopting wussified rules. They’re starting to listen to fans like you!

  26. The Seahawks are a division rival and I have to laugh at this outpouring of hate for a team who is playing the game in the spirit of tradition! I love Richard Sherman, respect him as a top-notch professional and intelligent person. Steeler fans take pride in the “Steel curtain” and other infamous players like James Harrison. Fans whine about the “wussing down” of the game and long for the days of smashmouth football. However, when a franchise puts together a team that puts some physicality and smashmouth, ground and pound on the field, fans get their panties in a twist, call foul, cheaters, etc. LOL!
    Clearly this is a new singling out of the Champs for a practice that got a little out of hand and the coach stopped. Most players love this and you don’t hear them complaining…this is what happens with a lot of teams not so much in the public eye. As a rival team I love it because this makes the Cards victory last season in their house that much sweeter! There is no sniveling in football! Proud to be a fan in the NFC Best!

  27. LOL Roid Rage, there have been 17 fights reported this year at from ALL 32 TEAMS minicamps so stop with the hate on the Seahawks yall are the ones putting them on the pedistal with all your talk

  28. This is a joke. Tell teams how to practice, next tell them how to pee, wear their pants, eat breakfast.
    Whatever happened to being an adult and letting people be adults.

  29. Seattle fans crack me up. They ‘finally ‘ win the big game. And now, their the greatest thing the NFL has ever seen….. That’s fine, stick your chests out and be proud, but c’mon people. You know your coach is a total tool who doesn’t care if you cheat or not. Just don’t get caught.

  30. Even though it’s brought about some less-than-desirable changes, it’s at least nice to see the NFL trying to take control of the Seahawks situation.

  31. Oh no, the Seahawks were aggressively practicing an aggressive sport. Those cheaters. How dare they practice hard. That totally gives them an unfair advantage over other teams.

  32. Colin Kaep is going to destroy the Hawks and San Francisco 49er supremacy will continue, the Hawks are one and done.

    San Francisco 15-1

    Seattle 4-12

    Nothing can stop CK.

  33. The day that hitting your own teammates too hard in practice is considered cheating…oi. No touching receivers. Don’t breathe on the quarterback. Why not merge with the lingerie league?

  34. Pete Carroll is used to cheating. He did it at USCHEAT and now he does it at the SeattleCheathawks!! He’s the new Bellacheat!

  35. I agree wholeheartedly with the bangwagoner comments. Not since the Steelers beat the Cards in the Super Bowl have I seen so many “fans” so suddenly appear.

  36. To those repeating the cheaters mantra. Take a deep, long look at your favorite losing football franchise. See how they do not “compete”. Competing is not cheating. Hitting too hard in practice is not cheating. Bruce Irvin is the only current Seahawk with a PED suspension. Now look at your own roster. Look within your own organization and stop projecting your failure onto the Seahawks.

  37. People just don’t get it…all this does is instill even more pride and confidence in the Seahawks players.

    Remember the common theme that pretty much every Seahawk repeated last year? They LOVE haters. It’s what drives them to be the best. They’re out to prove everyone wrong, and then rub it in their faces.

    That’s why they’re champs. Not only are they not discouraged by criticism…they’re actually encouraged by it. So “keep it comin'”, is their mantra.

  38. bassnw says:
    Aug 27, 2014 11:01 AM

    Seahawks – joined NFC West in 2002

    In the 11 years since then they have been NFC West Champions 6 of those years and in the playoffs 8 of those years. Currently World Champions.

    How’s has your team done in the last 11 years? Yeah, I thought so.

    Don’t speak of “new” fan bases – we are used to winning.


    Seattle Seahawks, Founded

  39. goodellisruiningtheleague

    I like how seasterisk fans brag about their success over the past decade…… didn’t Seattle make it to the playoffs with a losing record? Bring the best team over the past decade of the nfc west is like saying the 8th seed from the eastern conference in the nba had a legitimate shoot at winning a title.

    The nfc west was the league’s doormat for the past decade and your team was part of that, way to be proud.

    Seriously, it’s too easy.

  40. scoops1 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 10:53 AM
    Was his mom there on sideline waiting for him with a bowl of Campbell’s Chunky Soup


    And it’s also PED-flavored soup

  41. “People just don’t get it…all this does is instill even more pride and confidence in the Seahawks players.”

    I agree dstep24, this is just another tidbit to add into the Hawks pregame pep talk. Sure it may be an NFLPA rule, but in the locker room it becomes “THE LEAGUE SAYS YOU PRACTICE TOO HARD” and adding fuel to the fire. If you are hoping this somehow makes for a distraction, think again. Coach Pete will use it to motivate the team to go out and prove everything on the field. Can’t wait to watch it unfold on the field.

    The fines are acceptable, but I agree lost OTA practices only hurts players that signed the agreement making the rules.

    Nothing new here folks, we already new the Hawks practice harder than any other team. All you have to do is watch them run and hit in camp and preseason. No great mystery…toughest team in the League right now. Niners, Cards, Rams all tied for a close second!

    Go Hawks!

  42. I just cant wait till the Shehawks have to come to the Dome for once. We will see how tough they truly are. Oh, it will be so sweet.

  43. Penalized for being too aggressive. Love it.
    At least your coach wasnt suspended for the entire year as a result.

  44. Go watch ice skating or golf. The NFL greats must be rocking in their graves on the softening of their modern gladiator sport. This new generation of whiners is to blame, because they are so entitled, they can’t accept that their team doesn’t measure up. What they are doing is projecting their own insecurities and hurt. ANYTHING, regardless of how obviously inequittable labeled on the winner, they will whole-heartedly take. Cheaters? Look in the mirror. Overly aggressive? Isn’t the NFLsupposed to be the most powerful sport on Earth? Are we supposed to be the modern day gladiators? Isn’t that why the Trojans play in the Coliseum?
    Look at what you are doing to this sport. Your actions have consequences, so think before projecting your own hurt and hate into a forum for public discourse, because your piling on like a hateful mob does nothing but take away from the game.

  45. Time to face reality haters. Seahawks won the Superbowl because they are the best talent evaluators in the league. Deal with it! The players getting cut from Seattle will be starting on other teams next week.
    Several other teams have more suspension problems than Seattle, but facts are irrelevant to blind haters.
    The emphasis on less contact down field will hurt other teams more than the best secondary in the league, assuming the refs will be consistent. Instead of winning 20-13, they will win 30-20 this year.

  46. Classic case of continually doing something against the rules, so long as you get away with it, is your cyber bullying, which you all know is against the law, but since this site administrator does not enforce this policy, you continue to get more gateful and personal in your comments…classic case of projection of your own faults unto another. Can’t you see it?

  47. Man, NFL fans are CRYING!!! more than we did after SB40. It’s called a competitive training camp for a reason, of course some fights could breakout. Man you guys need to get a pair of you know what and play football…how is this cheating? Anyhoot, only the REFS will stop us from a RE-PETE, yea I said it…and won’t be shocked if it happens!

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