Sheldon Richardson: Eli Manning is watching the rush


The dismal state of the Giants offense has been a frequent topic of conversation this preseason and the starters will be out there for a while in the fourth preseason game in hopes of working out the kinks before the results start to count in the standings.

Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson got an up close look at the Giants offense in last Friday’s preseason game and identified one thing that’s not working for the tenants of the other home locker room at MetLife Stadium. Richardson said that he thought quarterback Eli Manning, who struggled for most of the first half before leading a touchdown drive just before halftime, was spending too much time thinking about the guys trying to sack him.

“Got some kinks to work out, you can notice that stuff, little stuff like that — it’s to the point where he don’t trust his offensive line that much, ’cause he’s watching the rush,” Richardson said, via the New York Post. “Little stuff like that.”

Manning took a pounding last season with 39 sacks and a plethora of other hits allowed by a leaky offensive line, which the Giants worked hard to upgrade this offseason. That’s still a work in progress and Manning has looked understandably unsure of his protection this summer as a result.

That can’t continue if the Giants offense is going to rebound this season, so that offensive line is going to have to come together quickly.

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  1. Giants have got some big problems on their OL. In each one of these pre-season games, in the first half, one of their OLers, generally one of the 2 tackles, has whiffed on a block.
    Not been beaten, just plain out and out didn’t even get a piece of the guy.
    And that ain’t good for the QB, that’s for sure.

    Interesting thing about that Jets-Giants tilt, is that the Jets D were getting rolled up on first down, yet they absolutely destroyed the Giants on 2nd down forcing the Giants to throw on 3rd.
    I was thinking Coughlin might be forced to pull Eli after the 1st quarter they were getting after him that hard. Never like to see guys with 70’s and 90’s on their jerseys chasing after your QB….

  2. Coughlin and Eli are done. The giants want them gone, but don’t know how to send them packing. Everybody is caught up with nostalgia.

    They’re not the only team with OL issues. They have a coach and QB problem, along with a Jerry Reese problem.

  3. The only good fix they made was signing Schwartz, who sadly got injured. Otherwise:

    – They are putting all of their eggs in Will Beatty’s basket on the left side. He was atrocious last year AND broke his leg. Their only contingency plan is Charles Brown, who was benched.

    -They had terrible interior play, and solved that by signing JD Walton and John Jerry. Walton didn’t play last year and Jerry was a starter on the only line that may have been worse than the Giants.

    Here’s hoping that Richburg and Schwartz crack the starting lineup sooner rather than later.

    But otherwise Jerry Reese should be ashamed if he considers these moves “fixing” the offensive line.

  4. Tony Romo’s had an awful OL for most of his career and his numbers are still terrific.

    Stop making excuses for Eli. Mediocre QB has led the league in INTs THREE times. Look at his career numbers and you’ll see the truth: dude is AVERAGE.

    And before the “ringz!” comments surface, it’s not uncommon at all for average QBs to win Super Bowls with great defenses. TEAM SPORT, people.

  5. Shouldn’t Sheldon Richardson be more concerned with the Jets and their lack of secondary than with the Giants?

  6. Eli’s no different than 99% of other NFL QB’s… Very good with a solid line in front of him. Any decent QB with a line as awful as he’s had the last couple years, aren’t going to look very good. I’m a Giants fan, and I don’t remember ever seeing a line as crappy as last years. They were flat out pathetic. Manning was under direst every dang game. Giants need a stud left tackle, plain and simple. Beatty ain’t it. Get the franchise LT, have Beatty take a pay cut and move him to guard. With Pugh developing nicely, and drafting a quality player like Richburg, it would clean up quickly.

  7. No QB has thrown as many as 27 INTs since 2005.

    So no, Eli isn’t “like 99%” of all QBs. He was flat-out horrible last year, and it’s his 3rd time leading the league in INTs. That’s called a “trend”.

  8. Easy Eli is as tough as they come. Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard there Sheldon. Eli drove 91 yards in 1:48 than called it a night.

  9. jints are a mess. eagles just smile and lick their chops. god bless eli. he is a gamer and is 2 for 2 in SBs. much better than his overrated brother.

    but jints offensive line will get him knocked out.

    and this on top of last yr which included that atrocious 0-6 start.

  10. Everyone is trying to learn a new system.They have a bunch of new players so before the Eli bashers start to beat their chests like king kong,let’s see how they perform during the season then determine if the criticism is warranted.

  11. Reese thought that he solved it in Free Agency with Schwartz, Walton, Jerry and Brown, so that he could get a playmaker with the 1st pick, but all four FA were busts. Schwartz has been the best of a really bad bunch, and he is no better than below average, as we are literally *better off* with a rookie in Richburg starting over Schwartz. The problem is that the rookie can’t play both Guard and Center, simultaneously.

  12. Sheldon…I know you were probably just answering a beat reporter question and all…but just focus on upping your already great game and don’t worry about other team’s problems.


    A Jets Fan

  13. “Manning took a pounding last season with 39 sacks…”

    Meanwhile, Rodgers – Cutler – Big Ben take another 50 sacks w/o being a little crybaby about it, like lil’ eli.

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