Snyder has “started the process” of planning for a new stadium

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Despite being used only 10 times per year for NFL games (plus home postseason contests and, for some, a periodic Super Bowl), NFL stadiums become obsolete in roughly a single generation.

For Washington, where FedEx Field opened in 1997, the time is approaching for a new venue.  Owner Daniel Snyder tells CSN Washington that the team has “started the process” of planning for a new home.

“Whether it’s Washington, D.C., whether it’s another stadium in Maryland, whether it’s a stadium in Virginia, we’ve started the process,” Snyder said.  “We are going to push forward.  We’ve started meeting with architectural firms.  We are in the process of developing because it is a long term that you do it.”

Snyder says the new stadium would have a throwback look and feel.

“We’ve already seen some preliminary drawings and I’m going to be very retro with it,” Snyder said.  “It’s gonna feel like RFK.  It’s gonna move like RFK.  I love that, I actually asked architectural firms to do it and they said that they can do it.  I said that I think the lower bowl sections are going to want to rock the stadium like the old days.”

Snyder didn’t give a specific timetable for opening a new stadium, but he said,  “I’d like to see it sooner than later.”  He’d also like to see it host a fairly significant annual event.

“I think this region, not only this town, this region deserves a Super Bowl,” Snyder said.  “It ought to be here, it would be a fantastic accomplishment.  It’s the biggest sporting event in the globe.  It’s the nation’s capital, it’s a no-brainer.”

It’s also a no-brainer that, as Snyder embarks on securing partial public funding (because one of the benefits of being really rich is finding a way to get other people to pay for your stuff), he’ll need to be willing to consider trading the team name for taxpayer money and, possibly, the privilege of hosting a Super Bowl.  That way, Snyder can eventually declare victory in a debate that will end either with Snyder voluntarily changing the moniker in exchange for something tangible or involuntarily losing it, without any type of compensation.

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  1. If a clown turned his back on you, then touched his toes, it would be just like looking at Dan Snyder.

  2. If DC winning a Superbowl was truly a “no-brainer”, Snyder would have won the Superbowl by a landslide every year since he bought the team.

    Unfortunately, having no brain generally doesn’t lead to NFL success. So DC fans will have to settle for watching their team get stomped in the postseason 3 consecutive times by the Seahawks of all teams.

  3. Seriously? FedEx will be 20 years old in 2017…wow…first the Falcons and now the Redskins.

    I mean, the Superdome, Lambeau, Soldier Field and Ralph Wilson have been around for decades and only one of them will be replaced in the near future.

  4. No matter where you fall on the name change controversy—you have to see the slim chance he’s gonna get a new stadium or a Super Bowl without changing the name first…

  5. Peter King was quoted in an article saying Snyder will change the name in two years. When pushed for more information, King said “I know things”. Maybe this is what he was referring to?

  6. Should build it to look like a teepee so he can “honor” the Native Americans.

    On a serious note. No way, at all, he gets public funding without changing the name, and he knows this. Doesnt matter what side of the argument you are on. If he wants public funding (which of course he does, because no owner with millions actually ever pays for anything), he will have to change the name.

  7. Much worse…by far…than any controversy over a name. To bleed communities dry, because some owner thinks his 20 year old stadium in antiquated, is downright criminal.

  8. Smart Owner…Forward Thinker. Stadiums take years to develop, finance, environmental impact reports, lawsuits and oh yeah finding a site, etc…Best case a shovel hits the ground 5-10 years from now.

  9. What is the idiot going to call it? POW WOW Field? Strip this guy of ownership of this team. Just like Sterling got it in LA.
    Change the Name NOW. Not in 2 years…

  10. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the name, what exactly is it about that stadium that prohibits it being able to host a Super Bowl? RFK? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it still standing? Just reopen the flippin’ thing if that’s what he wants.

  11. Stadium sponsored by Head and Shoulders. Nickname could be “The Scalp”. Good dual use, honoring the past.

  12. CAREFUL with wanting new stadiums too soon. Its the money hungry owners and league that can’t wait to charge for PSLs and up the ticket price. Also along the way raising parking, concession, and other prices. Sooner or later people will wise up and stop paying these ridiculous prices to attend NFL games.

  13. Well it looks like LA will have to wait another cycle before actually getting a team. Snyder will threaten to move to LA unless the local municipalities kick in the $$$ to help build a stadium in DC area.

    The NFL uses LA as leverage to get teams new stadiums. Seems like we are back at the start of the line again.

  14. I know Snyder is stupid in SO many ways but…

    Super Bowl = Biggest event on the globe?

    It’s called the World Cup and the Super Bowl doesn’t even come close.


  15. the name change is Snyder’s bait to secure the tax benefits for his stadium. No way does he change it without an agreement.

  16. It was opened 16 years ago and they want to replace it already? I think a building should be built to at least last until the children born that year graduate from high school.

  17. .
    Why are we worrying about the Washington franchise when the 49ers are forced to play in ancient Levi’s Stadium.

  18. See that Buffalo? The residents of Virginia don’t mind turning their pockets inside out to build a new stadium. It would be shameful if they got a new one before WNY. Why are you letting your politicians (Poloncarz) drag their feet on this? Do you think Redskins fans love their team more than you love yours? Don’t let them show you up.

  19. Move the team to Virginia, change the name to the Goobers, and the team mascot could be Mr. Peanut (who already bears a striking resemblance to Snyder)

  20. The stadium is not old or obsolete. These billionaires that want new stadiums every 20 years can pay for them by themselves. No more public welfare for the rich.

  21. pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    Aug 27, 2014 6:50 PM
    I’d call it Redskins Stadium

    What an unfortunate and bigoted statement. Thankfully, you don’t own the team.


  22. FedEx isn’t out of date. Go there and watch a game. The problems with it, like the lines and bad seats, have to do with Snyder enacting more money grubbing techniques that crowd areas around entrances and seats that are blocked because their directly behind the players. The stadium is huge, and has had to pull seats twice because it wasn’t filling up. It’s crazy to me that a stadium built with public funding and that also used public funding to create infrastructure like roads could be abandoned after 20 years. I hope the DC City Council remembers this when he pitches them for public money. It’s not like Washington DC (the city) is exactly flush with cash.

  23. 20-30 years old seems to be the norm for stadium replacement.

    Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati opened in 1970, replaced 2000. (30 years)

    Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh opened in 1970, replaced 2001. (31 years)

    Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis opened in 1995, the Rams demand a new stadium (20 years old)

    Georgia Dome in Atlanta opened in 1992 (23 years old)

    Astrodome in Houston opened in 1965, Oilers announced a deal with Nashville in 1995 (30 years old)

    Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit opened in 1975, replaced in 2002 (27 years old)

    HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis opened in 1984, closed in 2013 (29 years old)

    Foxboro Stadium in New England opened in 1970, replaced 2002 (32 years old)

    Sunlife Stadium in Miami opened in 1987 and they’re seeking a new stadium (27 years old)

    So yeah…

    Most teams that opened stadiums in the 1990’s (Falcons, Rams, Titans, Ravens, Redskins, Buccaneers, ect, ect,) should start looking out for new stadium requests.

    It’s insane!

  24. I live in DC.
    Fedex field is awful. Horrible to get in. Horrible to get out.
    I am not surprised he is already looking to build a new one.
    Jack Kent Cooke did a lousy job on this stadium

  25. Will be 20 years old and we NEED a new one ?
    Why not do what Ralph Wilson, Arrowhead, Soldier Field and Lambeau did and just upgrade ?
    Talk about a waste of money ! I would not give a dime of taxpayer money for a New Stadium for the Redskins.

  26. All Snyder’s talk, the bluster and the boasting to never waiver despite pressure, his convictions and his commitment to “honoring” Native Americans… his keeping the name only goes so far as to get him his next shiny new toy and another big payday.

    Snyder is a joke.


  27. He wants to further honor Native Americans by building directly over their ancient burial grounds. He’s such a nice guy.

  28. billsfan says: Aug 27, 2014 7:53 PM

    Move the team to Virginia, change the name to the Goobers, and the team mascot could be Mr. Peanut (who already bears a striking resemblance to Snyder)


    Officially one of my all time favorite posts here. =)

  29. The Red Mesa High School Redskins (97.1% Navaho Indian enrollment) love to be called Redskins.
    It is about honor and respect.

  30. Now wait…… opened in 1997, and Danny Boy wants new digs? No problem, as long as he pays for it. I understand that the place is a dump, but seriously? As a Ravens fan I was amazed, but not surprised, that I recently heard that M&T Bank Stadium needs to be “upgraded”. Right.

  31. Absurd. I have visited that stadium 15-20 times. All the complaints about it are trivia. It is as good as most other NFL stadiums. Running shuttle busses to/from the two nearby Metro stations would help alleviate the Beltway crunch, and growing some trees in the acres upon acres of aspahlt and adding restroom facilities and satellite bars/grill in the expansive tailgate lots would improve the tailgating experience. This is just a Snyder shakedown.

    Snyder is blowing smoke about DC and Maryland, to squeeze a better deal from Virginia. DC doesn’t have the acreage or the money to build a modern stadium superior to FedEx. The Redskins, already HQ’d at Ashburn and now moving training camp to Richmnd, are ceding Maryland, which has already become predominantly Ravens country.

    If there is a new stadium, it would only go to NoVa. The near derelict Springfield Mall, surrounded by three freeways and adjacent to a Metro stop, with many hotels in walking distance, and part-way to Redskins country in Richmond, is the only logical spot.

  32. New Stadium…thats right! Now we can go back to being the highest valued team in the league, hey everyone the REDSKINS will be the highest valued team in the league…Now we all know you cant change the name, REDSKINS, because they will the league’s highest valued team!

  33. Should probably find a Native American burial ground to build it on, while he’s at it.

    That should comment should offend the oversensitive liberals and conservatives equally.

  34. note to the Bears…Solder field blows and we need a huge kick-ass stadium like the cowboys.

  35. Hey why not? Even a crappy team like the LOLskins can be used as leverage against spineless local politicians too stupid to understand that sports complex are a losing proposition. Just ask Richmond.

  36. Former VA Gov Doug Wilder traded the state’s RF&P Railroad stock, which paid big dividends for the state, for the land at Potomac Yards, which had a lot of high paying RR jobs and was one of the biggest railroad yards on east side of country to try to get Redskins to Virginia. That failed, The Railroad jobs went to Maryland, North Carolina and PA.
    Wilder did not get the Redskins to VA and lost a lot of good jobs to other states.

    Most of former Potomac Yards site is still empty.

  37. You and one person i know care about the name. All other Redskins fans could care less. He will get the money with no problems

  38. I’m going to be very retro with it,” Snyder said. “It’s gonna feel like RFK. It’s gonna move like RFK. ”

    Hey Dan, you know RFK is still standing. Why not just move back there, do some updates, and save everyone about half a billion dollars?

  39. So your saying he has to give the name up, or it will be forced… Since when was it a right to not be offended, but if so, impede on others rights by any means necessary..

  40. A winning team deserves a new stadium. RGIII will never take D.C. to The Big Game. End the charade.

  41. Here in the Bay Area, I’m just thankful Levi’s is up and running. Well, except for the turf. Candlestick was a 53 year old rustbucket (Niners moved in in 71 I think,) but it’s time to blow that one up.

    Snyder is insane.

  42. Talk about a man crush on “The NFL Team from the District of Columbia, playing in Landover.” Relax bud, you’ll blow a gasket.

  43. It’s also a no-brainer that, as Snyder embarks on securing partial public funding (because one of the benefits of being really rich is finding a way to get other people to pay for your stuff), he’ll need to be willing to consider trading the team name for taxpayer money and, possibly, the privilege of hosting a Super Bowl.

    Dear Mike Floratio: GO FVCK YOURSELF

  44. Arrowhead stadium opened in 1972. It also is one of the few stadiums without a sponsors name attached to it.

  45. You know who really needs a new stadium? The Santa Clara 49ers, that’s who. Total uninspiring dump by a secondary airport 40 miles away from the city, traffic snarls, torn up turf, totally vanilla. Team used to be good, but has stunk it up ever since the move. It does have wifi and a postage-stamp sized “green roof” though.

  46. I think we are quickly approaching the point where (if given a chance to vote on it), taxpayers will say “NO” every time to public funding of stadiums. The politicians and billionaire owners will have to do a better job of disguising the public’s portion of the bill. The public is fed up with government pissing away their money. Who can blame them? Let me paraphrase…No one’s life, liberty or property are safe as long as the legislature is in session. Less government is better government.

  47. It is all part of the “plan” put in place by the NFL, Snyder and the DMV officials. The Redskins name will be laid to rest upon the franchise’s move back into DC where upon they will introduce the new color scheme of Red,White,and Blue to go along with the other pro sports teams in the DMV. They will be called the Washington Presidents.

    It saves face for Snyder, let’s the political officials show that they have won, allows the fan base to accept an end and get excited about a new beginning ,reviving old stadium traditions . It’s not the name that has ever mattered it’s the team playing in the nation’s capital that matters. The franchise belongs in the most powerful city in the world, but not with an outdated/controversial name. The name Redskins is associated with a terrible football franchise that hasn’t been relevant sine the early 90s.

  48. A throwback look and feel? How about a giant mural “Trail of Tears” along the concourse, with some of the paying fans getting scalped while walking to their seats. Now that would be a throwback look and feel.

  49. The first 20,000 visitors to Wounded Knee Massacre Stadium will receive collectible smallpox infected blankets!

  50. As a Charger fan, rocking’ the latest in ’60s technology in MY stadium,
    my heart really goes out to poor Mr Snyder…

  51. I wonder how many right wing nut bags have voted in this thread. Down votes equal nut bag right wingers.

  52. I can see Danny Boy pitching this stadium now….”picture this Chief Eagle Eye, we will build this right on your reservation overlooking the Potomac. We’ll serve fire water, and peyote sandwiches. There’ll be a peace pipe lounge, and a pow wow concourse. Heck, we can even put in a casino and give your people minimum wage jobs. C’mon Chief, whaddya say?”….

  53. LOL, good luck getting funded with that racist name, clownshoes. Maybe you should build it on an Indian burial ground to “honor” them some more.

  54. This new stadium crap is making me sick. All the time. Like we have no larger problems that could use the finite resources.

  55. He’s the owner, he can do what he wants, he had nothing to do with Fedex field. I love the idea of making it feel like RFK. Dean Spanos, take note. Can we have Fedex field moved to SD since you don’t want it? No.??

  56. I hope he names it Redskins Stadium, as a proverbial middle finger to every bleeding-heart liberal idiot out there, that has nothing better to do than concern themselves with being offended by a friggin word. People like that NEED to be offended. Go find a real problem in life to worry about, rather than this silly crap. Political correctness has murdered this once great nation.

  57. While I’m sure the new stadium will be subsidized by taxpayers, the current stadium was not built with taxpayer dollars, but rather was built with 100% private money — Jack Kent Cooke’s private money to be exact.

    As a kid who grew up going to RFK, I can’t wait for the Redskins to get a new stadium that can create the type of home field advantage that RFK gave us.


  58. I’ve always thought (and been taught) that a “generation” was about 40 years.

    The age of a stadium built in 1997 therefore would not even half a generation.

  59. So 10 years from now they will be playing in a retro stadium including pillars that block you view under a new non offensive name like the Puppies and will have sold the naming rights to Big Reds Redskin Peanuts.

  60. The Steelers are Marching and the world cowers. The three rivers were made from your tears and we build boats. We build lots of boats. We walk beside pristine trophy cases and engraved gold. They say it’s lonely at the top, but we sure like the view.:

    Are you that dumb? Grow up

  61. That stadium was built by funds from the previous owner. It was a rush job to build and inadequate the day it opened. If Snyder is forced to change the name, because everybody finds something to offend them, then this can be the financial bone he needs.

  62. New stadium, new uniforms, new location, new team name.

    Move them to Richmond and call them the Richmond Rebels. They could have the stars and bars on their helmets so that they’re more racially sensitive…

  63. The Name change suggestion for tax payer dollars is Ignorant. The majority ox tax payers do not want the name change. It’s only a small band of media people and politicians who are on the bandwagon. And we all know you can never trust or listen to the media or politicians because their livelihoods depend on trying to say whatever they have to to get what they want and what they think people want to hear as opposed to being ruled by a strong set of morals and innate sense of right and wrong. Their ships sails are filled the winds of trends ever sailing towards the next fad. Much like 80’s fashion what you think is hot now is quite ridiculous later.

  64. For the stadium to rock, it would need to be filled with fans, instead of having sections with seats being removed because of declining attendance and fake ticket “waiting lists,” like in Fedex.

    He is right that RFK was great for this. Of course, back then the team was actually good and fans did not despise the owner.

  65. Usually I would agree on the life of a stadium. That said, Fedex is awful. Terribly planned roads. Bad design for seating. Awful luxury boxes. It was rushed by an aging Mr Cook who had to fund almost all of it himself. I would like to see them back in DC (Snyder has been buying ground around RFK) and DC desperately wants them back. However I see them ending up in Virginia due to support for the name as well as ample public funds (which DC does NOT have) and a governor who is pals with Dan.

  66. Current stadium was not planned well and thrown up last second by former owner Jack Kent Cook. Dangerous area around it, no parking, and it’s not asthetically pleasing to the eye. Next one should be in Nova screw DC with their corrupt politicians and band wagoners. Forget Md the Governor only caress out the Ravens even though there are more Redskins fans in his state.

  67. I can’t imagine Maryland paying for another stadium, Camden Yards and M&T Bank (aka Raven’s) Stadium were career killers for certain politicians. Cooke got the infrastructure support from Maryland only because he put his own money up for most of the stadium costs.

    Enjoy your new stadium, Virginia taxpayers. Btw, good luck getting anyone to pay for PSLs. The only time the stadium is at capacity is when a team with a good core of traveling fans plays there. (Looking at you, Steelers Fans…. the game where there was more Steelers fans than Redskins fans was epic!)

  68. Check out the stadium name suggestions from the people who want to change the name out of respect. Do they sound respectful?

  69. Who sounds disrespectful?

    “Let me guess — it’ll be called The Teepee.”
    “Should build it to look like a teepee so he can “honor” the Native Americans.”
    “What is the idiot going to call it? POW WOW Field?”
    “Stadium sponsored by Head and Shoulders. Nickname could be ‘The Scalp’ ”
    “Welcome to Wigwam Field, home of the Redskins!”
    “Trail of Tears Field???”
    “He wants to further honor Native Americans by building directly over their ancient burial grounds.”

    You will find no quote like this from those who want to keep the name.

  70. GettingNoRespect: Not all of those (or possibly any) are from people who want to change the name. They are just trolling you up good.

  71. steelerben says:
    New stadium, new uniforms, new location, new team name.

    Move them to Richmond and call them the Richmond Rebels. They could have the stars and bars on their helmets so that they’re more racially sensitive…
    I hate to break it to you but Rebels will offend someone. Ole Miss gets flack every now & then from someone saying that they need to change their name & their mascot from the rebels. Whatever they rename the team (which I don’t think will happen unless Snyder sells it or dies) will offend someone. That being said rich people know other rich people so I’m sure Snyder could sell to some friends to raise the funds.

  72. I mean 45% of the semi-new Dallas Cowboys stadium was paid by taxpayers. If they covered the we are happy at 8-8 every year Cowboys’ home then I could see taxpayers paying for the Redskins new home as well. No matter bad the season is people still love their teams.

    I said semi-new because its a few years old

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