Today, Jerry Jones says season will be “uphill battle”


It was only about 24 hours ago that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was talking about the “glitz and glamour,” of his team.

(We just kind of assume at this point he’s always thinking about gloryhole too.)

But today, he was singing a different tune, painting a less shiny picture of what might be about to happen to his team.

At the team’s kickoff luncheon (rarely the kind of event that brings realism, much less pessimism), Jones told his players: “our back’s up against the wall.”

You know that we have an uphill battle this year,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of “And we do have an uphill battle. But most of you had an uphill battle when you came to camp. Most of you did. And some of you have absolutely rose to the occasion.”

It’s hard to find too many who are optimistic about their chances, coming off three straight 8-8 seasons, with no real improvement to a defense that wasn’t good to begin with.

And the fact Dr. Jones himself is tempering the expectations now shouldn’t be a good sign.

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  1. This is NOT news.
    I would think even die hard Cowboy fans, must be getting sick of this fool and his inane comments

  2. He should just act surprised as if he had nothing to do with putting this team together. That tactic works for Obama all the time for his scandals and incompetence.

  3. Jerrah has never looked and sounded so desperate.

    Speaking of looks, his face looks like it’s gonna fall off.

  4. all the haters just need to move on and worry about their own team. at least JJ is admitting to what just may happen this year. who knows though, it could turn out better than expected. who knows what’s in store for the haters teams this year. we’ll just have to let the season play out

  5. As a Cowboys fan if this team doesn’t make the playoffs then I’m hoping for the worst. This team desperately needs an infusion of young elite talent that a top draft pick at each round provides. That and for the GM to be humbled as to how we ended up with our “defense”.

  6. Between Pete Carroll saying the Seahawks want to do everything right in terms of the NFL’s no contact rules and Jerry Jones alternating between the Cowboys being a playoff team and an uphill battle, it’s like the inmates are in charge of the asylum. Reality check!

  7. This is the best comment I’ve ever seen on Profootball talk:

    h3min1230 says:
    Aug 27, 2014 4:39 PM

    Geez, look at that face.

    thanks and goodnight Dallas – you suck


  8. Again, how many other team owners are in the press as often as this guy is? How often are Rooney, Kraft, the Moras, etc. in front of cameras? Not often because they realize that they are not the attraction–the players and the head coach are. That’s who the fans care about and want to hear from, not the owner. Fans don’t really care about the owner. Jerrah just cannot seem to get past that point.

  9. Gotta believe they will do better than the jersey frauds. Point no 1, a much better offense. 2nd, what makes the giant defense better than the Cowboy defense? What was the frauds win total last year? Who had a better draft? Id say Dallas. Whats all the worry about? Id say nothing. Its the fans of the frauds who should be concerned.

  10. I think there are few teams that have disappointed their fans as much as the Cowboys. I would only put the often over-hyped Redskins (Danny Fantasy Football) and Factory of Sadness Browns (boo hoo we lost our team and got a new one and stadium in 2 years) ahead of them….

  11. I think we need some clarification.

    Which Jerry Jones is the one making this statement.

    As this is a reference of uphill, that might be geologist Jerry Jones giving his opinion.

    If this is uphill as in a challenge and stressful, then this could be the psychiatrist Jerry Jones offering his assessment.

    If this is about personnel, then it is HR Director Jerry Jones giving the opinion.

    Before we cite what Jerry says, we should know which one of his personalities is offering the assessment.

  12. I always love the comments from “NFC – East Fans”. As bad as they are, the Cowboys went 5-1 against the NFCE last year. Not sure you have much room to talk.

  13. Nothing Jerry does surprises me anymore. Cowboys fans have had to live with the hype Jerry spews out every year. Too many young fans actually buy his hype every year as the gospel. Jerry is a showman. He believes their is a sucker born every minute, and he’s out to prove he’s right. Jerry also proving that you don’t have to win to pack his stadium and sell Cowboy merchandise. I will continue to be a Cowboy fan. But after after 17 season of pure hype, I’ve learned to tune him out. Nothing he’s ever says adds up to a darn thing.

  14. As long as Jerry Jones pretends to be an NFL General Manager, the Cowboys will always have an “uphill battle.” If you are a Cowboys fan, you deserve a much better product. Good luck with that.

  15. What’s funny is all these “Oh the NFC East is so excited now!!” comments.

    Remember, we had the WORST defense in the league last year, the WORST defense in the history of the Cowboys…

    and we still went 5-1 in the division, and the only game we lsot, Romo didn’t play…and Kyle “I don’t even want to be here” Orton almost beat the Eagles.

  16. It won’t be long until Cowboys fans will have fond memories for the recent 8-8 mediocrity. With Jerry getting more senile by the second, Dallas is headed towards the type of perennial wretchedness that the Raiders experienced in Al Davis’ last years.

    Since I never liked this franchise, I can’t honestly say that this future is going to make me lose sleep. And it makes me very happy that Stephen seems to have the same football intellect as his dad.

  17. The Cowboys will get a rude awakening in week 4 when the Saints come to town and thump them 39 to 13. Ha Ha. Aint it cool? Geaux Saints!

  18. Cowboys finish 2-14, get #1 pick and trade it along with a 3rd & 4 for Peterson, who promptly goes downhill and never gains more than 600 yards in 2015 & 16.

    yay Jerruh !

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