Brady is indeed upset about Mankins trade


When the Patriots didn’t re-sign receiver Wes Welker in the aftermath of quarterback Tom Brady’s team-friendly deal (with a paltry $30 million to sign), someone close to Brady reportedly was enraged.  This time around, with left guard Logan Mankins abruptly traded to the Buccaneers fewer than two weeks before the start of the regular season, Brady reportedly is “very upset.”

Indeed Brady is, per a source familiar with Brady’s thinking on the topic.

While Mankins arrived after the Patriots won their third Super Bowl title, he had become one of the most important veterans on the team.  His departure makes the offensive line a little bit worse, which in turn puts a little more pressure on Brady to make it all work.

The trade arose in part from a reported unwillingness of Mankins to take a pay cut. Mankins’ refusal, as one source has speculated, possibly traces at least in part to contentious contract negotiations between the Patriots and Mankins in 2010 and 2011, which at one point included Mankins making comments about owner Robert Kraft’s integrity and the team reportedly conditioning a new contract on a public apology, which never was made.

While “The Patriot Way” routinely includes moving on from key players a year too early in lieu of doing so a year too late, a few players get the benefit of doubt.  Mankins didn’t.

Brady eventually may — unless he makes too big of a stink about key players like Mankins being dumped.

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  1. Instead of taking that cool $30 million. Maybe he should have had something in his contract over his offensive player personel. Not sure if the league would approve. But it would have been something to prevent this from happening.

  2. There’s a reason that Brady manages to continue playing so late in his career with consistent success. It’s because he’s had a great offensive line protecting him for a long time. I don’t blame him for being upset.

  3. Brady has every right to be heated. The Pats’ interior OL is a mess, except for Mankins. And now they give him the heave ho for the ~115th pick and the draft and Wright.

    Not a good move IMO. I’m not a Pats fan and am not butthurt about it — but I don’t hate the Pats either. Just sayin’ I don’t like the move if I’m Tom Brady, who’s 37 and trying to win now — not building for the 2019 season.

  4. Even though there’s no coaching salary cap, maybe the hoodie should take one to get better assistant coaches. No reason the “patriot way” should only apply to players.

  5. It’s why you don’t allow players to be involved in personnel decisions. Mankins has been in decline the last couple of years, and it will surprise me if Tampa carries the last year of that contract, which is rather absurd. The Bucs were desperate, and the Patriots got something for him before having to cut him themselves next spring, which almost definitely would have happened.

  6. Brady is the team. Allow him to vent, but go along with The Patriot way at the end the day. Pats are forgetting that without consistency at QB they would not be where they are.

  7. Can’t agree with that…

    Bill is the Patriots… Brady to me is like the Queen in the game of chess… nothing but a glorified pawn with fancy moves…meaning Bill can win without Brady…Indeed…

  8. I don’t blame him…..How much do the Patriots really care about winning at this point if they don’t put good players around him and aren’t willing to spend the money? It says to me they see the end of Brady’s time in NE coming, and a rebuild will commence thereafter, and they don’t want to be tied up in salary cap BS….A shame for guys in the “win now” mode, but I guess he’s stuck, and surely frustrated. Probably now feels like he should have gone all Drew Brees on them and demanded big $$$ when he had the chance

  9. Maybe Brady didn’t hear us the last time so we’ll translate it into his native language of Morse code: -… .-. .- -.. -.– .. … .- .– …. .. -. -.– -… .. – -.-. …. .-.-.- .— ..- … – … …. ..- – – …. . ..-. ..- -.-. -.- ..- .–. .- .-.. .-. . .- -.. -.– .-.-.-

  10. He has no receivers and they are now taking away from his line?

    I feel bad for Tom even as a fins fan. I’m sure this feeling will go away when they win the AFC east yet again.

  11. @buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons
    If it wasn’t for BB, Brady never would have made it onto the field. Kraft wanted to stick with Bledsoe and BB fought long and hard to convince Kraft that Brady was the right guy going forward.

    The salary cap spares no one. I’d find it hard to believe that the Patriots aren’t attempting to spend to the limit AND put the best team onto the field.

    You can’t keep everyone.

  12. I’d be pissed too. Brady is as important as the coach. He should have been made aware the situation. It’s Brady’s ass out there , not Belecheat…….

  13. Amazing what a great QB can do— Carry one of the thinnest rosters in the league to 13 or 14 wins and make mediocre coaches “geniuses”.

  14. Whoever inherits that team when Brady and Belichick retire on the same day is going to have a serious rebuilding project on his hands.

  15. Tomasina Brady better watch his back – he is no spring chicken and the Patriot’s egg timer is ringing on him … he might end up as a Redskin after Ginger Rogers Griffin AND Cousins are traded to New England – one of those will then be traded and the Patriots will end up with draft picks to rebuild the team. This will be how Ginger ends up as a Raider.

  16. The key line in the post is “people familiar with Brady’s thinking”.Has anyone heard from TB?

    Living in the Boston area there has not been one actual interview or report from Tom Brady. I don’t doubt he is not happy but anyone familiar on how business is done here knows and has seen this many times before. There was a discussion on 98.5 this morning that was of the opinion of Greg Bedard that Mankins play has declined over the past three years and that he would have been a salary cap cut in 2015.

    They acquired a move TE and a draft choice. The Patriots are not a better team today without Mankins but they may be a better team with the move by the end of the season giving Brady another weapon.

  17. Mankins was GREAT, now just good (OK pretty darned good). I wish he would have taken a cut and stayed with the team but Patriots do not overpay for a player past his prime.

  18. Brady is 37 and a team slowly crumbling around him…surely he sees the writing on the wall for himself too…

    It’s the Patriot way right?

  19. I think the only logical thing for him to do now is hold his breath until he turns blue, kick and scream and if that doesnt work, just take his ball and go home.

  20. Brady has no reason to be upset, he had a chance to change how they do business before he signed his last contract, he didn’t say anything, then watched the team get rid off all of his offensive that he is old and at the end of his career he has no leverage on personnel…..I personally think Belicheat gets a kick back from Kraft, whatever money he saves on the cap goes to Bill

  21. Dear Patriots,

    If Tom Brady would like to continue to play with Logan Mankins for a while longer, we would gladly trade you Josh McCown and a 3rd round draft choice next year for him.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  22. This stuff happens all the time. I always liked Mankins. When he first came to the team and played so well, everyone was like ‘where did they find this guy.’ (San Jose State).

    He played at an all-pro level for longer than most players do. He played in the super bowl with a seriously injured knee.

    He also would get a bunch of stupid penalties for pushing people around after the play.

    Like with all players, there comes a time when their cost to the team outweighs their benefit to the team. Just like any other cost / benefit analysis in the business world. I bet there were Packers who were upset when Farve was given walking papers, but Rodgers seems to have worked out quite well…

    Mankins will be missed. But it remains to be seen if the team is better or worse off without him. In Bill we trust.

    Welker is not the best analogy. Remember Lawyer Malloy?

  23. “Someone close to Tom Brady ……” says ….. whatever. Until there is a name and a definite quote this is just “someone” blowing smoke. If anybody knows that Mankins pass blocking has gone downhill it’s #12. Really! Wish Scarnecchia (sp?) was still here, but we need to give the new guy the time to produce. The Pats have good players, they just all need to stay healthy so they have the time to all be on the same page on each play. Let’s look at this at the end of the season and then evaluate.

  24. “Per a source familiar with Brady’s way of thinking?” So, what did Brady actually SAY about it?

    “I don’t make personnel decisions” is all Brady will answer….if and when he’s asked.

  25. Don’t worry Tom, Belicheat needs extra cash for a few extra cameraman around stadiums, it’ll all work out in the end.

  26. First of this has to do with MONEY, First Mankins had to go through some fight to get that Contract he has now , Then word is he was ask to take a PAYCUT which you know what his answer would be. Unless Brady is willing to step up and take that paycut to accommodate then there is nothing to bytch about.

  27. Remember the Super Bowl commercial with Brady taking all of his O-line out to dinner? We talk about the lost defensive players from their Championship teams but everyone forgets about the big uglies. They won’t be winning another one until his protection improves.

  28. Pats rule, Boston is the best city in U.S. you haters are just all jelous that we have the best teams, smartest people, best universities and overall coolest town. Pats will romp all over your pathetic teams. In Bill we Trust so go suck it!

  29. I can actually picture a BRADY TRADED TO 49ERS headline here in a couple of years. There’s no player loyalty in NE. It’s all about money. It’s my home team,but sometimes they make some very questionable moves. Anyway,GO PATS!!!

  30. Finally…thank you AMPATS for stating the obvious. Last year…someone “close” to Brady but nothing from Brady and this year “someone who knows Brady’s way of thinking” and nothing from Brady. When are people gonna learn not to put stock in what people say? Sure he’s upset…wouldn’t anyone else be?

  31. steelcurtainn says:
    Aug 28, 2014 3:05 PM

    He’s only upset because he knows he’s gonna be getting hit alot now.


    He got sacked 11 times last year on Mankins watch(2nd highest for the season)…really don’t think it will be much worse than that. Mankins is a great player but even he ages and will lose a step…just not on our watch.

  32. coldwater32301 says:
    Aug 28, 2014 2:45 PM
    Can’t agree with that…

    Bill is the Patriots… Brady to me is like the Queen in the game of chess… nothing but a glorified pawn with fancy moves…meaning Bill can win without Brady…Indeed…


    Indeed just ask Bernie Kosar …… wait, maybe Mike Tomczak … no no no just ask Todd Philcox ….. maybe Vinnie Testaverde? How about Drew Bledsoe then? What, Belichick didn’t start to win consistently until Brady became his starting QB? That can’t be, that goes against everything that is said about Belichick and being a great coach, being able to win with anyone especially without Brady.

    Pre Brady as his starting QB he is 41–57 which is roughly a %42 winning percentage

    During Brady’s current run as his starting QB he is 158-48 which is roughly a %77 winning percentage

  33. I’d personally love to see Brady screw the Pats the way they screw so many of their players. Do as another commentator suggested, go through training camp and then retire an hour before the season opener then watch BB go downhill as fans begin to realize the truth; that Bill Belichek is an ordinary coach who lucked into one of greatest QB’s of all time.

  34. The Patriot Way only works because they are in a division with Miami, The Jets, and Buffalo. Is there an easier division every year than the AFC Worst?

    Those 3 teams are horrible

  35. If after 4 SB’s Joe Montana can be traded, after putting the AFL on the map for good Joe Namath was traded, OJ was traded at the end of a HOF career, hell even Unitas finished his career in another uniform – it should be no secret in 2014 that this is a BUSINESS first & foremost. Brady can throw fits all he’d like, Montana is his idol – maybe someone needs to remind him him of Joe Montana’s last NFL years & how he himself at this point in his career, a whisper from suffering the same fate as soon as the Pats feel it’s time for Brady to go.

  36. I love all the “patriots have no loyalty”.. “I’ve been a pats fan x amount of years and I never…” …. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe their method of handling players and difficult cap situations.. Works? I mean they haven’t had a losing season since 2000….. 2000!! It’s 2014! As fan, yea it sucks to see a good player leave but you know what… It’s happened before and not just with the patriots! Moral of the story… Let’s just take a moment to sit back and watch how this unfolds, because I get the feeling that this will all go away after another 12+ win season

  37. Pats are low class org.. led by extremely low class owner and a cheating HC…. I maintain they are all Brady

    Pats Way is horrible…. they have not won a thing since being caught cheating but market well and have Roger in their pocket

    just imagine if Brady had PM weapons throughout career

  38. Mankins gave up the second most sacks at his position in the league last year. He is still a top run blocker but not a top pass blocker. Personal feelings aside this could be a a good thing for Brady and his pass protection.

  39. The Patriot Way only works because they are in a division with Miami, The Jets, and Buffalo. Is there an easier division every year than the AFC Worst?

    Those 3 teams are horrible


    As a Dolphin fan I heartily agree!

  40. brownsmakemecrazy is right, but things do change…and it sounds like he wishes Browns were in this division….be careful what you wish for.

  41. Hes a friggin guard, get over it, everyone had there panties in a wad when they cut Lawyer Maloy, and said thats it were done,, then they trade Seamore, and the sky is falling, and surely we cant survive without Welker. Give me a break, he is a friggin gaurd, get over it. The dynasty continues and in Bill i trust!!

  42. @ deadeye. Yup a lot easier divisions

    Winning percentage per division since 2002:

    AFC East: .525
    NFC East: .518
    NFC South: .515
    AFC South: .512
    AFC North: .509
    AFC West: .488
    NFC North: .480
    NFC West: .453

    You think they dont play outside the AFC East. They all do
    Thanks for playing, take a mint on the way out….
    Uninformed haters bug the heck out of me, JEALOUSY

  43. So sources said yesterday that Brady was “very upset”. Today, sources say Brady is “indeed upset”.

    Still no actual quotes or actions that show how Brady is demonstrating his level of upset or what havoc he is wreaking as a result.

    Plus, it’s confusing: Is going from ‘very’ to ‘indeed’ upset better or worse or a different article on the same thing, with the added insinuation that Brady will get cut if he doesn’t cut it out. Whatever ‘it’ is that he may or may not be doing.

  44. Brady appreciates Mankins for his contributions and also for playing hurt but 6 months from now he’ll appreciate that the new OL coach’s (his call, and ultimately, Bill’s) changes were designed to provide better pass protection: critical as Pats’ additions at receivers indicate they’ll go back to being a pass-first team.

  45. .
    Do you give the guard position to a 26 year old like Josh Kline or Marcus Cannon, knowing that in all probability they can do 90% as well as Makins at 10% of the cost, or loose the young players as UFA?

    Fact : the Patriots have no shortage of interior O-lineman. They still may have to cut a quality player even with Mankin’s departure.

  46. Haters keep on Hating…Even IF Brady is upset he is too savvy to share with “someone” in the media. BB will always trade a player who’s contract exceeds his value to the team !! Milloy,Samuel,Seymour,Moss,Law, Welker all great players at one point… BB traded or let them walk…NONE of them exceeded their production with their new teams meanwhile the Patriots consistently keeping winning and are in the Super Bowl Conversation annually…..Hate the Pats, Hate the Krafts, Hate BB….They just keep on winning !

  47. Careful there buddy, you are 37 and “dumping a player a year too early” to avoid “being a year too late” would mean you will be up sooner than later. Especially if you voice your opinions.

    Its the patriot way

  48. LOL so using a patriots haters logic they should then be a 6-10 team annually not averaging 12.5 wins in a 15 year span and having the best record outside their division in the same span…keep knit picking hehehe

  49. Many Patriot fans think Tom Brady walks on water. I’m not among them, football is a team sport. Brady is a player, not the coach, not the owner. Remember the comment Mr. Kraft made when Tom was reportedly upset about Welkers departure? “I don’t answer to Tom Brady”. There a reason why Toms’ contract extension has the ability for the Pats to walk away from him before the 2015 NFL season starts, it gives the Pats leverage with Tom. For those of you who don’t think that if Jimmy G. progresses to a point where Bill’s confident in his ability to lead this team going forward after 2014 that he wouldn’t make the switch, you are wrong. History repeats itself and B.B. is not afraid to make an unpopular decision he feels is in the “best interest of the team”.

  50. I am trying to remember when the patriots last won a legit Superbowl but my memory only goes back to Super Bowl I

  51. Mankins pass blocking has deteriorated to the point where he gave up the second most sacks at his position last year. At the same time, he is still rated the 4th best run blocker at his position. Run blocking does not keep Brady upright. The run game will downgrade without Mankins, but I guarantee that the left guard position will give up less sacks than Mankins did. He also didn’t help himself by the way he dumped on Kraft in his last negotiations. A bloated contract (the Pats fault), deteriorating skills and disrespect for the owner are a fast ticket out of town. He was going to be cut anyway, so the Pats did allright getting a 4th and a potential target for Brady.

  52. As a Bucs fan, I am far more concerned with Mankins ability in the run game. The Bucs need Doug Martin to have some success in order to create some 3rd and short yardage scenarios.

    If I were a Pats fan, I would be concerned about what Mankins departure would mean to the run game. From what I saw of the Pats last year (which was only about 4 or 5 games), the run game was a HUGE part of there success offensively. No Mankins….No Blount….will they still be able to effectively run the ball?

  53. So much misinformation, Welker chose the Broncos because he thought Belichick picked on him too much. The Pats offered him more money to stay! I love how that constantly gets forgotten by people with an ax to grind against the Pats.

    And talking about loyalty is such a joke. I guess everyone also forgets that it was Belichick who despite heavy criticism from fans and press kept Brady as the 4th qb his rookie season something very few NFL teams do because he believed in Tom’s ability. Also, let’s not forget Belichick stuck by Brady yet again early in his career when he and the team suffered through a very mediocre season.

    It’s fine to hate the Pats but at least try to have a clue what it is you’re talking about

  54. Like him or not Tom Brady is one of the great QB’s of all time. The Pats have put together a fantastic run as a competitive team.

  55. Without Brady there would be no Patriots. He should just walk away from an organization who has demonstrsted they are cheap when it comes to paying it’s marquis players and greedy to the point of endagering their QB. You don’t need the money Tom, enjoy your beautiful family, new home and give the Pats the bird!

  56. The day Tom Brady stops taking snaps for the Patriots is the day the Patriots rejoin the league’s crap pile.

    Any Patriots fan deluding themselves into thinking Brady is replaceable is no different than the Dolphins fans who assumed there was going to be success after Dan Marino.

  57. I will take the out of his mind mad scientist any day because I love for a team to be competitive EVERY year, not just once in a while…

  58. And if anyone really has a problem with the way Belichick runs his team they should talk to Jimmy Johnson. It was pointed out on Boston radio recently that it was Johnson who told Bill that his one regret from his Cowboy days was that he got too attached to his players and didn’t replace them when it was time. BB has huge respect for Johnson and those words clearly had a big impact on him.

    Also, @patbrat Mankins went to Fresno State not San Jose State

  59. Most of the Patriot haters that talk about “SPYGATE” on a regular basis have NO IDEA what it was about, or the time table in question. It’s funny to me that they think it was cheating, or in anyway,
    negates the Pats 3 rings… Here is a history lesson for you so the next time you want to talk about “SPYGATE”, you actually know what happened!

    “SPYGATE” is in the reference to the illegal taping of defensive signals from the sidelines, for viewing AFTER THE GAME, which was deemed against the rules back in 2006.

    This new rule was established in a memo from Roger Goodell’s office and sent to ALL teams in the NFL. Not just the Pats… Let me repeat… This memo was sent to ALL TEAMS IN THE NFL…

    The reason being is because “SPYGATE” had likely been done by several teams in the NFL for DECADES, and NO WHERE IN THE RULE BOOK did it say it couldn’t be done.

    The rules clearly stated that you couldn’t tape from the sidelines t use that information for assistance DURING the game. It said NOTHING ABOUT TAPING FROM THE SIDELINES TO REVIEW THAT INFORMATION AFTER THE GAME. Which is EXACTLY what we are talking about!

    With that being said, the actual “SPYGATE” controversy is about the Patriots continuing to tape these signals from the date the memo was sent out in 2006, to their 2007 season opener against the Jets on 9/9/2007.

    Anytime, before this memo in 2006, including their 3 Super Bowl titles, IS NOT WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    What is in question is the 2007 preseason and the 2007 season opener against the Jets. THAT IS ALL,, So if you want to call the Pats cheaters during that short time frame, by all means. They were CHEATERS. Too bad for your hater narrative, all of the Pats 3 rings were won before 2006. So what they were doing at that time WAS NOT CHEATING!

    Could someone intelligent please explain to me how a rule that came out in 06, and a reminder memo that came out in preseason 07, and the pats were caught in game one of 07, had a dam thing to do with any of there three sb championships that they won years prior. Just sayin’

    Fox NFL Sunday, September 16, 2007.

    Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson said, “This is exactly how I was told to do it 18 years ago by a Kansas City Chiefs scout. I tried it, but I didn’t think it helped us.” Johnson also said, “Bill Belichick was wrong because he videotaped signals after a memo was sent out to all of the teams saying not to do it. But what irritates me is hearing some reactions from players and coaches. These players don’t know what their coaches are doing. And some of the coaches have selective amnesia because I know for a fact there were various teams doing this. That’s why the memo was sent to everybody.”

    Oh also, as for the AFC East being a cake walk, do some real research before ya’ll spout off looking and sounding totally clueless, and a mere make believe football fan

    Winning percentage per division since 2002:

    AFC East: .525
    NFC East: .518
    NFC South: .515
    AFC South: .512
    AFC North: .509
    AFC West: .488
    NFC North: .480
    NFC West: .453

    So deal with it, most successful NFL franchise in over a decade. The funny thing with these blogs are the ones that complain the most have never even been in sniffing distance of a championship.
    PS. I am not a Pats fan, just a fan of football period….

  60. Mankins has had a great career but his play has been slipping. He personally gave up some key sacks in the Super Bowl in 2012 and 2013 was his worst year by a large margin.

    You can’t pay someone as the top player at their position when they are barely top ten at their position.

    He’s a very good lineman that should help out Tampa Bay but let’s not push the panic button here. We got a raw talent who fills an immediate void. Is he Jimmy Graham? Probably not, but Brady has given guys career years before, I bet this kid tops his rookie year production assuming he can learn his assignments.

    This is about winning now, not building a team for 2019.

  61. Brady will get over it when the new TE starts catching all of his passes. He might be upset cause of the personal relationship, but he knows the team comes first.

  62. Belichick is the greatest coach that ever lived AND he is probably really high on the greatest GM list ever as well.

    haters prove the obvious… Great move Bill

  63. Brady has to posture as upset – he needs his players to go to the mat for him so he needs to be perceived as going to the mat for them

    But Mankins was getting paid like a top pass blocker when in fact he was less than mediocre – and better on run blocking

  64. Instead of taking that cool $30 million. Maybe he should have had something in his contract over his offensive player personel. Not sure if the league would approve. But it would have been something to prevent this from happening.

    Why stop there? Just buy the team like Mario Lemieux!

  65. Any Patriots fan deluding themselves into thinking Brady is replaceable is no different than the Dolphins fans who assumed there was going to be success after Dan Marino.

    Ya’ll call Marino success, No SB’s, lots of stats though . .

  66. clssylssy says:
    Aug 28, 2014 5:02 PM
    Without Brady there would be no Patriots. He should just walk away from an organization who has demonstrsted they are cheap when it comes to paying it’s marquis players and greedy to the point of endagering their QB. You don’t need the money Tom, enjoy your beautiful family, new home and give the Pats the bird!

    Hmmm, thinking they are pretty smart, don’t overpay, and keep the W’s coming. I’ll take the consistency of W’s and competitive EVERY year over mediocre like all the other teams any day . .
    10-6 without Brady, not too shaby, most ya’ll would be thrilled to get to 8-8. Ya’ll make me laugh

  67. Rams had an unstoppable O and lost in the SB once (should have been twice if not being bailed out by their D)

    Atlanta and the Giants had their best O ever in 98 & 2000 seasons, lost in the SB

    Oakland had their best O in decades in 2001-2002, lost in SB and playoffs

    Patriots had an unstoppable O in 2007 and 2011, lost in the SB

    Colts had an unstoppable for years, constantly lost in the playoffs

    Denver had an unstoppable O the last two years, lost in SB and playoffs

    anyone notice a pattern? 30 teams would trade logan mankins if it means resigning Revis to deal. If it happens, the patriots have a top 5 NFL D for several years (look what he did for an average Jets D with no pass rush).

  68. To those of you who feel that the way the Patriots method of handling key player departures “works” because they have had so many “winning” seasons, let me remind you: the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 2004-2005 season. What their method has ensured is perennial also-ran status. I am one fan who wants championship trophies, not “I Participated” ribbons as a measure of success. Their approach is a product of society’s “Everybody Wins, So Nobody’s Feelings Get Hurt” lie. Life produces winners and losers. Since February 2005 … the Patriots have lost the big game despite a spat of winning seasons.

  69. TB12 has been around long enough to know how things work. You won’t see any quote from him other than praise for the type of player/teammate Mankins was. When a player’s cap # gets too high, the team wants to rework the deal. If the player refuses, he’s gone. Brady’s reworked his deal. Wilfork did his last season. Mankins wouldn’t and he’s gone. He saw it coming and wasn’t surprised when it happened. The Pats did make 3 OL picks in the draft this year.

  70. I’m amazed how many people just don’t get it, there’s only one pie to divy up. The Pats would’ve been glad to pay Mankins whatever he wanted, but that would’ve meant no money to pay a linebacker or safety, etc. They’ve done pretty well managing the cap (with Brady’s help) over the yeaars, and Mankins just didn’t want to be part of it anymore…………very similar to Boone in SF.

  71. Taping to review a game was legal BUT you didn’t divulge that they were Taping Opponents Play Sheets and sideline signals BEFORE they played them to get their plays and signals… In my mind that IS Cheating.
    But face it, Pats time is over for now, they are only being called Elite because of what they DID.

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