Bruce Arians delegates play calling in preseason finale


Be wary of playing poker with the man in the Kangol.

Arizona head coach Bruce Arians gave play calling duties to offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin in preseason finale against San Diego, Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website reported Thursday night.

As Urban noted, part of the reasoning for Arians’ decision could be that the Cardinals and Chargers play again in less than two weeks in the regular season opener. And, of course, Thursday’s game is meaningless in the standings. So it’s a dry run for Goodwin, should he ever need to call plays, and it could also be a nice bit of strategy from Arians.

So good hand, Coach Arians. If we see you at the two-five no-limit table at the Wynn, we’ll just head to the coffee shop instead, thank you very much.

7 responses to “Bruce Arians delegates play calling in preseason finale

  1. shades of Cam Cameron handing over the head coaching duties for the Dolphins 4th preseason game years ago …

    said he could better evaluate the talent if he didn’t have the head coaching game responsibilities …

    what he failed to realize was that he needed the work as much or more so than the players ….

  2. Now this right here, is a truly progressive coaching philosophy. As most teams do not game plan for preseason games, it makes sense to give play calling authority to assistant coaches. This philosophy will make the Cardinals a far more desirable location for aspiring head coaches.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the error. My mistake. It’s fixed. Thanks for mentioning it. — MW

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