Colts lose another offensive lineman to injury

The Colts have seen injuries cost them guard Donald Thomas for the season and center Khaled Holmes for all but one drive of preseason action and they didn’t get through their final exhibition of the summer without seeing another offensive lineman go down.

Veteran Joe Reitz, who was playing left tackle for the Colts on Thursday but has played all over the line during his career, left the game with an ankle injury. His return is being called questionable.

If Reitz were to miss any significant time — the Colts announced it is a high ankle sprain — the Colts will have an almost barren cupboard behind their starting offensive line. Things are so thin that they replaced Reitz at left tackle on Thursday with Tyler Hoover, who is on the roster as a defensive end. Chandler Harnish is playing quarterback for the Colts against the Bengals and he might want to speed up his delivery under the circumstances.

Whether or not Reitz misses a lot of time, the Colts should be be looking for offensive line depth on the waiver wire this weekend because they don’t want anyone giving Andrew Luck the same advice this season.

7 responses to “Colts lose another offensive lineman to injury

  1. Watching that game and the colts line has been awful. Can’t imagine it getting worse.

    Moch is the sack master of the preseason so I am sure he will be in for another epic stat line on the way to being cut.

  2. I want to start by saying I like Andrew Luck a lot , but Russell Wilson played last season with 3-4 starting linemen missing for over half the year . Until the Seahawks clenched a playoff birth (earliest in football) they had the 3rd highest scoring offense . Did that against 3 top 10 defenses in his own division and only after clinching the playoff birth did they scale back the passing to nothing and they finished T-7th in the league in scoring . As of week 14 they were 2nd only to Denver .

    I say this bc I fully expect Luck to still produce this season . And I’m pointing it out bc NO ONE ever mentioned Wilson playing behind one of the worst Olines in football last year ( mostly bc two of those 3-4 were pro bowlers and all pros ) and he never got or gets credit for working with what he’s got . He also did this missing his top 2 wrs in #1 Harvin, and #2 Rice.

    I can gurantee this OLine thing will be blown up to high hell about how great Luck is and how he overcomes obstacles no one else could . Truth is Russell Wilson is all of what Luck is but with a SB and less size that’s it! Both a bound to do great things and I see tr colts winning a SB or two with Luck , but for the live of god Give Russell Wilson some credit .

    He’s set like 5 new qb records , for wins , playoff wins , passer rating , tds . Rushing yards . He’s easily deserving to be in the conversation for Nfls best young qb. With luck and maybe Foles( Foles is all system) .

    Hope this guy is okay seems more like a utility linemen than starter . See you in the SB colts fans !

  3. Sign Incognito. And yes we’re slated to win the AFC South. Locker, Henne, and Fitzpatrick haven’t been impressive at all. Luck is infinitely better. Colts own the AFC South. Go Horse!

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