David Garrard wants to play this year, expects a call soon


Veteran quarterback David Garrard hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2010, but he thinks he can contribute to some team.

The 36-year-old Garrard says that his agent reached out to the Rams after Sam Bradford’s injury, and Garrard thinks he’d be a good fit in St. Louis or some other team that wants an experienced quarterback.

“I actually haven’t gotten any calls yet but my agent has reached out to the Rams and to a number of teams,” Garrard said on NFL AM. They’ve all said they have me on their ‘hot list’ so I think probably something will happen after these last cuts once teams realize who is available, who is not available and then maybe somebody like myself can join a team.”

Garrard spent some time with the Jets last year, but a bad knee gave him trouble and at one point he said he’d have to retire. However, Garrard says he’s now in good shape and good to go.

“I took time off after I retired, I wasn’t doing any training and once I started training again when the season got started I realized that my knee was doing great,” Garrard said.

Realistically, if any team wanted Garrard, that team probably would have wanted him to be on the roster through training camp. So it seems like a long shot that he’d actually get a call. But if there’s a team out there that finds itself with a need at quarterback this season, Garrard is just a phone call away.