Gordon asks Browns for permission to go to CFL

Receiver Josh Gordon is suspended from the NFL.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be playing football this year.

Per a league source, Gordon has asked the Browns for permission to play in the CFL for the balance of the Canadian league’s season.  Permission is required because Gordon remains under contract with the Browns.

Here’s the relevant language, from paragraph 3 of the NFL Player Contract:  “Without prior written consent of the Club, Player will not play football or engage in activities related to football otherwise than for Club or engage in any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury.”

In 2007, the Titans actually sued cornerback Pacman Jones, who wanted to do a little pro wrestling during his one-year suspension.  Jones ultimately agreed to not actually do anything that could risk injury.

But the Browns may not have the last word, if they agree to let Gordon go to the CFL.  After the Dolphins allowed then-suspended running back Ricky Williams to play for the Toronto Argonauts, the CFL reportedly adopted a policy preventing suspended NFL players from playing in the CFL.

Then again, receiver LaVon Brazill remains suspended by the NFL, and he recently joined the Toronto Arognauts’ practice squad.  Being cut by the Colts means that he needs no permission to play in Canada.  But Brazill’s NFL suspension remains in full force and effect.

So whatever the CFL’s current policy is or isn’t, it’s apparently sufficiently malleable to allow the league to do whatever it wants to do.  Why wouldn’t it want Gordon?

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  1. CFL rules do not permit players under contract in the NFL from jumping (and vice-versa except for a small free-agency window).
    The Browns now indicate they won’t give permission.
    And I don’t see that any team holds his negotiation rights.

  2. How can they prevent him from earning a living? You suspended him for a year, he should have every right to take his talents to Canada.

    A team can cut a player that is under contract but if a player out preforms his contract and wants a new deal, he’s should honor the contract he signed. All the rules favor the rich owners and hurt the talent who have a very short time in the NFL.

  3. Let him go play and make some money and have some structure and routine in his life. If they deny him that, then don’t be surprised of a year from now, he’s just another lost young man hanging out on the streets.

  4. So we suspend this guy and basically tell him to go sit around and do nothing for a year. What could possibly go wrong with a guy who has failed multiple drug tests and has no one around to keep him in line? The NFL has a serious problem with taking care of it’s players.

  5. Something tells me that if he is cleared to play in Canada the CFL would find a way to allow him in. Someone *that* talented seems to have the rules bent into pretzels for them, which is part of the reason why they end up in so much trouble to begin with.

  6. Josh Cribbs is by definition “criminally inadmissible” to Canada. I seriously doubt he would be granted a visa and a work permit to play in the CFL.

  7. Does Canada even want someone so stupid he would risk getting suspended by happily flaunting NFL rules and regulations when he knew what would happen if caught. he nows knows those rules are taken seriously by the NFL,he wasnt worried about a paycheck before being caught so nobody should feel sorry for him now.

  8. Josh Gordon is, by definition “criminally inadmissible” to Canada. I seriously doubt he would be granted a visa and a work permit to play in the CFL.

  9. So he wants to continue his career and make $ for himself and another owner/league….because he was banished for violating league and penal laws..
    But he also wants the Browns to cover his contract in case he gets injured..hence the reason for asking for permission…
    Exactly what again was beneficial for the Browns and the NFL?
    Reputable sports leagues, including horse racing which really has no one governing body, all honor other leagues suspensions and revocations.

  10. The regular season just can’t start soon enough for Goodell and his chronies… He just can’t seem to stay out of his own way these days. A lot of folks are beginning to believe that he is ruining the NFL.

  11. Think the Ricky Williams / Josh Gordon comparison is not comparing apples to apples… Ricky owed the Dolphins money and was passed his prime. The Dolphins wanted their money back and allowing him to play in Toronto aided that cause. Gordon hasn’t reached his prime yet and the potential is sky high, literally. The contract terms are mitigated by his athletic superiority.

  12. Lets be honest most players that try to jump to the CFL do it because they’re not good enough for the NFL. 150% sure there would be a huge bidding war for a guy coming off a pro bowl season. Not to mention the merchandise revenue for the team that would eventually get him.

    Fact is the Browns wouldn’t be very smart to let that happen. The CFL doesn’t have a anti marijuana policy so if he is as bad as the media wants you to believe me might be inclined to not want to come back to the NFL.

  13. What other surprises are coming from the Factory of Sadness?

    Not all bad news..I heard there a few overrated QBs that will dropping in next years draft, so Cleveland can again get a “BARGAIN”.

  14. I thought there was a Ricky Williams Rule preventing this…

    But at least first is making the effort to keep his sh&t together unlike that idiot on the Jaguars. God I would feel bad for Browns fans had they drafted Blackmon over Richardson.

  15. If I were Josh Gordon I would forget my contract with the Browns, go make millions in the CFL and become a legend up north, don’t let the NFL control your life man, when somebody gives you lemons, make lemonade! The NFL needs to understand they aren’t the only show in town, period!

  16. All you people ripping on Josh Gordon should give your head a shake. He likes to smoke a little weed. So what! It’s not like he beats his wife or anything… #freejoshgordon

  17. Takes big ones to even ask this. If had done what he was supposed to do, he’d be suiting up for the Browns this year. He didn’t and know he has the balls to ask if he can play elsewhere. Get real man.

  18. Good Luck to Josh Gordon!!!!
    I’d watch Gordon play in the CFL. Plus, Marijuana is seen as medicinal and helpful, in Canada, as opposed the US’s horrible cannibis madness garbage.

  19. The browns will argue he is under contract, yet he is suspended so he is not getting paid. If I remember right don’t they suspend his contract too?? In other words he signed a 4 year contract and has 3 years to go, so when he comes back doesn’t he still have 3 years on his contract? If its a suspended contract shouldn’t everything within that contract be suspended? He was basically told by the NFL to stay away from the team, your not a NFL player for a year.. He should have the right to be a CFL player during that time.

  20. Why in God’s name would the Browns allow Gordon to go to the CFL for a year and risk potential injury, possibly effecting his future with their organization? That would be the most idiotic thing the Browns could do. And that speaks volumes.

  21. Preventing him from earning a living only makes his MERITORIOUS suit stronger. Hopefully Goodell says no and Gordon can sue him personally!

  22. I might actually glance at a CFL game if he plays up here. He can also get a Doctor’s note to smoke weed and even dabble in growing his own.
    I’m still perplexed at the absurdity of it all. Bunch of puritans. I prefer watching NFL over the CFL mainly because of the pageantry and hype, but barring a guy over weed is surreal. The ones that assault their wives, commit murder or manslaughter while drunk are the ones who need to find a new profession.

  23. The Browns should let him. Otherwise, they’re not going to get a pro-bowl receiver next year at his contract. Gordon wins either way – if the Browns cut him, he can get a bigger contract with another NFL team next year.

  24. Jimmy Haslam should say hell no. He made his bed so sleep in it, so what if he doesn’t get paid. Only has to look in a mirror if he wants to place blame somewhere.

  25. Does anyone know if the CFL’s on field rules are anything like the NFLs? If not, I’m seriously gonna start watching and abandon the NFL.

  26. Now that this whole Josh Gordon thing is over and pretty much the Browns season along with it, can we get back to something a little more interesting?

    Like when will Haslam be going to prison?

  27. The CFL should allow marijuana use as a means of pain management as an alternative to opiod pain killers. In fact if they were smart they’d find away to capitalize off the booming industry. Maybe they will encourage more pot suspended players to join them instead of the No Fun League.

    They should also encourage dunking the football and offer a two-point conversion if a player can bring down the goal post

  28. This guy will never make it, whoever is helping him make decisions is not looking out for his long term.

    I love seeing the clowns fail time and time again. But really they will never win while counting on guys like Josh Gordon. Yes he is talented and yes he can put up numbers but there is always that concern that he will get Into trouble when he walks out the door.

    I just do not see why you would want that stress when you can find very talented guys that you can actually count on.

    Of course they could have had Julio Jones…..

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