Jerry Jones admits to talking to Adrian Peterson, doesn’t address the key issue


In a pre-game radio interview that aired on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Cowboys owner/General Manager/unofficial team doctor Jerry Jones addressed the now-notorious June conversation with Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, which reportedly included Peterson expressing a desire to play for the Cowboys.

Jones admitted talking to Peterson, explaining that an associate of Peterson’s gave Jones the phone, possibly passing it through the ESPN writer who was working on a profile of Jerry Jones.

“We basically talked,” Jones said.  “Adrian’s from Texas and certainly it was easy to talk to such a great player.”

Jones at no point denied that Adrian said he wants to play for the Cowboys after his time with the Vikings ends, and Jones said nothing about the words attributed to him in the ESPN profile regarding the topic of Peterson potentially becoming a Cowboy.

If Peterson indeed said that he wants to play for the Cowboys, Jones should have (under the tampering policy) immediately ended the call and alerted the Vikings.  Those facts alone could be enough to trigger a violation of the league’s tampering policy.

Moving forward, look for the league to quietly investigate this one, posing far more pointed questions to Peterson, Jones, and anyone else who knows anything about a highly unusual communication between a player who is the face of one franchise, and an owner who is the face of another.

51 responses to “Jerry Jones admits to talking to Adrian Peterson, doesn’t address the key issue

  1. Get them for tampering!!!!

    NFL, let them know for once that they are no longer America’s Team.

    Since Houston and Arizona have had teams for at least a decade let the Cowboys know that they’re not even Southwest America’s Team!!!

  2. Jerry’s face is stretched to the point now where it affects his thinking.

  3. It’s been 25 years since Jerrah bought the Cowboys. With all of the work that he’s had done, wouldn’t you say that he’s been five or six faces of the team?

  4. even if cowboys got peterson he’s not going to solve anything, murray gets the job done he’s awesome. the defence will be the LAST ranked defence this year almost guaranteed. again romo will have to bow them out of many games but of course won’t get any credit…assuming his back is ok.

  5. Let’s see if tampering with another team’s player merits the same level of ire from the league as football players being aggressive at football practice does.

  6. Big deal, the question of whether Peterson has a better chance to win a Superbowl in Dallas or Minnesota is a no brainer. Minnesota has never won and the next couple of years don’t look any more promising. But Dallas is equally weak, the difference is Peterson would have more baby moma’s available to him in Texas.

  7. I don’t get the leagues position on this. Unless someone tanked a season to lower their trade value to help another team trade for them, whats the harm if a player says, I would love to play in _________ where I grew up? No offers made, no promises, just talk. Not sure how bad this is.

  8. A reporter called them American’s Team , no real American in their right mind would agree!!! Dallas fans my condolences !!

  9. Can’t say as though I’m a Jerry Jones fan, but in his defense, Peterson is the one that made the call and initiated the “I wanna be a Cowboy” conversation. Maybe Peterson should be the one investigated for tampering.

  10. The player called him How can that be tampering? Maybe he wants Dallas to trade for him to pick up that contract The Vikings are never going to pay off on.

  11. Shrug. Peterson’s still under contract and I’ll bet the Vikes would ask him to take a pay cut or outright release him soon anyways. Peterson has made his desire to play for Dallas known for years, yet he keeps grinding for Minnesota. It’s not like he’s the missing piece for either franchise so there’s nothing gained or lost in it.

  12. Ok but does the unamed ESPN reporter get investigated too? Arent there ethics issues there, too, if what is alleged to have been done actually happened?

  13. If AP does leave when it’s time I’m sure Vikes fan wouldn’t feel hurt any more, why? Because that’s when he’s old and retired. Regardless we will win the big one with him or without him period.

  14. You can’t blame AP for wanting to win and get out of the perrenial bottom dwellers. The vikings are lost at sea and players are jumping ship. But why the cowboys? Real vikings become Seahawks and get rings.

  15. Is there a player that has spent more than a season on that dysfunctional team in minnesota that would like to stay? It’s like they would rather just jump off a cliff.

  16. I doubt if the league will fine Jones for this. After all, the Vikings were talking to Brett Favre during his demotion at QB for the Packers and they didn’t get fined.

  17. The NFL is the most double-standard league in history. There is this group of “elite owners” that I’m thinking Goodell thinks are “better” than others. It seems like some of these guys can do whatever they want, as long as they wink at Roger first. Yet others, not so “equal.” Who is “better” than everyone else in God-ell’s eyes? Jones, Kraft, Irsay, Blank….

  18. Can’t blame Adrian for “testing the waters” back in June. Since then, he has had the opportunity to meet the new coaches, and see the new players, and now he is “all in” to the Viking situation. Peterson is not going anywhere.

  19. I just hope Goodell investigates the Cowboys like he did the Vikings in 2008— When the Packers alleged them to tamper with Brett Favre.

    But I’m sure he’ll come to the same ruling— There were conversations, but no solicitation of services or jobs were validated…..

    Even though it’s now in “black and white” that such conversation involved a player making such solicitation and an owner not following league protocol.

  20. As a Viking fan, I really don’t mind AP spoke with Jones. This will probably be his last season in purple anyway as he’s earning way too much and the RB position isn’t what it used to be. In fact, this could be a good thing for the Vikings. The only one stupid enough to trade for AP and pay him his continued salary is Jerry Jones! The Vikes could probably get multiple picks … maybe it’s the Herschel Walker trade in reverse! Go ahead, Jerry and AP … chat away!

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