Jets rookie had to be restrained by cops during seizure


The “medical event” a Jets rookie suffered which led to his car rolling off the road was actually a seizure, and police had to physically restrain him for his own safety.

According to A.J. Perez of, documents detail that three officers reported to the scene of Jalen Saunders’ car accident, and one was taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated for an injury sustained while assisting.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said that Saunders had a seizure, but was cleared to practice. He’s expected to play tonight.

“They just cleared him, so we feel good about that now,” Ryan said. “He’ll be ready to roll. Expect to see a great deal of him in this game against Philly on Thursday night as a receiver, as well as a punt returner.”

The good news is he’s been checked out and deemed well, so the issue of whether he can contribute to their special teams can again become an important one.

20 responses to “Jets rookie had to be restrained by cops during seizure

  1. That’s weird, I’ve been told in training that if someone is having a seizure there is nothing you can do for them. So the best option is to put something soft under their head and roll them on to their side.

  2. could this happen to any other team but the Jets?
    cue the circus music, the Jets are a joke, blah blah blah. just shut up.

  3. Not a doctor, and do not play one on TV, but just wondering how a person who has a seizure during a non-event, like driving, can be passed to play in a violent game. Again, I am sure there are valid medical reasons which are above my pay grade, it was just a thought from the fan.

  4. Seizures don’t happen for no reason. He shouldn’t play tonight, that’s ridiculous.
    Someone here needs to deal with it a little better, he obviously has a problem.

  5. More epilepsy ignorance. If they injured him by restraining, a lawsuit is waiting to happen. Get your cops trained. It’s a half-hour presentation. I’m a former Outreach Coordinator for the Epilepsy Foundation.

  6. “Hang on. A person who has seizures should not be driving a car. THAT is everyone’s business.”

    …No. If they take his license away, whatever. That doesn’t mean you should be hearing about it on quasi-journalistic websites.

  7. This should be nobody’s business but the police, medical people, and Mr. Saunders and his family. Just cuz he’s in the public eye doesn’t give the media or public the right to make this information available for peoples entertainment.

  8. Since Rex is ‘management’ is he even authorized to talk about (what really was) a medical event of an employee that he supervises?

  9. I had many seizures (epilepsy) when i was a teenager. I take it extremely personally when uninformed ignorant comments are made about the condition or any other medical condition. Thankfully, i havent had an episode in almost 22 years, God speed and health to this kid.

  10. I’m an epileptic, and I’ve had three grand mal seizures, none of which I was driving during, and all of which I was basically incapacitated for two days after and then mentally out of sorts for two weeks after. There is absolutely zero way he is physically able to play in a violent football game the day after.

  11. I know seizures are very dangerous and, like this one cause someone to lose control of their car. In today’s “Police State”, Saunders‘ is lucky the police didn’t shoot him for resisting.

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