LaVon Brazill lands in Canada after NFL suspension


Wide receiver Josh Gordon was finally suspended by the NFL for the entire 2014 season on Wednesday, leaving him with a long stretch away from the football field in the coming months.

LaVon Brazill is in the same suspension pot as Gordon, but he’s going to be back on a field a lot sooner. Brazill was dropped by the Colts following his suspension, which left him free to head to Canada to continue playing the game.

Brazill has signed on to the practice roster of the Toronto Argonauts and could move up to the active roster if the team likes what they see from him in practice in the coming days and weeks. Should that happen, Brazill will get a chance to put some things on tape for NFL teams that might be interested in bringing him aboard for the 2015 season or start carving out a longer career in Canada.

The same option isn’t open to Gordon, who remains under contract to the Browns. That limits your ability to engage in physical activities, as Adam Jones found out when the Titans balked at his attempt to become a pro wrestler during his own long suspension from the league.

Brazill had 23 catches for 347 yards and three touchdowns in 25 games for the Colts over the last two seasons.

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  1. Do the Browns have the option to loan Gordon to a Canadian team while he’s suspended? Might be the best solution for all involved, a completely unstructured year away from football isn’t really going to do Gordon a lot of good from a staying-out-of-trouble perspective.

  2. Josh should quit the league as payback. We can watch him lead the league in yards for the CFL. They would surely pay him well.

  3. I said all along the blow back on Rice was bad news for Gordon and Aldon.

    Goodell is making a misguided attempt to ‘make up’ for that fiasco.

    Aldon will get 8 games. The only question will be whether any of last season ‘misses’ will be applied.

  4. Does anyone really believe that Cleveland wasn’t prepared to have a way to keep Gordon healthy, fit and out of trouble during his suspension especially since their owner is on record as saying if Gordon was suspended there was a plan for him (and before anyone says “they haven’t kept him out of trouble” remember he’s not had any drug or alcohol related issues in the NFL until now so there was no need to micro manage him before). The rules state he can’t deal with anyone “within the organization”. It doesn’t say the organization can’t “forcefully suggest” weekly workouts and practices with ex Browns employee’s who might coincidentally have knowledge of the Browns playbook.

    Does no one remember the same Cleveland Browns organization doing this during the lockout when players weren’t allowed at facilities? If Jimmy Haslam has proven anything in his couple years owning the team it’s that he’s a players owner. Gordon will be well taken care of.

  5. The only 2 groups you can blame Gordon and everyone else who gets suspended for smoking pot is 1. The Player and 2. The NFL Players Association for bargaining for the suspensions.

  6. Brazill’s chances of playing depend on the continued injury problems of Chad Owens, who will miss the Labor Day Classic after suffering another injury against the Esks. The team also sorely misses Andre Durie, who is not close to coming back. Ricky Ray needs SOMEONE along side Spencer Watt if they are going to hold onto their lead in the CFL Least.

  7. I don’t think the Argos will like what they see when this dolt drops every other pass like he did on the Colts. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The Colts didn’t need him and the Argos are just desperate…because they’re terrible.

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