League has no comment on report of Peterson-Jones conversation

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In response to the report that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson talked about Peterson playing for the Cowboys when his time with the Vikings ends, PFT contacted both teams and the league office for comment.

The first comment has arrived.  And the first comment is that the NFL has no comment.

Often in cases of potential rules violations, the NFL will say that the matter is being investigated.  While that may be the case as to the Jones-Peterson conversation, the league isn’t saying so.  The league isn’t saying anything.

And before anyone suggests that the league will look the other way because Jones is one of the more influential owners, keep in mind that Jones received a $100,000 fine in September 2009 for talking about the CBA talks.  Also, Jones’ team lost $10 million in cap space for treating the uncapped year of 2010 as uncapped.

41 responses to “League has no comment on report of Peterson-Jones conversation

  1. Last place in Minnesota. Last place in Dallas. If you’re gonna enjoy playing for last place like Adrian does … Dallas is a much better place to live.

  2. Does it matter that Petterson called him? I hope my favorite team has their players call owners and get them suspended/fined/or loss of draft picks. If Jerrah (and I’m no fan) gets in trouble so should Petterson. Not that he will, but why punish someone for picking up the phone.

  3. Reason why Peterson wants to play for JJ is that he knows JJ will rip up his old contact, and make him the highest paid NFL player. J.J may you live to be a 100.

  4. The Vikings won’t be done with Adrian until Adrian can’t play at a high level anymore. I don’t know why Jerry would want him then. He didn’t keep Emmitt Smith around, and Smith had kind of a history with the Cowboys.

  5. Jerrah should be suspended for one year, and forced to play checkers with Josh Gordon, every day.

  6. So the Hawks get fined for being too physical in practice but Jerry Jones blatantly tampers with another team’s player and this escapes punishment?

    NFL is frustrating at best!

  7. The Cowboys issues are all defensive, but yeah lets add a guy who is the highest paid at a position that’s value is declining at a rapid rate.

    This is Jerry for you. Better to be the most relevant team than the best.

  8. Dallas is still one of the top revenue generating teams (despite a bunch of mediocre years) , while the Vikings, well, are just trying to tread water to stay afloat. Who do think the NFL mgmt is going to favor in this situation?

  9. Response from Peterson:

    “This was a casual conversation between NFL colleagues in which I never indicated I wanted to leave the Vikings. I have always said I understand the NFL is a business but that I would love to retire as a Viking.”

  10. Adrian Peterson is now on the downside of his career. He’s still a slightly above average running back, but in one or two more seasons he’ll be a pathetic shell of his old self, desperately trying to squeeze as much life out of his career as he can possibly manage. As a Packer fan, I’m looking forward to seeing that happen (maybe even this year).

  11. It’s all about AP AD playing closer to home in TX relax people he will be in Minnesota for a few more and then he will be past his better years.

  12. These guys all grow up with their favorites.

    Larry Fitzgerald would LOVE to retire with the Vikings, but he is never going to come out & say that.

    Aaron Rodgers would LOVE to go to San Francisco whom he rooted for growing up.

    Adrian Peterson would LOVE to play for Dallas whom he idolized as a kid.

    At the heart of it, these players are fans of the game just like we are. What’s wrong with saying how you really feel?

  13. Not sure why you would be willing to go to another team that has a flakey QB situation. The division is a little easier would be my only logic in switching to Dallas….

  14. If Peterson’s performance falls off towards the end of his current back loaded contract with the Vikings, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to send Peterson to Dallas.

    Unfortunately for Jerry Jones, he won’t have an owner like Mike Lynn to fleece this time.

  15. How about a three-way trade involving Minnesota, Dallas, and Arizona??? Arizona sends Fitzgerald to Minnesota, who then sends Peterson to Dallas, then Dallas sends draft picks to Arizona. Everybody comes out a winner.

  16. Kaz says:
    Aug 28, 2014 2:25 PM

    Does it matter that Petterson called him? I hope my favorite team has their players call owners and get them suspended/fined/or loss of draft picks. If Jerrah (and I’m no fan) gets in trouble so should Petterson. Not that he will, but why punish someone for picking up the phone.
    In a situation like this, League rules indicate a GM is supposed to “immediately” notify the team who holds a player’s contract that such player has spoken with the other team.

    So yeah, you can pick up the phone, but if it’s someone else’s player, you are supposed to tell that player’s team right away. Jerry Jones admits he never did that.

  17. Several esteemed porcine scholars specializing in ancient Latin, quickly debunked Jerry’s claims.

    “Not even close to Pig Latin”, they snorted comtemptuously, eyeing the reporter balefully over the spectacles on the end of their snouts.

  18. Good ol boy Jerry Jones. Not surprising. Rules are for other people, and if he gets caught breaking them, it’s just a slap on the wrist or not much more.

    The NFL should continue their education of Jerry Jones by heavily fining, forfeiture of picks, and losing some more cap space.

    After all Jerry has to work on breaking those defensive futility records.

    This is bigger then any of those other situations. Here you have the marquee player at his position in the entire NFL being courted under the table, using code words. (and again, this is AFTER he’s been sanctioned those other times)

    It’s clear Jerry Jones is from the ‘if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying’ school of thought.

  19. “Why on earth would Adrian Peterson want to go from one mediocre team to another?” Are you completely daft in the head? why did Greg Jennings leave Rodgers and the Packers when they made him a star,and why did James Jones do the same thing to go to a crappy Oakland team? money,money and more money,loyalty to a team is long gone if it ever existed at all which is doubtful.just the threat of AP going to Dallas will bring his future paychecks up considerably from whoever gets him.

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