More scrutiny on RG3’s throwing mechanics


When Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III burst onto the scene with a spectacular rookie year in 2012, he was like nothing the NFL had seen before: A good enough athlete that he could have been an Olympic hurdler, playing the quarterback position.

But when Griffin’s rookie year ended with a major knee injury, and he looked like something less than an Olympian when he tried to run in 2013, many questions were raised about whether Griffin really had the fundamentals to be an NFL quarterback. There were questions about Griffin’s footwork as a passer and questions about his ability to read through his progressions, although many of those questions came from people who lack the credentials to question an NFL quarterback’s passing fundamentals.

Say what you will for Ron Jaworski of ESPN, but he does have the credentials. And Jaworski says that Griffin looks fundamentally flawed as a passer.

“He’s still developing,” Jaworski said on ESPN Radio, via the Washington Post. “We’ll see what Jay Gruden and this new offensive staff can do for him. But clearly he’s got to learn to play from the pocket. His mechanics have regressed, by the way. They have regressed in the fundamental way of throwing the football: his throwing slot, his footwork, his inability to remain consistent in that. When you and I talk all the time, the word that comes up a lot in my mind is consistency. And we see a lot of players in this league, they make great throws. They can make a great play. But you have to do it on a consistent basis. That’s what separates the great players from the guys that have short careers.”

Griffin declined across the board as a passer last year: His passer rating, completion percentage, passing touchdowns and yards per pass were all down, while his interceptions were up. And his performance in the preseason hasn’t done anything to assuage the concerns of those who think the 2013 version of Griffin is the version we’re going to see going forward. If what Griffin really needs is work on his mechanics, then there’s no more important priority for Gruden in his first year in Washington.

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  1. What is the point of this article? He’s being coached a different way this year, I think it’s safe to assume it’ll take time for him to improve. Look at Rivers 2 years ago vs. last year.

  2. I’m not really into the RG3 hype machine but when was the last time Jaworski was right about anything? This is the same guy that said Russell Wilson sucked, and that Kaepernick was going to be the best QB of all time just one year ago. I’d say his skills as an analyst are as overrated as his skills as a quarterback.

  3. i don’t know diddly about throwing a football like a pro. but i have seen a good amount of QB’s throw a football and i’m not sure whose motion looks worse. Phillip Rivers or Robert Griffin.

  4. “Griffin declined across the board as a passer last year: His passer rating, completion percentage, passing yards, passing touchdowns and yards per pass were all down…”

    He threw for more yards last year than 2012 in two fewer games. And if a year at 82.8 passer rating is going to be some sort of bottom line for him, then he should be fine.

  5. The Redskins needed a veteran competing with and teaching RGIII. Couzins is a good QB but is in the same boat as RGIII.

  6. Not a Washington fan but watched the 2nd or 3rd pre-season game this year and RG3 looked awful, his slides and his throws.

    NFL = not for long (Robert)

  7. ron “kaepernick could be the greatest QB ever” jaworski has zero credibility when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks, but in this case he’s right.

  8. Why so much hate for a guy who is coming off a year where he was playing injured?

    RG3 has the talent and he will prove people wrong this season. He’s only been in the league 2 years! Cousins is NOT the answer right now in Washington; he didn’t win a single game in his 3 starts last year. I like Cousins but let’s not get carried away here — he could be another Kevin Kolb or Matt Cassel.

    So just wait and see how RG3 plays this year.

  9. overrated and now it’s coming home to roost! How long will it be when he will be carrying the clip board.

  10. oh no more “doubters”

    cant wait for RG’s response…

    robert needs to stop worrying about what people are saying about him–instead of looking around for people talking about him he needs to put his head down and focus on his craft.

  11. I’m sick of people buying into Jaws’ mechanics bullcrap. The quarter back is not a pitcher where he is going to throw the ball from the same spot to the same area with the same look in front of him. A pitcher has to worry about mechanics. A QB is more like a short stop. A quick release and field awareness are way more important than mechanics. The best shortstops have good first baseman. Maybe his arm strength is worse but it’s not mechanics.

  12. wait wait wait…Jaworski is talking trash on quarterbacks? The guy who was LT’s personal punching bag and never won a thing?

    Next up, Brian Bosworth is going to tell us why Ray Lewis never really mastered the linebacker position, and David Boston is going to critique Megatron.

  13. So the not qualified to judge him people were actually right about him all along. You didn’t listen to us because you were too busy fawning all over him for whatever reason. Most of you entertained the idea of taking him over andrew luck. maybe you should start listening to us not qualified people more

  14. “Say what you will for Ron Jaworski of ESPN, but he does have the credentials.”

    The credentials? For what exactly? Being another chump in a long line of loser-QBs who never won a Superbowl for the Eagles?

  15. Amazing how everyone want to forget the fact that the kid was injured last yr so yes he wasnt that good. He also didn’t play well in 2012 pre-season games but what happened when the season started? RG is a player that shines under the bright lights. No worries here, he will play great and lead the Skins to playoffs!! All these negative comments is just nervous chatter, which is to be expected! #HTTR

  16. mremeet said:

    He threw for more yards last year than 2012 in two fewer games. And if a year at 82.8 passer rating is going to be some sort of bottom line for him, then he should be fine.


    I’m not an RG3 hater or anything – I actually like him quite a bit, but the only reason his passer rating even sniffed the 80s was because of his trash-time yards and scores. He was incapable of playing well in the first half. When they were down by 20+ points, he would start completing passes. This is what is flawed by going off a passer rating.

  17. Mobile QBs eventually have to learn how to be a decent pocket passer. Those who are decent pocket passers with the ability to be mobile can be great QBs. The trick is to get them to not rely on their legs, but more on their ability to read a defense and to step up into the pocket instead of away from it.

  18. Hate on haters, its the PRESEASON !! How many snaps did he participate in ? Is the offense even playing at 100 percent in a PRESEASON game ? Wait until the season actually starts to make stupid hater comments, if he doesn’t have a good year in his first HEALTHY season since his surgery, than ya’ll can hate. HTTR !!

  19. I was so glad when Jaws was removed from Monday Night Football because he talked nonsense on air from start to finish. Sure he played but is he ever terrible as an analyst. The only time I ever see his name on anything is when PFT is posting something absurd he is saying. Although RG3 does have bad mechanics, the only reason it didn’t show in 1st year is read option caught defenses by surprise leaving wrs and TEs wide opened over the middle

  20. Ummm Kapernick is 2-2 taking his team to the NFC Championship (1 Super Bowl) in the 2 years he’s been a starter. Why is everyone using Jaws comment on him like it’s insane?

  21. ” he was like nothing the NFL had seen before: A good enough athlete that he could have been an Olympic hurdler, playing the quarterback position.”
    i don’t understand how this describes a player who is fundamentally different from mike vick or randall cunningham. he might be a slightly better athlete or a slightly better passer than either of those guys were, but aren’t we really talking about gradation and not type?

  22. I’m not a Redskins fan, but I hope RG3 tears it up this year and proves all the doubters wrong. I think that would be a cool thing to see happen.

  23. I guess Jaws is just another “doubter” that Griffin will ignore…and by ignore I mean I expect have 3 tweets about “tuning him out” very shortly

  24. Jaworski picked the Broncos in a runaway over the Seahawks in SB xlviii. That’s all one needs to know about Jaworski predictions.

  25. Jaworski huh? The same genius who said that John Beck was his favorite QB and the best in his draft class the year Beck came out? Dude has no cred….

  26. Do you teally think Jay Gruden will help RG3? While I am thanking he took a young and talented Bengals Offense to a top 10 offense, I and many other fans who watched the Bengals offense struggle the past 3 years. While Dalton played well in stretches, Gruden’s game plans were horrible. He put Dalton in a bad spot, and the QB suffered. His Arena Football mentality may work with RG3, but I am betting against it. The only thing that will help RG3’s progression will be to first have a solid running game.

  27. RGFragileEgo’s head must have just about exploded when he heard these comments.

    I’m sure we’ll hear from him though. He can’t take criticism and he can’t shut up.

  28. I have never seen a more scrutinized player period. Ever. It’s unreal how hard people are on RG3. Sincerely, someone who isn’t even a fan of his. Just unreal.

  29. The Redskins deal to draft RGIII is going to dwarf the stupidity of the Vikings Herschel Walker trade, as one of the worst deals in the history of the National Football League.

  30. Sadly, he’s more worried about “haters” & “doubters” & his “brand” and a personal logo & twitter & blaming others around him than he is about being a good QB.

  31. Expect a call from Warren Moon Mr. Jaworski. You don’t talk about the QB from “The Washington NFL Team Franchise Representing the District of Columbia Playing in Landover Maryland” like that. That will get you fired from ESPiN!

  32. The ideal offense for him would be the 2008-2010 Ravens offense.

    Flacco is a limited thrower with a great arm, but he is a very underrated horizontal game player.

    Jay Gruden may have been the reason why Andy Dalton failed and most West Coast offense coaches are terrible today because they hate change.

    With Griffin and Gruden’s issues lingering there’s no hope for Skins fans.

    Both need their own preferred settings for success, but with that stupid owner and Bruce Allen there’s nothing except disaster in DC’s future.

  33. Painfully over rated player coming out of college……when will people learn???

    Guys that have been running around since grade school do not make it in the NFL…..I said it then and was crucified……. the only good thing my Rams have done in 10 years:


  34. RG3&out is just way to full of himself ~ His head tells him to stand tall in the pocket but his feet tells him to run.

  35. Sick and tired of people using a the NINERs win loss record as evidence to how “good” Kap is. It’s a team sport fellas; Kap didn’t win those games all by himself.

  36. Jaws saif the exact same thing as Jay Gruden has, RG3 needs to work at being a pocket passer. What is the big deal about those comments, it’s true. It’s a hard transition to make,and nobody can make that change in 2 years. And yeah, stats went down, but has everyone forgot that the guy was not only hurt and recovering, but he was also wearing a huge, bulky knee brace? Also, this was arguably the most accurate rookie of all time. Griffin will be fine, and have his best season yet. Am I saying Griffin is great, no, he has alot to work on, but what 3rd year qb doesn’t?

  37. It isn’t just that he needs to learn to play in the pocket, he needs to make better decisions overall. One thing he can take note of is how Russell Wilson deals with having to run if he is forced out of the pocket. Wilson tends to try to make a passing play right before tucking and running, or throwing it away.

    RG3 this preseason (and last season) had options to throw when forced out of the pocket, but tucked the ball and ran just about every time. He needs to understand that he isn’t always going to make a huge play every down, and that some plays may only be 5 yard gains on a short check down or comeback. If all else fails, and he doesn’t have a safe lane to run and get down, throw the ball away. If he chooses to continue playing so recklessly he will either be sat, or get hurt again, and miss some games.

    I really want RG3 to succeed, not just because I’m a Skins fan, and because we gave up so much to get him, but because he has a lot of heart. He is a smart guy, but right now I think he is over thinking plays, and it is causing him to make poor decisions while slowing his reaction time down.

    Hopefully he steps up this year, and silences his doubters, but we can all agree, Skins fans, and non-Skins fans, that he has a lot of work to do before people will respect his passing ability.

  38. After applying the Jaworski-filter, we were able to reduce his statements down to a three word description of RGIII’s throwing…

    “Like a girl”

  39. Everyone needs to relax about RG3. Dude will be fine. 2012 all over again now that he’s 100% healthy.

  40. You didn’t want to run an offense that made you the most impressive rookie in the history of the league. Now you have petter personnel and will never have a year like your rookie year. Hopefully you your dad and your family will enjoy you being average the rest of your career.

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