Peyton Manning has no complaints as he’s fined for taunting


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning got a rare personal foul penalty in last week’s preseason game, and now he has received a rare fine from the NFL. Manning says he’s OK with that.

Manning told Chris Mortensen of ESPN that the NFL docked him $8,268 for unsportsmanlike conduct and he will not appeal.

“I accept it. Money well spent,” Manning said.

Manning got in the face of Texans safety D.J. Swearinger after Swearinger drilled Wes Welker with a shoulder to the head, causing Welker to leave the game with a concussion. Swearinger is expected to be fined by the NFL as well.

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  1. Eight grand well spent, eh?

    Lots of hungry children out there, friend. You drop eight grand for some playground nonsense and laugh it off…

  2. LOL you go Manning! The NFL loves you! Hope you guys enjoy Manning winning Super Bowls with the new rules now LOL!

    Go Broncos!!!

  3. But the Seattle CB that was tossed from the game for throwing a punch doesn’t get fined??? How does this thing work, exactly, Mr. Goodell? I think it’s about time you step down. You clearly aren’t suited for this position. Your decision making is suspect at best.

  4. Megahead doesn’t care because he’ll get the taunting/fine rules changed next season after the League hands him a ring.

  5. Pretty obvious the whole thing was Manning’s guilty feelings affecting him.

    Of course he doesn’t mind the fine– he actually NEEDS the fine– because psychologically that lets him see himself as “Hero Defender Of Teammate” and lets him avoid the truth of his actions.

    In reality, the safety did nothing wrong and Manning bears all the blame for Welks concussion. Manning knows this at some level.

  6. The Broncos kangaroo court fined him $9,000 for almost getting Welker killed with a terrible pass.

  7. Top 5 Broncos QBs of all-time:

    1. John Elway
    2. Craig Morton
    3. Peyton Manning
    4. Brian Griese
    5. Bubby Brister

  8. So a dunk over a goalpost is $30,000. Running down the field to get in someone’s face and taunt them is ~$9,000. That seems fair. Good job NFL.

  9. .
    Call your lackies over at the Competition Committee, tell them you want a point of emphasis on players you don’t like. Tell them you want a one year suspension.

  10. I think that the person responsible for Welker’s concussion should be forced to miss as many games as Welker does.

    That should put Manning out for three weeks or so.

  11. This site needs to have reply under each comment…

    @zeke2517 – Peyton and his charities are responsible for 10’s of millions of dollars donated to chairites…so don’t get all bent that he laughed off $8k.

    @coloradical420 – The seattle CB DID get fined for throwing a punch, but no one cares which is why you probably didn’t hear.

    @wazu – That is exactly the the example his team needs, which is to be a little tougher and stand up for yourself. This isn’t kindergarten. In case you missed the Superbowl, they got destroyed by being too soft. So yes it was a great example to his team.

  12. $8,268???? How was that figure calculated? I guess that is how many yards the NFL is daring Peyton to throw for this year. Peyton’s response, “challenge accepted!”

  13. Peyton needs to get off his high horse.. why has everyone ignored his 3 sexual assault charges while Big Ben is infamous for his? If you want an NFL hero pick someone that can actually throw the ball and not a stat padding fraud.. he doesn’t put up those numbers on the rare occasion he has to play a decent team.. just sayin

  14. Boston Globe did some research and concluded that brady got Welker concussed at least 10 times in ne. However, the nfl treated and reported concussions differently before the lawsuit.

    Unfortunately, this is a preview of how Welker will end his career no matter who is throwing the passes. I admire him, but this should be the wake-up call for those who love him and they should convince him to retire now before there is any permanent damage.

  15. Not to worry, Peyton and “Papa” will just raise pizza prices to cover the cost of the fine…Swearinger should have punched Peyton in the face for getting into his space like that, you can’t let a QB run down the field and get in your mug like that without doing anything, Thats why Peyton is running around to the media laughing in his face, totally disrespected Swearinger…..

  16. eldarknight says:
    Aug 28, 2014 1:35 PM
    Boston Globe did some research and concluded that brady got Welker concussed at least 10 times in ne. However, the nfl treated and reported concussions differently before the lawsuit.

    Unfortunately, this is a preview of how Welker will end his career no matter who is throwing the passes. I admire him, but this should be the wake-up call for those who love him and they should convince him to retire now before there is any permanent damage.


  17. Can anyone imagine how lame that exchange was? I have a ton of respect for Manning as a QB, but c’mon. I am sure it was something like:

    “Hey, hey DJ. What was with that bull crap hit? This is preseason. That hit was bull crap! Someone needs to whoop your butt! Who in the H E double hockey sticks do you think you are? Just utter bull crap man!”

  18. Goodell is a hypocrite to end all hypocrites. If he wanted a safer game, he’d allow DBs to play physical instead of letting WRs gallop unencumbered into harm’s way. You can’t legislate away physics.

  19. Peyton: Hey Roger
    Goodell: Hey Peyton, just calling to let you know I have to fine you to look like I’m being ‘fair’, You know I would never do this to the Golden Boy..
    Peyton: I know.
    Goodell: I’ll make up for it by adjusting penalties during game time.

  20. Taunting or standing up for his teammate? I hate the way the NFL is now.. Let these guys bark at each other, as long as there is no physical contact between plays let them do it

  21. Peyton should’ve taken his helmet off and beat Swearinger with it. Would be the last time he plays dirty

  22. Is also like to add I like the broncos as a team and have a lot of respect for manning ! He’s a class act he was merely standing up for his teammate which I commend ! Just sad sour fans like you make it hard to too tie the guy!

  23. I don’t like the Broncos as a team but Peyton is a class act and has brought some integrity to everyone around him. All the haters should have a guy who stands up for his teammates and is so respected by his fellow players and coaches throughout the NFL. It was only a preseason game, and hardly worth getting so worked up over!

  24. I don’t care for Swearinger at all after what he did to Keller last year. He’s Bernard Pollard-like. But I did not see anything dirty here, AND, I am curious to know why Welker can go low on Talib and injure him and be defended, yet when he goes low himself to avoid injury, but gets injured anyway, largely because his brain is already injured and too susceptible to further injury to be out on a professional football field, he is again defended, and others are demonized. I don’t see why he should have it both ways, and personally, if people are going to be fined for making contact with Welker as he dives around trying to protect his over ripe melon head, maybe he needs to be taken off the field for a good long time, and given a chance to heal properly, if that is even possible.

  25. As a Pats fan, I’m not particularly in the Welker/Manning fan club. I will say this though, there are a number of safeties in the NFL who are cheap shot players. It is easy to time a hit on a player catching a pass who doesn’t know it’s coming. Everyone knows who they are, two TE’s lost ACLs last year and numerous head blows also resulted in concussions. I’m not condoning the wussifucation of the game, but there is line they shouldn’t cross. It will stop when player start to police the game. Tip of the cap to Payton for standing up for his teammate.

  26. Manning has always put up huge numbers no matter what the rules have been! He’s been doing it for 17 years, not just the years when the new rules started. & the rules are the same for every QB, so why isn’t every QB putting up his numbers year in & year out?? Bottom line is that if you’re a Manning hater then you’ll find any little excuse you can to talk s… about him. Keep on throwing that pigskin Peyton!!!!!!

  27. Manning did not hang Welker out to dry. Welker had enough time to catch the ball & make a football move. He chose to try & get down & got popped. It’s not like Manning hung it up there & made Welker go up for it putting him in harms way. I’m a Broncos fan & I don’t think it should of been a fine, but those are the rules. The reality of it is that Wes is concussion prone & might have to seriously consider retiring if he gets one more.

  28. $8,000. That’s $1,000 for every point they scored in yet ANOTHER Super Bowl embarrassment. They’ve been outscored 151-48 in the Super Bowl’s that they’ve appeared in when they weren’t cheating the salary cap.

  29. If Manning is so much of a “tough guy”, then how come he made a bee line off the field as soon as the game ended?
    If he had so much smack to talk, then why not go after the guy when the refs couldn’t save you?
    Because he knows that as soon as somebody lights him up, that pencil neck of his is gonna be done.

    Don’t talk trash if you ain’t willing to back it up!

  30. I know Manning is one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game, but this elevates him a little higher. I may be wrong, but there is are only a hand full of QBs that will go out of his way to stand up for his team mates. Aaron Rodgers did it last year when Matt Elam went head first at Randall Cobb’s knee, breaking it. Every player will go to the defense their QB but not every QB will go to the defense their WR.

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