Report: Tom Brady was “very upset” with Logan Mankins deal

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Over the years, Tom Brady has taken less money than he could have made, in order to keep trusted parts around him.

And he didn’t say much about it in the past, as he was left with a bunch of receivers who remember watching him as kids.

But this time might be different.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Brady was “very upset” with the trade of Logan Mankins, adding that “he was not happy with the move.”

Trading Mankins to the Buccaneers was a completely mercenary move, after asking the Pro Bowl guard to take a pay cut before shipping him out.

And that’s all within the realm of doing business, until it infringes on the trust Brady has put in the team by working his numbers around those of others.

As we mentioned earlier this week, if this is the real Patriot Way, then it’s inevitable that one day Brady will be in this situation.

After watching all the receivers he knew leave town, and now one of his most trusted blockers, Brady is well within his rights to wonder how the team is better now than it was before the trade for a fourth-round pick and a spare tight end.

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  1. He should sign with the Lions as a free agent and be given a fair shot at the starting job in training camp when the time comes. Detroit will pay him.

  2. He should be pissed. Brady has always been team first. Last year ,takes a pay cut to resign Welker and Pats won’t give him the money, but sign Danny for more than Welker wanted and now this. Maybe , it’s a smoke screen thou.

  3. The Patriots are never “all in” on a season. I’m pretty sure he hates to see a trusted man go, but he’ll also understand, that this is the way that made him so succesfull over the years.

    To the money part: There is no Revis if Brady gets market value.

  4. Yeah I would be too. This is a bold move. I’d have Mankins on my team anyday at LG. He used to be way dirtier than these past few years. I like that in a Olineman. Listens to the cries of the haters..

  5. Brady should now hold out and demand a contract more in line with his worth. It appears the he was used in his contract negotiations, Oh that wacky Patriot way!

  6. more cap room allowing for the extension of mccourty,vereen,ridley or a long term revis deal.A decent pick and a ‘spare’ (do you guys watch football??) tight end who had 500+ yards with about 5tds in his rookie season with freeman and glennon throwing the ball. They’re better off

  7. Mankins was the oldest guy on the line, and his play has deteriorated over the last 1-2 years. Cannon can play LG easily. Wright caught 54 balls last year from Mike freakin’ Glennon, and gives Brady some badly-needed reliability at TE.

    Cheer up, Tommy. You’ll see that it’s for the best.

  8. But that HAS been the Patriot way. Brady aside, the team has shown repeatedly that they’re happy to put the team first, loyalty to a player second. The instant someone is replaceable with someone cheaper for the same basic output, the first guy is out the door.

    I don’t mean that in a negative way, either- it’s a tough business, and there’s no question the Patriots have been pretty good at it for the past decade and a half (and that comes grudgingly from a Broncos fan). If Brady doesn’t like that suddenly, he could use a refresher course on how this team has operated during his time there.

  9. I guess Brady is supposed to be delighted they traded his longtime teammate aNd friend….Wes welker was his best friend 2 how do you think he felt about that one….Its a business he understands that too….

  10. Brady should be upset with the trade. He knows Bilicheat will over draft some chump they could have had as a undrafted free agent. History tells us they will just waste the extra draft pick.

  11. The easy answer — Bill Belichick is an amateur. He screwed up with the WR’s, and now he’s doing it to the offensive line. “The Patriot Way” doesn’t get you very far unless you throw cheating into the mix.

  12. This is the Patriots way and they should be ashamed of how the have handled one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. They’ve only given him truely elite weapons once or twice, let his favorite targets walk and never paid him the money he’s worth. We hear a lot about how great Bill is and how kind and charitable Kraft is but at the end of the day, their typical slimey front end types.


  13. He’s right to be upset…But I can’t wait for the cries of “Whiner!” from ignorant rival fans who don’t like him.

    Here in Chicago we get that, too, and our QB is less of a whiner than Brady.

  14. It’s not my team,decision and actually I don’t care. But somebody like Brady who gave up his money for the good of the team certainly has a complaint.

  15. When it comes down to it, Brady knows that Belichick is going to put the best team around him.

    At this point, signing Revis and McCourty to extensions is priority in today’s secondary-ruled NFL.

    This deal allows that to happen and gives the Pats a shifty, receiving TE that they haven’t had since the other guy decided to kill someone.

  16. This move and reaction should come as no surprise to anyone. Mankins first verbally bashed the owner . Then he has repeatedly told the Patriots he will under no circumstances work with the team and redo any contract. As for Brady , he will come out in three days saying ” I don’t make roster decisions and if I did no one would ever leave working with Pats ” …so go work in Florida .. ….Mankins wouldn’t budge and this had to be done….

  17. The Pats have been going strong for over a decade, it’s only a matter of time before the wheels fall off.

  18. This is such a tough non-sentimental team. Their philosophy hasn’t changed during Belichek’s tenure and clearly looking at Mankins recent play the “cost/benefit” factor dictated a pay reduction or a trade. Mankins “toughness” hasn’t changed but after 10 years in the trenches his skills as related to pass protection was in decline…especially compared to his paycheck. A good man and a good player. Those that follow the Pats really shouldn’t be all that shocked. What I will be very curious about is Brady….he has the right to be pissed in light of the team favorable deal he signed. In looking constantly towards the future the Pats sacrifice the “best team right now” all in mentality. The Pats have looked good this training camp and a sense of something special taking place this fall was in the air…the air was just let out of that balloon.

  19. Brady was also very upset when they released his good friend Lawyer Milloy years ago. He got over it well enough that year to lead them to a Super Bowl Championship.
    I’m sure he will recover in short time from this one also.

  20. This is the patriots way. Some of their players find out too late. Tom took a lot less to keep guys around him just like Mankins out of team loyalty. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom retired earlier than he really wanted to.

  21. The only way Brady will win a Super Bowl is through a great run game, great defense, and cheating like it was done in the early 2000’s.

    Sorry Tom, you couldn’t get it done when they gave you Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Gronk, Chad Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, Danny Amendola, Aaron Hernandez, and one of the best offensive lines in football.

    Time to go back to Bilichecks formula. Spend money on defense and hope the offense is good enough. You only won Super Bowls when your team neglected the offense, and invested into guys like Ty Law, McGinnest, Bruski, and so many more…

    You’re running game and timely defensive turnovers carried you into the playoffs last year despite your worst year as a QB in the past decade. You are a .500 playoff QB since the Pats built around you and gave you all that offensive talent I referenced above. People won’t like it but truth hurts.

  22. I’ve heard this a dozen times over the years. It has amounted to nothing.

    What do you think happens to Brady if he says he’s thrilled they got rid of Mankins? Wouldn’t exactly endear him to the team, would it?

  23. Spare TE my ass. Tim Wright will be a terrific fit in NE.

    Brady needs taller and more physical WR’s and now he has two in Wright & LaFell.

  24. Josh Kline did very well when he filled in for mankins at LG last year.

    mankins was a good player, but played hardball too many times with patriots management.

  25. This is the dilemma of a salary cap, and having a lot of talented players on the roster. There is no doubt Tom completely understands this. Think of it as a choice. Would you rather have a younger, improving Nate Solder protecting your blind side, or an older Logan Mankins, whose play has been slipping, as your left guard?

  26. Just wait until it’s Brady being traded for a 4th round pick. Hey, they spent a 6th rounder on him, so at least they’ll come out ahead.

  27. Brady’s probably more worried about the cleat marks all over the back of Mankins replacement, leading right to cleat marks all over Brady.

  28. Brady isn’t the type of guy to call the team out publicly, but if I were him, I’d be furious. Took a contract at half of his value so the team could pawn away talent.

  29. I don’t understand this move. Trading your best o-lineman to make cap space for a corner that has had lockerroom and knee problems. Brady is undoubtedly one of the greats. However, as he gets older it will be necessary to give him more protection and more time.

  30. Brady is a big boy who knows the organization and how it works. He’ll get over it the same way he got over Welker and a host of other players who he’s outlasted.

  31. Who was the last HOF caliber QB to even finish their career with one team (or the team they’re most associated with)? Elway and Marino 15 years ago? Aikman and Young retired due to concussions. Everyone knows what happened with Favre and Manning. It’s going to happen to you, Tom, especially if this new kid is ready to play in two years when you’re pushing 40.

  32. The Bengals get called cheap on a regular basis, but somehow the Patriots always get a pass.

  33. Only the Patriots can trade one of the top Guards in the NFL and get better. Just ask any Patriots fan.

    I guess everyone in the AFC East love this move~

  34. Tom will retire a Patriot. Then become a partial owner. There is a reason he moved to NE permanently and gave up his crazy west coast castle.
    I wouldn’t be at all shocked if there is a date already on the calendar circled as his last day.

  35. Spare tight end? The guy is a beast and tall.

    Also, think the pats are good with their backup options there at guard

    Could also include posturing from brady

  36. I’ve always really hoped Brady finishes his career with the Pats. Now I hope he dumps them before they dump him. He can put that new place in Brookline on the market and move back to California.

    I am becoming less and less a Patriot fan.

  37. According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Brady was “very upset” with the trade of Logan Mankins, adding that “he was not happy with the move.”

    He also added that Brady “did not like the move” and also added that he was “sad about the trade” After adding that he was “not thrilled with the transaction” Brady said no comment and was seen leaving the facility with a thesaurus.

  38. Report: Tom Brady was “very upset” with Logan Mankins deal.
    Similar to what was reported the other day in regard to his centers, Brady liked touching mankins’ butt also. But that was just for fun.

  39. If Brady was surprised by this than he has ignored the evidence around him all these years, much like a cult member.

    In a cult you are asked to trust the cult leader beyond all else and not to think for yourself. It seems Brady has been drinking the kool-aid if he hadn’t been seeing this happen for years.

    At the end of the day you have a model wife who makes more than you do so quit if the hoodie makes you unhappy.

  40. Zero Super Bowls since Spygate! Eli is a God! Go back to filming the defensive signals; that used to work for you! He will leave the NFL withou one legitimate Super Bowl! This is what you have “* * *”

  41. That was a salary cap trade…nothing more.

    I despise when players are already on good long term contracts and want to hold out for more with several years left on their existing one.

    I also despise teams that do this kind of stuff…trade away a player that you gave a long term contract when the contract doesnt benefit you monetarily anymore.

    There should be some kind of penalty with NFL contracts for dumping salaries. I dont want to see the NFL end up with guaranteed contracts like MLB, because it breeds lazy players, but its wrong to trade a player like Mankins just because he makes 6 mill a year. After all, youre the one that offered him that.

  42. Doesn’t matter…. They get to play in the Charmin soft AFC East so they’ll most likely win the division…. I really wonder how ‘great’ the Patriots would be in the NFC South or West lol

  43. And Brady was upset when Welker left, and when Lawyer Milloy was cut…and after a day or two of being upset you move on and work with the guys that are there.

    But I think many are overlooking the role of Wright in the Pats offense. I don’t he will be a spare TE, I think he fits into the Hernandez role, where they’ll move him from TE to WR to slot and maybe even out of the backfield at some point.

    55 catches last year in Tampa’s woeful offense as a rookie, there is definitely some upside there.

    Don’t get me wrong, Mankins still has some gas in the tank, but I also think he hasn’t quite been the same since the season he was playing on a shredded knee. Still, got to give the guy credit, one of the toughest SOB’s to play the game. Mankins is old school tough. The most important thing he will bring the O-line in Tampa is leadership for that o-line group.

    Personally I think it was a good trade for both teams.

  44. He should be.

    He does everything that team asks of him from both a financial and professional standpoint in order to give this team flexibility in acquiring the necessary pieces in order to build a championship roster and they keep shipping those pieces away for next to nothing.

    A fourth round pick next year and Tim wright will not replace the leadership, grit (this guy did play a whole year on a torn acl!) and sheer blocking ability of Logan Mankins.

  45. That’s odd. Numerous comments yesterday touted how old and slow Mankins is now, and that there are better options down the depth chart. So why would Brady be upset? Surely Patriots fans are above crying sour grapes, aren’t they?

  46. Tommy will get over it. If you think he doesn’t understand that one day he will be shipped of too I have a bridge to sell you. It is the very reason for the patriots success, they do not allow emotion to dictate the roster. It stinks when players that we love leave town, the vrabels, mcginnest, and the like, but it’s what has to be done in the salary cap era in order to stay dominate. Logan, while an unbelievable talent, had a huge cap number, they tried to keep him at a lower cap hit, but Logan wants to get paid and now he can. This is the same Logan that held out for a bigger deal, and got it which is rare in NE, so obviously they valued him tremendously at one point, but a 32 year old o lineman is not going to get better with age. God I can’t believe I’m talking about someone younger than me being old. Tommy knows one day jimmy garapolo will one day make him expendable too, hopefully he stays on as a veteran mentor, instead of trying to extend his career and harming his legacy like a farve or testaverde.

  47. As a Jets fan and overall fan of sports, I really don’t understand this move at all for the Patriots. The pay cut thing I get but taking away one of the guys who does a pretty good job keeping Brady upright surprises me. I obviously never want to see the Patriots win but from a non-biased view, I think they will still be good on the line but I am not sure why you tell the Pro Bowler to take the pay cut…

  48. No doubt they are a good team and had a heck of a run but it’s been 11 years. Maybe it’s time to change the “In Bill we trust” mantra to “WTF is he thinking?”

  49. I do not like Tom Brady or the Patriots, but you do have to wonder just how great (greater if you will) he would have been had the Patriots consistently surrounded him with weapons on the outside. We saw what could happen when he had Randy Moss at his peak that one season. Just imagine if they had ever drafted a Larry Fitzgerald or someone like that…

  50. How could he not know his day was coming? Belicheck is a talent rapist. When he’s done with you, that’s it. Ice cold. I can see him with a simatar saying “can I see you in my office for a minute?”

  51. While in the past I have disliked many of Bill’s moves, this one is spot on. Mankins’ play has slipped tremendously the past few years, and he is no longer worth the large contract (which I didn’t like when he signed!). Since he wouldn’t restructure, why not get something in return while he still has value?

    There is often good value available in the 4th round, and I would consider the Wright portion of the trade less an indictment of Gronk’s health than an indication they recognize Brady needs more diverse weapons in the passing game (outside of their backs and slot receivers). Now they can run similar stuff to when Hernandez was on the team. Overall a win-win for both teams given the lack of OG on the Bucs, although long-term I would suggest it favors the Pats. 12 days until real New England football!!

  52. They didn’t let receivers go, they realized that Brady can’t throw deep nor to the sideline. They need only slot receivers and tight ends that can get open quickly. It will affect the running game, but not the passing game.

  53. Boo hoo. Little Tommy boy didn’t get what he wants? Seems like a lot of that has been happening of late. Wait till it’s his head on the chopping block.
    Yea, it’s the Patriot Way.

  54. I doubt it. TB12 is smart enough to know that players play and coaches coach.

    Media driven hype bs

  55. The Pats sign player for $$$ to keep them under contract. Later they ask player to break contract and take less $$. What a bunch of cheap asses.

  56. So this is a “report” based on the suppositions of a so-called NFL insider, rather than confirmed information from Tom Brady. Typical second rate web “journalism”.

  57. makes sense he’d be “upset” since they obviously have a tight personal relationship, but it is possible it might be just as frustrating for him to see that teammates of his don’t follow his example of team first when it comes to finances. Mankins held out till week 10, came back and the team started him like nothing happened, got the money he wanted and then when asked to take a pay cut 3 years later, refused. would think its frustrating for a guy like brady to see he’s the only one who’s taken a team friendly deal

  58. Anyone shocked by this deal hasn’t been paying attention. Mankins has been in decline, and he’s expensive. When has Belichick ever kept those sorts of players?

    I mean I can tell from your language in your coverage of this story that you’re no Patriots fan (or at the very least trying to troll Patriots fans – if so, solid approach to getting comments) but a fourth round pick is valuable, and the idea that this kid is just “a spare tight end” is not correct – he’s a young up and comer that caught 50 balls on a terrible offense.

    How would the you have reacted if the Patriots traded a promising young talent and draft pick for an aging, in decline guard? My guess is you’d use the same sort of negative language.

  59. Tom Brady SHOULD be bent about the Patriots absolutely DONATING beast OG Mankins. I would be pissed too.

    Very unsmart — and not very Patriot-like. Belichick preaches, as he should, “situational football/situational awareness.” The dump of Mankins for a handful of magic beans was mis-guided and foolhardy.

    Their interior OL already had holes, where Wendell and Connolly are marginal starters. Mankins was the real deal – and now you just cut him loose because he wouldn’t knuckle under in contract negotiations. It sounds like a dumb emotional over-reaction.

  60. Belichick is not the refs Brady….you can’t cry yourself out of this one. Go home to your supermodel wife and castle and get over it.

  61. I understand it from both sides. Belichick is doing his job and doing it well.

    Brady doesn’t want to get killed and they just released the toughest player on the team that always had his back.

    Hopefully it all works out, but if Brady takes any bad hits over the left guard I don’t think it’s going to be seen as a good decision.

  62. A team doesn’t stay competitive by looking to the past. They stay competitive by looking to the future. Dumping salary, collecting picks, and unearthing previously overlooked talent keeps teams in the playoff hunt every year, not loyalty to players who, at the end of the day, are just cogs in the machine.

  63. How could he not be upset? They sign the biggest overrated mercenary in the NFL Daryl Revis and say goodby to a great player, team leader, one of their own at a critical position.

  64. I agree Brady can be upset, but let’s put aside all the talk about Brady taking a pay cut to add more pieces and keep pieces……all he did was restructure it so the cap number was lower, but actually got more money and pushing most of it out into the future.

  65. As he should be.

    “The Patriot way” only works because of Brady. Without an elite level QB that can make all this work with all the changes they face year in and year out they’d be sunk. “The Patriot way” has served them well in that it keeps them from salary cap constrictions but just a couple 8-8 seasons would really test the fabric of the philosophy amongst fans and the players questioning the merit of getting rid of great players.

    If by some act of god Billy B stays after Brady retires I’d love to see it in action. I don’t believe it would work.

  66. If the Patriots traded away a 24 year old TE coming off a rookie season of 54 rec, 570 yards & 5 TDs for a 33 year old past his prime Guard who has battled the injury bug the last few years people would be criticizing Belichick.

  67. It’s a shame how the Patriots have handled their HOF QB. Making him play for cheap while promising to resign his weapons just to watch them cut and trade them all away. That’s not how you treat a future HOF player. Black eye on the Patriot front office legacy when folks look back on this era and how they treated Brady, and what all he sacrificed for them to just spit in his face over and over and over again.

  68. Tom “Terrific’s” feelings don’t enter into this…..
    It’s a business savvy move and any outward showing of disappointment by TB12 is for show.
    I love “The Guru’s” methods to motivate and integrate.
    Rushing attack may suffer short term, but Tom will overcome his grief once the passing attack begins to resemble 07….

  69. As a life long Patriots fan, I know that if Garoppolo starts outplaying Brady in 2 or 3 years, Brady will be gone because that’s how Belichick operates. Winning is the only thing that matters, and Belichick has proven that he knows how to win, and that he’s always looking 2 or 3 years down the road. It has provided 15 years of playoff football, and I have no complaints. I hate to see guys like Seymour and Mankins leave, and I’ll hate to see it when Brady’s time is up, but I love to be a fan of a team that competes to get to the Super Bowl every year. You can’t argue with success.

  70. Time for honoring “them”will soon be at an end. Once Brady is gone, so goes the Patriots dynasty. So it goes for GB and Rogers, Denver and Manning and New Orleans and Brees. They don’t make many QB’s like them and we have all been blessed to have lived in a time when the NFL had so many great ones.

  71. Now if Brady was Favre, the GM could tell him “he is just the qb” and to keep his mouth shut. Then everyone would wonder why maybe Brady would ponder retirement (errr not wanting to play for that GM any longer).

  72. This was a straight depth deal. Wright was a starting TE last year. If Gronk goes down, they have no one that can man the TE position at a level that is starter worthy. If they don’t make this deal, they risk another offensive season like last year. Mankins is getting older. It’s always better to get rid of a guy a year early than to get rid of him a year too late. With an improved defense the Pats need to strike now. They should of went out and picked up a good veteran receiver.

  73. Of course he wasn’t happy about it. That’s his longtime teammate that’s gone.

    But if he’s really steaming mad about it then how is Bleacher Report the only ones to find out about it? Did Brady ask them for help making a cathartic slide show?

  74. 1) Based on 50+ catches and 540+ yards with who at QB in Tampa…I think Wright is (and especially with Brady and the Pats O) a young “move” tight end that has the potential to give the Pats the 2 tight end offense they missed last year. And he is young.
    2) Of course no one in New England is happy to see Mankins go….he will one day be in the Patriots Hall of Fames at least. But, he is 32, to those of who actually watch the Pats know that his play has been slipping the past couple of years…and Josh Kline filled in more than admirably when Mankins was out last year.
    3) Pats have been developing a deep stable of offensive linemen….none of whom today is Mankins in his prime…..but Belichick has a record of letting guys go one year too early instead of one year too late. I don’t blame the Pats for asking Mankins to take a pay cut. I don’t blame Mankins for not taking said pay cut. I don’t blame the Pats for trading him for a current and future asset.
    4) It’s business……and Belichick and Kraft have made it abundantly clear that the Pats are going to field teams that can win now while also positioning the team to win later. And based on the last almost 15 years it’s hard to argue that concept. Would we like more championships? Hell yes! But every September 1 we Pats fans know that we have a legitimate chance to win the Super Bowl….and since 2000 we have more rings, more division titles, more SB appearances, more conference championship appearances than ANY other franchise. To make that happen sometimes you have to do things like trade great players like Logan Mankins.
    5) Mankins is a tough SOB, a great lineman, and the Pats have been better because of him….hate to see him go….Pats Nation all hopes it works out for Logan and the Pats.

  75. NFL QBs sure whine a lot, don’t they?

    But in all seriousness… the conventional wisdom is that the Pats got rid of Mankins because he can’t play anymore. Brady clearly believes Mankins is still a starting caliber OG. Something doesn’t add up.

  76. To anyone out there responding to this report…Has even ONE of you heard this from Brady himself or even a Patriots Organization member? Look at you all crying…we heard the same thing about Welker…Brady not once said anything of the sort and he still loves his Team and plays to the best of his ability. And to all who say Brady took less money…NO he didn’t…he restructured his contract…I believe he is actually making more by the time his contract plays out.

  77. Brady better be in the best running shape of his life. Teams already knew putting constant pressure on him was the way to rattle him into mistakes. Now with Mankins gone, D coordinators must look like Mr Burns rubbing his hands on the Simpsons saying “excellent” !

  78. The NFLPA has the worst deal of any major sports.

    NFL players literally put their lives on the line for this game and are dying to play it. And in return they are only guaranteed their signing bonus when they sign a contract.

    How many players have outplayed their contract for years before they sign something that is comparable to their play? A guy gets drafted after the first round and is stuck in his deal for 3 years. No matter how far he outplays the round he is selected in.

    And the minute the team feels like they aren’t playing to their contract (or the QB needs more money so they ask other players to take a pay cut, ala Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin) they release them.

    The game is too heavily rigged in the owners favor!
    The Leaders of the NFLPA should be ashamed of themselves.

  79. At some point, you have to pay for real talent. Hoody is going to learn that real soon. If Hoody would learn how to draft as good as the Seahawks, he’d be able to acquire talent and a modest price. That’s the real problem is how much the Patriots miss on draft picks.

  80. As always…Brady’s arm will get them a top spot in the playoffs…

    As always…’Roster savvy’ moves likes shipping Mankins will ensure they win 1 game at most once they make the playoffs…

    2004 is getting further and further away boys…

  81. Every time the same things get said. Remember Lawyer Milloy???
    Tom Brady is mad or gonna be fed up, this is,why they have a chance every year. 5 SB, 8 AFC Championship games.. keep dreaming…Tommy not only drinking the Kool aid, he’s mixing and helping serve it.
    Say what you want, Logan play has gone down, attitude and grittyness is for baseball, not football.
    Not what you have done, what will you do!

  82. Not to diss Brady or Belichick but there dominance is part because of incompetence of the AFC east lead by Chad Pennington Chad Henne Sanchez smith Fitzpatrick and Manuel those ore the QB trotted out the last few yrs. Really against a defensive Guru Belichick who made his chops stopping Montana Rice Cunningham the Redskins Hogs Akiman Smith and Irvin.

  83. Kraft will make the obligatory statement to the press shortly that Brady doesn’t run the Patriots … he is an employee. In other words, you are under contract … shut up and do your job. The Pats management have been running this like a business. If they think they can get better, cheaper value … you are out the door. THAT is the Patriot Way. The hoopla about hanging together and honor, got your back, blah, blah, blah … that is all window dressing to pacify people between personnel moves. There is no honor in American business anymore. It’s all about the bottom line. No CEO cares about loyalty or honor, and none of them display it.

  84. Brady will be fine…there’s a ton of O-Line depth.

    The bottom line is the Patriots were paying a 32 year old Guard that they no longer need $10mil.

    Belichick has forgotten more about football than the combined knowledge of every poster on this thread.

  85. everybody on here would take 5 superbowl appearances and what is it 8 afc championship games in 15 years if it was their team, the realty is the patriots are always trying to win, im a big bucs fan but this trade will probably be in new englands favor in two to three years and maybe even this year

  86. The last time the Pats players were upset with Belichick about moving on from a player was the Lawyer Milloy situation. All they did was win the Super Bowl that year. Bleacher Report quoted an “inside source”. OK. Whatever. I bet Tom was more shocked than upset. He’s been through this before. He’ll get over it.

    As for people saying the Pats don’t pay players, you all are ignorant. Over the years, they made Ty Law the highest paid CB, Milloy the highest paid Safety, Seymour the highest paid DE, Bledsoe the highest paid QB. They paid big money for top FAs like Roosevelt Colvin and Adalius Thomas. They paid Randy Moss. The list goes on and on.

    What the Pats do NOT do is keep guys too long. They move on a year early instead of a year late maximizing what they can get for them. If they think the price is too high, they try to renegotiate just like players try to renegotiate when they think they’re not getting paid enough. It’s why the Pats have stayed near the top of the league and are always in contention year after year. Sometimes it’s cold, but it is what it is. Now they have money to sign Revis, McCourty, Edelman.

  87. Brady at the age of 37 is at the end of his career of course he’s going to be upset.The AFC East Div Teams all have great D lines should be interesting.

  88. I wonder if the Pats fans who spout the company line will continue to do so after the Pats’ cheapskate ways get their franchise QB flattened.

  89. Take personal feelings out of it, stats are stats, Mankins was responsible for 9 of the 40 times Brady was saked last year, Mankins also has long history of playing through injuries which is commendable however at 32 and two repaired knees at 10.5 million per year for multi years, it had to be done. Pats fans have long history of fan favorites who have been cut or traded at end of camps, I.E. Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymore and now Mankins, it is a results based profession. If Brady gets sacked less this year I’d say it was worth it.

  90. He certainly never stopped the A gap blitzing that lead to losses in Super Bowls XLII & XLVI. Brady & Patriot nation will get over the Mankins trade. The real question is: will the team & fans ever get over the 2 losses to the Giants in the SB??? LOL

  91. Wait!…I thought Brady does his talking on the field, not to the cameras questioning the genius.

    Oh..that is only what he tells to feed into the ego of the sycophant Patriot fans.

  92. with the season a week away, i’d pull a Carson Palmer, retire, come back next season as free agent, haha. Tom still has a card or two to play

  93. Brady should be upset. Kraft is always asking his best veteran players to take pay cuts. They’ve been doing this for years but the Patriots continue to find ways to win. At some point when Brady & Belichick are no longer there this will end but it’s been an incredible run.

    I honestly don’t know how Belichick does it. Clearly–and I say this a Dolphin fan–he’s just that much better & smarter than the other coaches.

  94. Assuming Brady stays healthy the Patriots will still win the division & will still have an excellent chance to make it to another SB. They made it to the AFC Championship game last year & this team is better. They’re better & deeper @ CB, their WR’s have more experience in the offense, Wilfork & Meyo are back, & some wrecking ball named Gronkowski is also back.


    Jealous Dolphin fan who hopes to finish 2nd in the division

  95. You can say all you want that Tom Brady is a hero or team player for not asking for more money, but it sure doesn’t hurt that his “old lady” makes a ka-billion dollars a year to help with the expenses…

  96. Is there a more ignorant group of sports fans on the planet than Pats haters ?

    No, definitely not.

    Its funny to see you people talking about the Pats like they were last in their division and had 2-14 records the last 3 years.


  97. Gronk led tight ends in touchdowns with 4 in 7 games.

    We were weak at tight end. We had depth on the oline and Mankins gave up the most sacks.

    So what is the trade off? 5 more touchdowns for 5 more sacks.

    Everyone seems to forget the rule changes which favors the offense. A fast big target is got to draw a lot of defensive holding calls.

    Garopolo signed a 4 year rookie contract and has looked great in the preseason. Jimmy will sit the bench for 4 years and take over in 4 or 5 years or 6 when brady retires as a patriot.

    The Patriots are never taking a step back.

  98. the genius of belichick was to land in the afc east. no other division has been as putrid for the last 15 years, although the nfc east was pretty close when andy reid was piling up his record against losing teams…..

  99. Patriots save $6 mil/year on the cap, get a dynamic young tight end who is on his rookie deal for two more years, and a draft pick.

    Tampa gets an upgrade to their O-line, even if he is on the downside, for $6 mil with zero future cap impact if they cut him next year or the year after.

    Seems like a win-win, as long as the Pats have the depth on the o-line.

    Of course Brady is pissed – you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t upset that a friend and coworker for the last 10 years was let go. Doesn’t mean he is throwing a hissy fit or whining about it.

  100. Well if Kap flames out this year, come home to San Fran Tom. Be nice to have you and we have a great o-line. I’m sure John Brody will ok you wearing #12.

  101. Some of these comments are foolish. I’m a Pats fan. However I agree that sometimes the “PATRIOTS WAY” involves alot of cuts, trades, bad and good signings. But its the same for alot of teams. Mankins trade is a good trade. win win for both Pats and Bucs. We now have an up and coming TE with ALOT of upside, and Bucs get an OLM whos starting to regress that can help them for a season or 2. And If this deal gives us cap room to resign Revis than its even a bigger win for us. Because now we get a TE , a draft pick and Revis for another year or 2 in exchange for just Mankins. And in the end, it turns out to be a huge trade with a great ripple effect.

  102. This is ironic, as nobody would know Tom Brady’s name if it weren’t for an identical scenario. I am old enough to remember Drew Bledsoe, the guy that brought the Patriots out of decades in the gutter and into relevance. He got injured for a few games and Brady came in. Brady didn’t wow anybody but he didn’t “screw the pooch” either. They got rid of Bledsoe and the “Patriot Way” was born.

  103. Wow..all of these comments and no one pointed out the obvious:

    Tom’s wife makes way more than he does. Like Jordan, he could afford to take less to build a team around him. So while it’s to romanticize that he “took one for the team” the reality is it didn’t cost him very much. If he helps build a very successful team, by taking less money – it translates to more endorsement deals ($).

  104. “The Patriot Way” means what exactly? Cheating and trading away your best players? No thanks.

    And just a reminder, Patriots fans… Peyton is 2-1 against Brady in AFC Title games.

  105. Actually Tom did not take a pay cut. He restructured his contract and will get a very big pay out towards the end of his present contract. Having said that,as a Pats fan as much as I like Mankins his production has been way down in the last couple of seasons. Also we have no idea if Gronk will be able to stay healthy and the Pats like to run a 2 tight end program. I also think that this will be able to hang on to Revis and that will be huge for NE.good luck and much love to my guys tonight against those pesky Giants. GO PATS!!!!

  106. This guy is a prima donna, he really isn’t that good. In the last 2 super bowls he lost, he had the ball last and couldn’t do anything with it. in the 3 super bowls the Pats won, he didn’t contribute anything, the system did it and they played terrible teams. The year he was injured, a scrub quarterback led the team to 11 wins, its the system and a weak division thats responsible for their “wins”, not the soft prima donna.

  107. Brady shut up… your organization cheats, so why be shocked at this. The Patriots mystique is a media made up myth. Jimmy G will soon take your job, and you go be the Bucs QB. Brady is ov er-rated joke.

  108. Great quarterbacks can be great with decent receivers, but with a subpar O-line, not so much. Brady lost his BFF Wes and now one of his best lineman. If you don’t keep a QB upright, doesn’t matter who he has to work with on the field.

  109. What’s Brady going to do hold out, leave, retire? Bill knows that he can pick anyone of the street and plug them in as QB and make them look like a hall of famer. Brady your time is almost up and the next guy will be better.

  110. A few things:

    1. Logan Mankins was traded for Tim Wright and a 4th round pick. The Bucs traded Aqib Talib to the Pats for a 4th round pick. Mankins was traded because he wouldn’t take a pay cut. His pass blocking may have diminished some, but his run blocking is still as strong as ever. Talib was traded because he was on the last year of his contract and was not going to be resigned by the Bucs. So in essence, both teams were able to land mid round picks for players that were not going to remain with the team. If the Bucs were ‘fleeced’ by the Pats in the Talib trade, the same can be said for the Pats being ‘fleeced’ by the Bucs in the Mankins trade. The truth is both trades benefitted each team.

    2. Tim Wright has great potential and should be a productive player for the Pats, but let’s not get crazy, this isn’t Gronk 2.0. Tim Wright had 50+ catches in part because the Bucs were the worst offensive team in the NFL last year and literally had nothing outside of Vincent Jackson and Tim Wright in the passing game. With Mike Evans and especially Austin Seferian-Jenkins being drafted, and with Luke Stocker finally being healthy (and a superior blocker compared to Wright) to go with free agent signing Brandon Myers, Tim Wright found himself as the fourth TE on the roster, and was likely in danger of making the final roster. The bottom line: if Tim Wright is your second most productive receiver, you probably are finishing the season with less than eight wins. Wright will be fine with New England, and will be a sleeper fantasy pick for those that are into fantasy sports, and Logan Mankins will be a tremendous upgrade from current starter Oniel Cousins, who has no business starting for any NFL team.

    3. Darrelle Revis isn’t signing an extension during the regular season, unless it’s for an inflated price. Understand that he could care less about the ‘Patriot Way’. Revis is very smart, he knows that this is a business and he himself is a business man. He’s had the upperhand with every team he’s ever been on, including the Patriots. That will not change, in part because Revis knows that if he doesn’t see year two with the Patriots, he’ll see year one with another team with a contract that works for him.

  111. Not real surprising. Belichek would rather get rid of older, higher paid, less productive players, a year earlier rather than a year too late.

    It would not surprise me if Incognito ended up in NE at 1/3 or 1/2 the cost of Mankins.

  112. JaminJake says:
    Aug 28, 2014 12:06 PM
    Great quarterbacks can be great with decent receivers, but with a subpar O-line, not so much. Brady lost his BFF Wes and now one of his best lineman. If you don’t keep a QB upright, doesn’t matter who he has to work with on the field.

    Well said. now look at Mankins’ numbers on Pro football focus last year. the only thing that made him look above sub-par was the name on the back of his jersey. this is what the Pats do, they get rid of guys a year early instead of a year late. they traded Welker out for a reciever with better gray matter. Brady can whine all he wants but Wes is one hit to the head away from veggie status. and traded a past- prime O-lineman for a TE knowing they are at the most dynamic with the two tight end sets.

  113. Most of us have had bad days at work. The difference here is that none of us have Gisele Bundchen waiting there to cheer us up!

    Sucks to be Tom!!

  114. probably a good move on the pats part, but maybe should have had someone ready to step in first that would keep Brady happy. Not that he can do anything about it but still.. He is your reason for your success.

  115. Better get used to poor/questionable personnel decisions with Mike Dumbturdi anywhere near the team!

  116. thefirstsmilergrogan says:Aug 28, 2014 10:55 AM

    the genius of belichick was to land in the afc east. no other division has been as putrid for the last 15 years, although the nfc east was pretty close when andy reid was piling up his record against losing teams…..


    If you take away the best team in each division the winning percentage since 2001 for all the divisions is as follows:

    Division PCT
    NFC EAST 0.487
    AFC NORTH 0.469
    AFC WEST 0.455
    AFC SOUTH 0.449
    AFC EAST 0.449
    NFC WEST 0.442
    NFC SOUTH 0.433
    NFC NORTH 0.433

    So the AFC East is in the middle and the NFC East has been the best (even with philly not counted).

    Of course if you include all teams the AFC East has been the strongest division in the league in that time.

    Division PCT
    AFC EAST 0.526
    NFC EAST 0.515
    AFC NORTH 0.513
    AFC SOUTH 0.505
    AFC WEST 0.486
    NFC NORTH 0.482
    NFC WEST 0.469
    NFC SOUTH 0.463

    The AFC East has not been bad at all and the Patriots have beaten the other divisions and the NFC at near the same percentage.

  117. broncobrewer says:Aug 28, 2014 12:08 PM

    What’s Brady going to do hold out, leave, retire? Bill knows that he can pick anyone of the street and plug them in as QB and make them look like a hall of famer. Brady your time is almost up and the next guy will be better.


    Why say something you know is not true? Just to troll? It’s going to be a while before anyone compiles a career like Brady. 5 SB appearances and 8 AFC championship appearances in 12 years of starting with a few years left to make some noise.

    Interesting fact… Since 2001 Brady, Manning or Roethlisberger have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl with the exception of 2 of those 13 years. That is pretty dominant by all 3 of them.

  118. truthfactory says:Aug 28, 2014 7:23 AM

    The only way Brady will win a Super Bowl is through a great run game, great defense, and cheating like it was done in the early 2000’s.

    Sorry Tom, you couldn’t get it done when they gave you Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Gronk, Chad Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, Danny Amendola, Aaron Hernandez, and one of the best offensive lines in football.

    Time to go back to Bilichecks formula. Spend money on defense and hope the offense is good enough. You only won Super Bowls when your team neglected the offense, and invested into guys like Ty Law, McGinnest, Bruski, and so many more…

    You’re running game and timely defensive turnovers carried you into the playoffs last year despite your worst year as a QB in the past decade. You are a .500 playoff QB since the Pats built around you and gave you all that offensive talent I referenced above. People won’t like it but truth hurts.


    How does the truth hurt? Baltimore won 2 Superbowls in 12 years with that formula, but they struggled for a decade in between. Winning the big game and winning in the playoffs is hard.

    For example… not making the playoffs you have a 0-0 record. Losing in the first game of the playoffs 0-1 record. Which is better? It’s better to make the playoffs. Another example… Team A wins first seed and loses their first game. 0-1 playoff record. Team B wins a WC game and loses in the Divisional round. 1-1. Which is better? They are the same. Earning the bye is the same as winning your first playoff game. Also, all but one team that makes the playoffs have to come away with a loss every year, so playoff losses rack up for playoff caliber teams, while the Bills, for example, don’t have any losses.

    The only playoff record that matters is total wins, and Brady has the most.

  119. Hard to understand the commenters who say that the Mankins trade will result in Brady being on his back more often. Mankins allowed 14 or so sacks of Brady last season. Where he’ll be missed is in the running game. The Pats broadcasters referred to LM as the ‘road grader’.

  120. billrussellgreaterthanmjmagiclebron says

    Where did you get the allowed 14 sacks last season from? Thinking it won’t hurt them in the pass game is just ridiculous, whoever replaced Mankins isn’t in the same class as him, just a fact.

  121. Brady has been the class act of the League his whole career. You should be lucky you have him.
    I HATE Free agency, all it has done is pick the fans pockets to buy drugs and Mercedes for whining Players.
    Sorry to see a class player leave but HE CHOSE MONEY over the fans.
    see you in the second game of the season..
    Vikes Fan

  122. Brady won’t be in this situation until he’s old enough that he stops being effective. The Patriot Way has worked fine for the brass because Brady has always been there to make whatever guys are on the field look good. That will break down once Brady leaves; they will miss him then more than they will ever know.

  123. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Where was all his “outrage” before? Can’t wait until he gets dumped by old BB.

    Patriot way, hahaha. Not much winning since all the cheating and now the bickering starts. NE will soon be the laughing stock of the NFL again. An after-thought.

  124. Brady is a system QB. He could not make it on most teams!!! He is the MOST OVER RATED QB in the history of football!!! I would bet money that he gets hurt this year and JG takes over leading to Brady getting traded next year!!! A lot of very good DE’s in the AFC east!!! Brady will be in Cleveland next year via Cameron Wake, Oliver Vernon and or Koa Misi!!!! Brady wishes he was Marino!!!!! Go MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!

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