Seahawks’ punt team not getting much work in the preseason


In the regular season, not having to punt is good. In the preseason? Well, it’s still good, but it may raise some concerns about whether the punt team will be rusty heading into Week One.

The Seahawks didn’t punt at all in their 41-14 win over the Chargers in Week Two of the preseason, and they only punted once, in the fourth quarter, in their 34-6 win over the Bears the following week. Seahawks punter Jon Ryan said that Week Two preseason game was the first time in his career that he was never called on to punt for a whole game, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll acknowledged that Ryan hasn’t had as many live reps as players like to get.

He’s a little underworked right now. It’s a good thing,” Carroll said. “We’re getting plenty of work in practice. We have a really good punt team. We have a bunch of guys that have played a lot together, so we have a lot of confidence in the whole mechanics of the snap and all that kind of stuff. It’s an experienced group, and we know they know how to play. All in all, we’ll take it this way.”

The fourth and final week of the preseason is so utterly meaningless that if the Seahawks don’t need to punt tonight against the Raiders, they might just punt on third down simply to get their punt unit some live game action. When they open the regular season a week from tonight against the Packers, they’d love to have Ryan do nothing more than hold on extra points.

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  1. Jon Ryans’s punting is a big part of what makes the Seahawks great. He is as good at anyone and better than most at hanging them high and pinning them deep. It is extremely difficult for teams to put together length of the field drives on the Seahawks defense. And thanks to Ryan and Pete Carroll’s protect the ball/field postition game, the defense rarely has to defend the short field.

  2. That “effort” by the Bears defense last week against the Seahawks was despicable. All that FA money and high draft picks invested in rebuilding that unit and that’s the best they can do?

    The talent is there, so DC Mel Tucker is clearly the guy who has to go under the microscope. If the Bears D can’t pull it together big-time when the games start to count, this will be his last season in Chicago.

  3. Is Seattle going to steamroll the Pack next Thursday? I think they will and beat them bad. I’m thinking something like 36-18 and the Pack’s 18 will come in garbage time.

    Placing a wager accordingly

  4. Just cant wait to face these guys in the Dome for once. We will see how tough you truly are Shehawks.

  5. Just cant wait to face these guys in the Dome for once.

    Typical who-dat. Let me explain this, and I’ll use small words…

    Seattle doesn’t play the Saints this year. They play their Division-ranked opponent from the NFC South. Seattle won their division, so they are ranked 1st, which you aren’t.

  6. Every team has it’s problems. The niners have a scared overrated QB and a little baby for a head coach. The Vikings have terrible fans and an even worse football team. The Seahawks don’t punt the ball very much because their offense is playing to good. Like I said every team has it’s problems.

  7. Who-Dat sounds like a menstrual pad brand.

    Anyway, does anyone remember last year when hawks had record by 15 yards going into last game of season for fewest punt return yards allowed ever. (They allowed like 30 yards through 15 games, no joke)

    And on the one punt of the bears game Ricardo Lockett just missed decapitating the returner.

    And John Ryan is the best combo long/short punter in football.

    Not only is hawks defense best, offense super explosive, but their special teams is way better than the rest of NFL.

    What are we going to do this year? Same thing we did last year. Take over the world.

    But what do we know, we didn’t even get electricity let alone a football team til 2005.

  8. Seahawks win the SB, and only get one MNF game. lololol!!!

    Proof that no body cares about you Seattle!

  9. Its more like they’re afraid of us. They didn’t like the blow outs on national TV last year. 49ers, Saints, and Cards. All blow outs in prime time. Expect another on Sept 4th when the Pack comes to town. The Hawks will win another one going away. I’m thinking 31-10 or so.

  10. Saints failed to play a good game (twice) in Seattle. One of those was MNF, so the Networks put the kabosh on it.

    Maybe when the rest of the league catches up to the Seahawks, the games will become competitive.

  11. mnvikingsfan says:
    Aug 28, 2014 10:38 AM
    Just remember sea-chicken fans……Detroit went 4-0 in the preseason once before too…….


    Just the facts: Seattle won 13 straight pre-season games before they didn’t even travel 18 players to Denver.

  12. nowillrepeat says:
    Aug 28, 2014 12:25 PM
    Seahawks win the SB, and only get one MNF game. lololol!!!

    Proof that no body cares about you Seattle!


    Just the facts: Seattle has the best Monday Night Football record in NFL History with a .714 winning percentage.

  13. If last night is any indication, the Seahawk secondary will be traumatized by their inability to get away with holding and grabbing receivers this season.

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