Bears get rid of another converted college QB project

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It wasn’t a good day to be a converted college quarterback with the Bears.

In addition to the previously reported wide receiver Armanti Edwards, the Bears also parted ways with former Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch.

Lynch was trying to make it as a running back after a standout college career, which saw him rush for more than 4,000 yards and pass for more than 6,000.

The Bears also announced the release of tight end Jeron Mastrud and offensive linemen Dennis Roland and Robert Turner.

Those five moves get them to 70, meaning 17 more will have to come tomorrow.

7 responses to “Bears get rid of another converted college QB project

  1. larryboodry, he might get picked up by another team, or make a practice squad somewhere – maybe even yours.

    He’s a converted QB; maybe some coach sees a different position for him such as tight end or move him across the ball to linebacker?

  2. Lynch will be back on the Bears practice squad if no one else claims him. Bank on it. He was the 3rd best RB they had in training camp, and the only RB they had who ran with any power at all.

  3. I thought it was odd at first that he got so few reps last night. After all, it was the perfect time and place for him to get out there and play, but it’s starting to make sense now why he only got a handful of carries in 2 preseason games.

    I think the Bears decided that he was going to be on the practice squad rather than the final roster some time ago, and chose to expose him as little as possible in the preseason to minimize the risk of him getting claimed before they can establish practice squads.

  4. Da coach would have kept lynch..he’s better than cutler!! Da McCaskeys are ruining this team and need to sell to DA Coach!! rotflmao..that is what is probably being said on chicago sports radio today..

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