Cody Parkey makes challenge for Eagles’ kicking job


The preseason finale couldn’t have gone much better for Eagles rookie placekicker Cody Parkey, which could leave Philadelphia with a decision to make.

Parkey, whom the Eagles acquired from Indianapolis last week, connected on field goals of 53 and 54 yards in Thursday’s exhibition win vs. the Jets. He also forced two touchbacks in four kickoffs.

Parkey is challenging fourth-year incumbent Alex Henery for the Eagles’ kicking job. Henery was 1-of-3 on field goals in the exhibition season, and his accuracy on longer kicks has been a discussion point this summer.

With the Eagles unlikely to keep both kickers, the question now is whether Parkey has done enough in a little more than a week’s time to knock off the established Henery.

“The length of the evaluation is what it is,” Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Thursday night, according to a transcript from the club. ” . . . We have to do it just based upon what it is.  We can’t call and ask for another game, we have to do it based on the information that we have.”

The other intriguing storyline is whether the runner-up in the Eagles’ kicker competition lands a job elsewhere. If nothing else, Parkey showed some NFL-caliber leg strength and accuracy on Thursday night, which wouldn’t hurt his case with other clubs should it come to that.

20 responses to “Cody Parkey makes challenge for Eagles’ kicking job

  1. It’s tough when you have the two best kickers in the history of the NFL, right Eagles fans?

  2. I really hope they go with him. Henery is awful and will definitely not wind up on a roster if he is the one cut.

  3. If this was not enough to convince Chip to make a change then why did they even bring him in? It’s not like he could be less reliable then Henery.

  4. The Henery era is over. Parker wins, case closed. Henery has been unreliable from long range and when he misses, he missed badly. He also was 2nd to worst in kickoffs in the NFL and Parker has a better leg.

  5. Henery is awful…when’s the last time he made a 50+ yarder? I don’t think they even let him try the past couple season. Good riddance…screw him and his extra “E” in Henry.

  6. I’m tired of Pencil Neck Henry and his weak and inaccurate leg but I’m not too sold on Cody Parkey either. Sure he made two 50+ yard field goals last night which is fantastic, but I still can’t get over the fact he was only 14/19 last year for Auburn and missed the biggest kick of his life (a 33yd FG) in the first half of the National Championship game against Florida State. With that said I guess I give the nod to the rookie, as some of you have stated he can’t be any worse then Pencil Neck. Im just hoping our kicker position is be consistent this year and not a detriment.

  7. Henery’s leg is so incapable of FG’s beyond 50 that neither the Reid nor the Kelly coaching staffs have ever even trotted him out there to try kicking one that long.

    And last year’s kickoff display v. the Vikings is all you need to know about his inability to get touchbacks, or even reach the end zone: they made him kick it short, basically conceding great starting field position to the Vikings *every time*, because they knew that Henerey couldn’t kick it past Patterson for a touchback.

    Just give Parkey the job. At least with him the Birds know they have a chance for touchbacks and FGs from beyond 50.

  8. I think they start the season with Henery to start the season, but will be on a short leash, and if he blows a kick or two, then he’ll be gone!! Hopefully Parkey is still available when that happens!

  9. “the question now is whether Parkey has done enough in a little more than a week’s time to knock off the established Henery.”

    Since all Henery has “established” himself as is a mediocre, undependable kicker, I believe that Parkey definitely did enough. Sure, there may still be questions about Parkey, but we already know the anwers about Henery and they’re not the right ones.

  10. I saw Henery at practise this year, their first open practise at the link and Henerey was nailing 60+ field goals with pleanty of room to spare. Everyone knows practise isn’t the same as a game. I’m sure though, this is why Henery hasn’t been cut yet, because it seems like if the kid only got his head right he’ld be great. It doesn’t look like that can happen wihtout at least a change in scenerey. Parkey made to 50+ field goals, making him presumptively better. Don’t over think this guys.

    Beseides, if Parkey stinks up the joint, I’ld be willing to be Henery will still be avialable.

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