Conflicting reports regarding Bills offers


Eventually, a winning bidder will emerge for the Bills, with a check that precisely identifies the exact dollars, down to the 00/100.  For now, it’s unclear how much that amount will be.  Especially since the reports are conflicting regarding the amounts that have been offered.

Last week, the Buffalo News reported that Sabres owner Terry Pegula bid $890 million for the team, with a bid of $820 million from Jon Bon Jovi’s Toronto-based group and $809 million (not $1 billion, all cash) from Donald Trump.  Those same numbers have since been reported by Forbes.

Now, John Kryk of the Toronto Sun reports with “certainty” that Bon Jovi’s Toronto-based group bid between $1 billion and $1.1 billion for the team.  And Kryk then makes the point that the other bids (specifically, Pegula’s) are much higher, given that Kryk agrees with reports that the Bon Jovi bid hasn’t been strong enough.

Which leads back to the initial report from the New York Post that Pegula bid more than $1 billion for the team.

So why would someone be leaking numbers south of $900 million?  Kryk theorizes that Pegula perhaps wants potential competitors not named Bon Jovi or Trump to believe the target is lower than it is, so that when the time comes (and it’s coming soon) to make binding bids, they’ll come in far too low.

Regardless, the final price seems destined to be well below the $2 billion that Steve Ballmer has paid for the L.A. Clippers.  That’s probably a result of apparent provisions in Ralph Wilson’s will and trust that require the team to stay in Buffalo.  Which means that Wilson likely sacrificed hundreds of millions for his family in order to enhance the likelihood that the team will never leave the only place it ever has called home.

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  1. And we are all eternally grateful to Ralph and Mary for that.

    Besides – they stand to rake in a payout of slightly short of $1B after taxes and have been running a ~$30 million (or equivalent) profit for decades. I know having perspective on the world isn’t something for which the billionaire set is known, but very good on them for realizing that doubling an already unspendable amount of money isn’t worth ripping the soul out of an amazing fan community.

    An NFL owner who realizes money isn’t the most important thing in the world. Who would’ve thought.

  2. The other thing you left out is that the Buffalo News is a joke. They print anything someone tells them with no backing it up. Tim Graham especially does this. They are a group of hacks.

  3. Poor Ralph Wilson’s kids, have to get by on a mere billion or so. How will they ever manage?

  4. and throught all of this, the only group that has not uttered a single word publicly is…Terry Pegula & Associates! Class man, class act and the next owner of the Buffalo Bills!!! IN TERRY WE TRUST!

  5. An owner with undying loyalty to the fans. How about that?

    There’s got to be a special place in heaven for Ralph Wilson.

  6. Yes, he has potentially cost his heirs a few hundred million dollars. Of course, they are inheriting a franchise worth hundreds of millions of dollars because of the loyal Buffalo fanbase. Nice to see Wilson appreciated that.

  7. Amen … @Phintastic …

    And that’s coming someone more “Spiritual” than religious … LOL

    Rivals on the Field … But glad we share the Historical Passion of THE NFL!

  8. So the Bills will sell, Marrone will get canned, rumors of them moving will pop up if they don’t build a new stadium and Cleveland will get their 1st overall draft pick. Sounds like an exciting year.

  9. I don’t think anybody questions the fact that Steve Ballmer paid $1.5 billion more for the Clippers than the team is worth. That’s why the judge didn’t hold up the sale of the team after Donald Sterling sued, because she was never going to get that kind of offer again.

    They started out as the Buffalo Braves. Is there some irony in there somewhere, or just a terrible joke?

  10. Why do people think that just because Steve Ballmer way overpaid for the Clippers ( Former Buffalo Braves) that everyone else is going to follow that foolish path ? The Milwaukee Bucks sold last year for around $ 500 Million , the Clips were probably worth around $ 700-$ 800 Million and he paid $ 2 Billion. The Bills will probably sell for around $1 Billion -$ 1.3 Billion and be a fair deal for all parties.

  11. Good for the Wilson family.

    For Ralph and his wife for setting it up that way and for the family for (at least not yet) complaining about it. While some will point out they shouldn’t complain I would point out a lot of families have been torn apart over fights over much much less money.

  12. How is Terry doing with the Sabres @chrisk61? Excellent, actually.

    Undisputed #1 prospect pipeline in the NHL and the team is set-up to grab one of two once-in-a-generation type players this coming draft.

    He’s also about to open a $172 million development complex with retail, restaurants, and two NHL-size rinks.

    He was recently was awarded the 2015 and 2016 NHL Combine (and is looking to turn it into a more fan-friendly event like the NFL’s). Did I mention that it was awarded to Pegula over the hockey capital of the world, Toronto?

    Oh, ticket prices have went up, and people still pack the arena.

    So yeah, Terry’s doing really well with the Sabres! Can’t wait for him to be the owner of the Buffalo Bils.

  13. People are jumping to conclusions about to what extent Ralph Wilson put in the trust about the team staying in Buffalo.

    It’s the current lease if anything binding the team to Buffalo for 6 more seasons that’s likely the biggest issue. That and the losing nature of the team.

    Morgan Stanley nor the trust has said a thing about there being anything in the particulars of the sale that binds the team to the region anywhere beyond 2019 and that $28M buyout, or whatever it is around there, to move it after that season.

    It could very well be that the highest bidder gets the team, we don’t know, that much has not been made clear. If that were to be the case, and not saying that it is, but if it were, Ralph’s going to be going from hero to goat in a matter of seconds if anyone but Pegula ends up with that team.

    I’m rooting for Pegula, and while he’s the odds-on favorite to get it apparently, I won’t be happy until the news breaks that he’s the winner.

    Then the next order of business is canning that entire losing front office starting with the personnel staff, Whaley included, and putting some people in there that know a little something about NFL football instead. If that doesn’t change, who cares. Many of us will be on the other side of the grass long before the next owner.

  14. Pegula has done well with a lot of peripheral things. But what about the Sabres on-ice performance? Has he turned them into winners?
    That’s the only thing Bills fans need to be concerned about.

  15. No one other than some lawyers, the trust and family members know what provisions were in Ralph Wilson’s will – and they’re not talking publicly about it.
    All the stories about there being a stipulation that that require the team to stay in Buffalo are just wishful thinking at best. No one posting on here or writing for the Buffalo News as any real insight to the sale process.
    In the end, the greed of the trust and Wilson Family members will most likely win out, but if Tony Pegula’s pockets are deeper than everyone else’s are (and if he’s committed to keeping the team in Buffalo, new stadium or not) things might just work out for Bills fans.

  16. Nevermind that the family is getting roughly a billion for the bills plus the fact that Ralph’s family are already multi-billionaires from Ralph’s other business ventures. How on earth are they gonna survive on mere billions??

  17. So Bon Jovi keeps saying his group will not leave Buffalo but the Buffalo media keeps saying he will. I’ll take Bon Jovi’s word thank you.

    They need an owner with an big ego. Jerry Jones took over a franchise that was run into the ground. Bob Kraft took over a franchise that may have been the worst in all 4 major sports now they are 1-2 in most valuable nfl franchises.

  18. Like I said months and months ago.

    While you continue to ignore the facts. If only I had Mommy and Daddy’s money to buy myself a website and call myself a writer/reporter.

  19. The odds that the Bills will end up in Toronto.
    The same as the Choke Jays, I mean Blue Jays making the playoffs.
    The same as the Maple Laughs making the playoffs.
    Oh Toronto, you must be so proud of your sport franchises. The only one that ever wins (the Argos), you ignore.
    Joe Toronto- you still actually believe the Bills will end up north of the border? SMH, SMH, SMH.

  20. Someone is going to end up with The Buffalo Bills. The only thing that matters is which bid is accepted and it not really important how much.

    What will be important is what new ownership does with the club.

    Will it be another Dan Snyder buys The Redskins and shows he is ill-suited to own an NFL team? Or Jerry Jones promotes the hell out of his team but doesn’t field one? Or, will it be the classic rebuilding of a franchise the way Sean Payton did in New Orleans or what Mike McCarthy did in Green Bay a few years prior?

    If I’m a Bills fan, I hope that it is in the Sean Payton style. Three or four good drafts, young players given solid coaching, the team prospers. Team makes the playoffs, team goes to the big dance.

    Who cares what Steve Ballmer paid for The Clippers? It only matters to Steve Ballmer and what he intends to do with the club.

    No owner in pro sports gets a team to the top without a long-term plan that is solid from the git-go.

    The Buffalo Bills are not a rock group. The Buffalo Bills are not a real estate investment. The Buffalo Bills are not a bunch of hockey pucks.

    What will matter is what new ownership does.

    If I ended up with The Bills, I would have the most realistic 5 year plan to make the team a playoff caliber club. PERIOD. And I would execute it with precision and support.

    The spotlight is on the Cleveland Browns to see what the new ownership there really, really does.

    It is rare that an NFL person ends up owning a team. Its always some rich guy from another industry. And that means a learning curve.

    Good luck to whatever individual or group wins The Buffalo Bills.

  21. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:Aug 29, 2014 9:32 AM

    You couldn’t pay me to own this team. No QB. No corporate sponsors. Old stadium. No head coach. No top 3 pick next year(it’s going to Cleveland.)
    And you couldn’t pay me to buy the New York Jets, worst franchise in the NFL, hands down.

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