D.J. Swearinger not fined for hit that concussed Welker


Texans safety D.J. Swearinger earned the ire of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and a penalty for a hit in last week’s preseason game that left Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker with a concussion, but the league didn’t think he did anything that warranted further punishment.

PFT has confirmed with the league that Swearinger did not receive a fine for the hit. Manning was fined $8,268 for the taunting penalty he received for getting in Swearinger’s face and expressing his feelings about the hit that left one of his top receivers with his latest concussion.

Welker was hurt when Swearinger hit him shortly after he reeled in a 9-yard catch. Tom Curran of CSN New England and others argued that Manning bore some of the blame for Welker’s injury because he threw a pass to Welker in a spot where he was sure to be hit hard by one of the three defenders around him.

The league’s opinion on that matter will remain unknown, but we do know that they don’t think Swearinger crossed a line on the play.

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  1. I always thought these new rules about hits don’t necessarily help improve safety, they don’t discourage a QB from avoiding throwing a pass that puts their WR in harms way. Of anything it gives them a bonus penalty instead. QBs are more inclined to throw into dangerous spots because the DB will either not hit them like they should or they’ll hit them and get a flag. Win win for the QB.

  2. Swearinger shouldn’t have been fined. He hit him with his shoulder.
    And for all those knuckleheads screaming “just wrap him up,” Swearinger was breaking on the ball and met Welker at the place where the ball arrived.
    It all happened in real time, which means really fast. It’s not a video game where you get to make decisions. Sometimes you only have time to react.

  3. A legal hit. Welker tends to lower his head and manning hung him out there, something he does often and he knew it. He can’t taunt himself so he taunted swearington

  4. Nor should he be fined. If you as a WR want to go down and crunch up into a ball fine, done blame a cb for hitting you in the head with his shoulder. You basically give him no other option.

  5. I can understand the flag, but it wasn’t a “dirty” hit. Swearinger didn’t do anything wrong, and I’m glad the NFL thought so too.

  6. He shouldn’t have. You can’t guess the receiver will duck his head as Wes did. If anything you could make an argument Welker led with his helmet !

  7. not sure where the idea came from that receivers should be able to catch balls in crowded areas in the middle of the field without taking fair but punishing hits, but it’s completely bogus.

  8. It was a legal hit. Welker ducked and he’s short. It’s not Swearinger’s fault where the knucklehead qb threw the ball. Golden boy should be mad at himself, not taunting Swearinger.

  9. Awesome — Swearinger didn’t deserve a fine. Welker leaned his head into Swearinger who was trying to hit Welk in the numbers.

    It’s kind of ironic that Welker, by trying to instinctively protect himself, actually did himself more harm than good.

    Peyton deserves some blame in this too — he put his wideout in a very very vulnerable position, that was completely out of line in a meaningless pre-season game.

    I don’t have a dawg in the fight — just call ’em as I see ’em.

    P.S. It is about time Goodell finally started to realize just how difficult it would be to play defense at NFL game speed. Congrats, at least, on that — it is very encouraging that he at least is showing hints of slowing the brakes. Up to now, basically nearly every defender got hammered with a fine and/or a suspension.

  10. It was a clean hit and shouldn’t have drawn a flag. Wes Welker should quit playing football and enjoy the millions of dollars he’s made. His brain is too fragile.

  11. The league should make the player responsible for Welker’s concussion have to miss exactly however long it takes Wes to heal enough to play.

    Of course, that would mean Manning would miss about three weeks so you know that ain’t gonna happen.

  12. What’s with the 8K fine to Peyton?

    He was already penalized on the field, I don’t understand why they have to pay their own money as well.

    Fine Ray Rice instead.

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