Derek Carr or Matt Schaub? Dennis Allen not ready to say


Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr played well in the preseason finale on Thursday night. But did he play well enough to unseat Matt Schaub as the starter? Coach Dennis Allen isn’t saying.

Allen said today that Schaub was not at the facility because of “a personal issue,” and Allen doesn’t know whether Schaub’s sore elbow is feeling any better. As a result, Allen isn’t prepared to say whether Schaub will be ready to go for Week One.

“I think the biggest thing is I want to be able to check on Matt and see where Matt is health-wise,” Allen said. “Like I said, he was making some progress last week, threw on the side with the trainers. I feel like he’ll be ready to go, but I think we need to see how he’s doing Monday when he gets in here.”

So before Allen can say whether Schaub will start, Allen needs to see whether Schaub is healthy. And that won’t happen until Monday at the earliest.

But if preseason performance is any indication, Carr should start over Schaub regardless of Schaub’s health: Carr completed 66.7 percent of his passes with four touchdowns and one interception in the preseason, while Schaub completed just 51.1 percent of his passes with no touchdowns and one interception. (For that matter, based on the preseason, third-string quarterback Matt McGloin should move ahead of Schaub on the depth chart, too.) Allen acknowledged that he was happy with the way Carr played in the preseason finale.

“There’s a lot of things that factor into the decision making process, but I will say that I was very pleased with what I saw out of Derek Carr last night,” Allen said.

The quarterback play in Oakland hasn’t been pleasing very often in recent years. Carr has shown promise, and that might be enough to give him the Week One nod.

73 responses to “Derek Carr or Matt Schaub? Dennis Allen not ready to say

  1. Seahawks fan here but the last time i saw a rookie qb play in the preseason like that….

    (Deon sanders voice)
    His name is russell….
    Russell wilson……

  2. Up until last night, I would have vored for Matt McGloin. The only good thing about DA’s press conference is he didn’t rule out Derek Carr. #StartCarr. #StartTheCarr.

  3. I guess I don’t see what the dilemma is here. Clearly Carr is the better option. It’s not even close IMO.

  4. Shaub has little arm strength as is and now they’re talking about an injury to his throwing elbow?!?! WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?!?!?!

  5. Preseason or not, that was the best performance against my Seahawks D I’ve seen in a long time. Allen is going to lose a lot of credibility in that locker room if he doesn’t start the rookie. You gotta play the guy who performed the best. Good luck Raiders fans, at least you seem to have a guy that could become the centerpiece of your franchise. Would be fun to see the Raiders win a Super Bowl sooner than that team from Santa Clara!

  6. Coaches rule #1 – don’t talk to the press about a player until you talk to the player about the player.

  7. I’m a Raider fan and a huge believer in Carr.

    That said- I want to to see Schaub at first. He’s gonna suck- Carr will be in by week four or five. But I’d rather throw a veteran I don’t care about out their first while we try and establish a running game and get an idea of how defenses are going to scheme against the Raiders. We aren’t going anywhere this year regardless. Give Carr a few more weeks learning the system while the rest of the offense comes together. Then let the Carr era begin.
    He tore it up- but only in the pre-season. Turn it over to him after the bye week.

  8. Who’s the quarterback of the Raiders is as irrelevant as who was the captain of the Titanic. In the end it will still be a shipwreck

  9. The Raiders are going to destroy Derek just like the Texans destroyed David. Give the man his year to learn the pro game and allow Schaub and McGloin to take the beatings.

  10. I watched Carr the other night against the ‘hawks…energy, enthusiasm, and he rocked the house.

    Maybe not as easy of a decision Seattle had between Flynn and Wilson, but certainly there are deep discussions going on in L.A. right now.

    Oh, wait…L.A. is where the game official thinks they’re from. Oakland, I meant Oakland.

    Goodness, sometimes I hate foreshadowing…

  11. Seems simple… Go with the hot hand. Even if he’s a rookie.
    Good is good. Winning is winning.

  12. .

    Please keep in mind that Wilson (like Roethlisburger) walked into a situation that had all the other pieces of the puzzle in place. Most rookie QB’s do not enjoy that luxury.

  13. The Carr revenge will happen soon.

    He made his case for a start, similar with Bortles.

    Oakland faces a tough schedule including 2 trips to the east coast in the first three weeks, Schaub is sliding, they have nothing to lose.

    Jacksonville doesn’t face a single top 10 2013 defense over the first 6 weeks (PHI, WAS, IND, SD, PIT and TEN), do they have a better chance at winning those games with Bortles or Henne? It seems like Flynn vs Wilson to me. Bortles won’t lift the Jags immediately for playoff contention like Wilson, but would you rather have another 3-4 win season or a shot to win 6 games if they get lucky?

  14. “Allen said today that Schaub was not at the facility because of “a personal issue,” and Allen doesn’t know whether Schaub’s sore elbow is feeling any better. ”

    So that means it’s Derek Carr starting… a “personal issue” ONE week before the regular season starts? — it’s Carr.

  15. I would roll with Schaub until the bye, which is week 5. That accomplishes several things.
    1. Carr gets over a month more practice reps and clipboard holding duties, which are important for a developing rookie.
    2. Schaub’s play will make it obvious BEYOND DOUBT that bringing in Carr after the bye is the right move. No one will second guess when they’re 0-4 or 1-3 with horrid QB play.
    3. Carr then only has to start 12 games – perhaps helping him avoid the rookie wall he might otherwise hit in a full 16 game season.

    The team is still a year or two away from smelling the playoffs so there’s no need to rush your rookie QB along and get a worse draft slot in the process by winning 6 or 7 games rather than 4.

  16. Also, I agree that Wilson and Ben did not have to face scorched earth for their rookie seasons just like Bortles and Carr but I still advocate for them starting.

    I respect whatever decision they come (or already did, like Jacksonville), the obvious argument is: if you draft a QB in the first round (Carr is an early 2nd but the argument still stands), it is because you don’t have one that is worth a starting job under normal circunstances.

    Cassel will start because he can at least carry the team for a short period, Bridgewater still poked him a bit but as a veteran Cassel was ahead and played relatively well, Hoyer because it’s Cleveland and Manziel did nothing to prove he can be a starter, Bortles and Carr outplayed the starters, just like Wilson outplayed Flynn.

    The Bengals decided to bench the #1 pick Carson Palmer, starter Jon Kitna won CPOY and the controversy was settled. Rookies can sit, but if you want to know how your franchise’s future is going to be, better see it now.

  17. blackbeard43 says:
    Aug 29, 2014 8:59 PM
    “Allen said today that Schaub was not at the facility because of “a personal issue,” and Allen doesn’t know whether Schaub’s sore elbow is feeling any better. ”

    So that means it’s Derek Carr starting… a “personal issue” ONE week before the regular season starts? — it’s Carr.
    Maybe the “Personal Issue” is that D.A. told him they were going with the rookie and they wanted to give him a minute to collect his thoughts and decide if he wanted to be a backup or be released… Just a hunch

  18. If you didn’t catch the game against the Hawks last night, Carr was out of this world. He didn’t look like a rookie. In fact, he was Roger-esque, and it was as if the ball was on a string…I’ve never seen such a great rookie QB performance. Against the Hawks D-fense….what’s up WITH THAT!?

  19. When Schaub is on the field he looks like he’s chewing on a turd sandwich. Carr and McGloin both bring a presence to the position, but Carr doesn’t have the depth around him that Wilson has. The Raiders are generally regarded as the worst team in the league, they have a tough schedule, and will be traveling over 36,000 miles during the year. They play in New Jersey, New England, and London in the first quarter. Schaub should start the first four at least. Carr has a chance to be good. Why waste his chances on this season?

  20. “Allen said today that Schaub was not at the facility because of “a personal issue,” and Allen doesn’t know whether Schaub’s sore elbow is feeling any better,

    schaub has an elbow? elbow macaroni maybe.

  21. I believe Carr who I know in an open college offense out up Madden #’s w unbelievable 5,000 passing yards 69% completion percentage & incredible 50 TD’s to only 8 Int’s last year in college. Also unlike Geno who has Vick to help him from repeating his own mistakes for 1 offseason Dereck has had his own tutor his older brother former #1 overall pick turned bust to teach him from his mistakes for many years. Just the excitement Carr showed w teamates after his TD’s last night won me over as u can c his love for the game & his teamates won me over last night.

  22. Send Schaub to LA. I’m sorry, but this whole, don’t start the rookie thing is overrated. The kid can play, let him play.

  23. Raiders will bumble this again. Good play in a pre-season game against a hodgepodge of defenders, two spectacular catches by the receivers and now anointed the savior. Every time the Raiders start a rookie, something goes haywire and he implodes. Even the coach can’t decide a week out from the regular season. Get your money’s worth from Schaub or trade him to the Rams for some BBQ.

  24. I think Geno who I’m not a believer in is very much like a young Atl Vick but w way less talent. After draft his college coach said he wasn’t a team leader & more worried about personal stats. & trying to win Heisman & after being outta race worried about not team but own draft stock. Vick admitted he didn’t study take or defenses til after reflecting in jail & signing w QB Guru Andy Reid in Philly & b4 that just relied on god given talent. Was last to facility & 1st to leave in NFL. So I think if Vick who all young dual threat QB ‘s looked up to & emulated growing up can’t help tutor Geno then their is no hope for him as he doesn’t have Vick’s talent to multiple pro bowls & playoff appearances & close to Super Bowl. Geno’s West Virginia coach said he wasn’t a team leader or 1 to live in tape room & more worried about Heisman & personal goals than team success.

  25. My dad loved Raiders since AFL so I was burned. & raised a Raiders fan since birth now goin on 34 yrs & living my while life in CT where we have no pro teams & all my boys loving Jets Giants or tons of kids born in 80 bandwagon Cowboy fans nothing would be sweeter than goin to game w Jets fans. & laying into them hard w Raiders rookie QB high 2nd rd pick in Carr out playing Jets 2nd yr QB also a high 2nd rd pick in Geno Smith.

  26. I know Rex as a defensive guru would bring big pressure & tons if looks Derek has never seen b4 but think the Jets r a great team for Carr to start against w their IMO bad offense. Coach Allen can always this week announce that Schaub is the Raiders starter for the 2014 season but w elbow injury just isn’t ready to play week 1 but will be back for week 2 giving Oak an out. If Carr plays well u just stay w the hot hand & keep him as starter but if he struggles big time just start Schaub week 2 just like the coach akready said they would so diesnt look like benching Carr & have him lose confidence plus will give him real NFL tape to break down to learn from his mistakes against a very creative defense & can sit on sidelines hold clipboard & keep learning til 100% ready to take team over.

  27. I also don’t fear the Jets offense in Geno & lack of weapons at WR & TE just like they did w Sanchez who failed in NY. They gave Mark head case Holmes who for some reason Rex made team captain & then fresh outta jail Plaxico w no speed to seperate from DB’s & purely a jump ball Redzone weapon. They did give Geno Chris Johnson who in RB years is at end of his career. Not like it’s be starting Carr vs Broncos & Manning putting pressure on knowing he’ll have to score mad points just to stay I game let alone win. Beating Geno & Jets we’d need like 20 points to pull of win & huge confidence boost to Carr to win his 1st NFL start.

  28. With the Jets followed by Texans as Raiders 1st 2 games of the year is the easiest 2 game stretch of the season especially in a division where all other teams in division made playoffs last yr w Broncos setting offensive records & making it to Super Bowl. I also believe Carr’s confidence is gone and no longer a starting NFL QB. We r also in a new Age NFL where now it’s the norm for teams to start high pick rookie QB’s day 1 w the days of rookie QB ‘a sitting a yr or 2 learning from bench before being handed the reigns as teams starting QB plus in the case Carr does have a bad start to his NFL he has the best person to learn & lean on already goin thru that situation in older brother Dave to help guide him thru early rookie struggles. Also think even though preseason Carr has proven he’s best QB on Oak’s roster & gives us the best chance to win. If Carr doesn’t start week 1 would be the 1st time since 2007 a rookie QB hasn’t began season as a starter. Not like Schaub in prime coming off a great yr. He’s coming off worst NFL yr & has had a terrible preseason w 0 TD passes & while throwing more passes than Carr has 54% completions to 67% like 228 yards to 345 & 0 TD’s 1 pick to 4 TD ‘s 1 pick.

  29. I just like what I saw from Carr in preseason & prefer to start him off the bat vs 2 IMO beatable teams instead if waiting til Schaub stinks it up season over & having him start 2 games vs our division where all 3 teams made the playoffs & think playing vs Jets & Texans even if we lose us better than having him face Den SD or KC possibly twice later in the year which are much better teams. Like I said previously declare Schaub as Raiders 2014 starter but his elbow not 100% to start week 1 then after Derek’s performance vs Jets stay true to coaches word & go to Matt week 2 while Carr holds clipboard & learns from sideline or if he plays great & gets the win stick w the hit hand w his confidence on the rise. Saying Schaubis starter just hurt fir week 1 & nit dressing him IMO is a win win for Raiders as we get a good look at rookie vs very good defensive coach but also a bad offensive teams w him not needing to throw up 40 to win. Even tell players & team the same thing so to make it believable. Especially w terrible yr Schaub coming off starting w new team and injured elbow isn’t the ideal way to kick off 2014 & give us Raiders fans hope.

  30. If they name Schaub the starter over Carr or even McGloin, Raider fans should boycott. It’s one thing to hold a rookie back when you have a top tier qb as a starter like the Packers did with Rogers/Favre, but the Raiders don’t have Brett Favre as their vet starter. They have Matt Schaub. And anybody who has seen him play last year and this preseason is baffled that the guy is somehow still in the league at all. Play the guy that gives you the best chance to win: Carr.

  31. Carr will break all NFL records at QB, Joe Montana will be a distant memory, due to the majestic Derek Carr, the greatest player in NCAA history.

    Raiders will go 14-2 and win the Super Bowl.

    Dennis Allen= Lombardi.

    Derek Carr is supreme.

  32. What’s the point of playing a rookie qb on a poor team. It can easily do him more harm than good. People should get over their instant gratification syndrome, and learn to let players and teams develop.

  33. This is a no brainer ! youd have the be an idiot to not start Carr or McGloin These coaches are in denial about Schaub smh unbelievable they are even considering starting schaub over Carr or McGloin

  34. If you loose with Schaub it means nothing, if carr plays and we loose he’s still gaining experience. Carr will also help the running game because he actually the ball past 10 yards

  35. I’d be inclined to go with Schaub but if he has physical/mental issues that makes it infeasible then I’d put in McGloin.

    I like Carr a lot and because he looks to be the REAL future for the Raiders, he should be given the time to thoroughly learn and get acclimated to the pro game. He should get a few series a game a first to ease him in. And then late in the season (assuming the Raiders aren’t in the thick of the playoff hunt), give him some starts. And then hopefully he gets the keys to the offense in 2015.

    I don’t want a very good preseason game (and preseason games are still meaningless) to cause the coaching staff to prematurely throw Carr to the wolves in the regular season which could result in him getting ruined like his older brother in Houston.

  36. I don’t think it’s fair to say that by comparison Wilson had better pieces in place. I think coaching wise Wilson was/is in a better place…that said, it’s hard to say that in 2012 Rice, Baldwin and Tate were much better than James Jones, Streater and Holmes. Now they’ve certainly developed into more than that group I’ve named for Oakland but at the time it had many a question. Marshawn and Washington were a good combo but really that much better than the potential of MJD and McFadden? The 12 Seahawks were unsettled on the line but have since gelled…

    I really don’t think it’s that big of a gap between the Offense Wilson took over and this years Raiders.

  37. This proves that Schaub was a pathetic choice by those upper mismanagement morons mckenzie and snark davis. I say let McGloin start, he’s the only QB who’s proven during the preseason that he can play well.

    Most importantly this proves that denise allen is the most degenerate coach the Raiders have ever had. He’s a total loser and as long as he coaches the Raiders they’ll be a perennial leader. For that matter as long as reggie mckenzie and snark davis keep destroying the once great legacy of Al Davis then the Raider Nation is going to be mad and sad.

  38. Matt mcgloin was actually the highest rated backup Qb by profootballfocus advanced metrics so Shraub shouldn’t even be the in the conversation for starting Qb they should be cutting him ASAP go with mcgloin and if he fails then let Carr start after their bye week in week 5.

  39. What on earth do the Raiders have to gain by starting Schaub? Are they somehow under the impression that they are Super Bowl contenders this year?

    Hopefully they will be improved (not a raiders fan, but the league is just more fun when they are good), and there is no actual proof that starting rookies right away “ruins them” if they get off to a shaky start. The good ones get past it, the bad ones were never going to succeed anyway. Ryan Leaf didn’t fail because he was forced to start right way- he was just terrible. Aaron Rodgers didn’t succeed because he sat for 3 years- he was just great.

    The Raiders made a dumb move trading for Schaub and they shouldn’t compound it by playing him.

  40. You have to start Carr! I mean did you see him tearing up that 2nd and 3rd string defense! This guy will become a hall of famer! It’s amazing how he was tearing up guys that now are working at Burger King!!!

  41. You guys do realize if you start Schaub he will get majority of the first team reps to prepare him for the game???!!!! So not starting Carr will not allow him to learn as much as you think since the staff’s entire week will be preparing the starting qb for the next weeks game. Raiders better off starting Carr from the get go!!! Whether you start him now or later he’s still going to have growing pains , plus he might get us a couple more wins that Schaub diff can’t!!!!

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