Despite watching them play, Jerry Jones says Cowboys defense “much improved”


The Dallas Cowboys set franchise records last season for defensive ineptitude that included allowing 415 yards per game to opposing offenses.

They lost DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher and Sean Lee off of that defense a year ago and the struggles have continued this preseason.

Dallas has allowed 29 points per game this August – with Kansas City’s 32.8 points per game being the only team allowing more points this preseason. They are allowing a league-worst 158.2 rushing yards per game and a league-worst eight rushing touchdowns in four games. No other team has allowed more than six. Their 13 touchdowns allowed overall is third-worst.

Somehow those performances have led Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to believe his defense is on the upswing.

I think the defense is much improved, much improved,” Jones said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “…This is a better defense. We know our limitations. We know our scheme better and we got players that can execute. We’ve got better players, healthier players to execute the scheme. Even the ones who aren’t healthy, including them, we’ve got healthier players that can do it.”

If you say so, Jerry.

Now, the Cowboys were so bad on defense last year that it will be tough for the team to go anywhere but up this season, but expecting them to be “much improved” without much evidence to support it probably a bit overly optimistic.

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  1. Cue the very original “no D in allas” jokes. Plain and simple this man needs to hire a GM that can evaluate talent on the professional level. He needed to do it years ago, it’s long overdue. You want to keep the image of “America’s Team” you better start winning something meaningful sometime this decade.

  2. Well the inconvenient truth is that injuries were, at least partly, to blame for the Cowboys’ historically poor performance on defense last year.

    They were literally calling up guys off their sofas on a Tuesday and they were starting on a Sunday. As long as that doesn’t again happen this year, I think it’s probably fair to predict that the defense should be much improved, even if it still stinks.

  3. Nobody markets their team better than Jerry Jones.


    Nobody finds away to keep their team in the news in even the most innocuous ways.

    Now we can add the ability to engage in massive self-delusion to this list.

  4. The defense will be much improved after Saturday when the teams have to cut their rosters to 53 and the Cowboys will make waiver claims for half of their defensive starters.

  5. you people may want to stop listening to everything you read online. Yes the Cowboys defense wasn’t very good last year, but they were as epically bad as its being presented by the media. its just fun to make fun of the Cowboys and I get that.

    BUT…last time I checked you win and lose games based on points. The fact is their were SIX teams that gave up more points per game last year than the Cowboys. yes…6, that’s not a typo. and of those 6, I believe only one of them played Denver last year, which the Cowboys did and gave up 51 I believe which definitely pushed up that PPG average.

    And who did the cowboys lose???

    Demarcus Ware? guy was horrible last year. not a loss.
    Jay Ratliff? really good year, but Melton is a big upgrade
    Sean Lee? please, we are used to not playing with him.

    Monte Kiffin isn’t calling plays anymore so there’s a big upgrade.

    keep making fun of the Cowboys though, I get it, it is fun. the truth is the Cowboys don’t need a top 10 defense, the offense is that good. a 20th type defense is fine, which I am guessing that’s where they will be.

  6. I’m not saying the Cowboys D will be good this year, but c’mon. Citing a bunch of preseason stats to justify beating up on the D?

    I thought the mantra was always that the preseason doesn’t count. The starters don’t even play the 4th game. They play maybe a half of the third. They play a few series to a quarter in the 2nd game. They play 1-2 series of the first game.

    Let’s be realistic. While the Cowboys may be the second coming of the Saints D a couple years ago, let’s not start digging into their preseason stats to “prove” that. Let’s watch the horror unfold for real next week.

    Who’s writing this crap? Must be some idiot kid fresh out of college. They’re the only ones with the time to analyze preseason stats, and the only ones with enough lack of experience to attempt to apply those preseason stats to the regular season. I bet this knucklehead thinks Baltimore and Minnesota will face off in the Super Bowl too, based on their undefeated preseason records.

  7. The stats listed were for entire games. In the preseason that’s pretty much meaningless. The starters actually played decent all things considered.

  8. Quick… somebody has to get a drug test done on Jerry as soon as possible.

    Not because I care that he appears to be stoned out of his mind but because I want some of whatever it is he’s taking.

    That must be some REALLY good stuff he’s got there.

  9. Dude is delirious. We’re never going win a title with him calling the shots. The D is going to be awful again leading to another mediocre season of disappointment.

  10. danind, you meant Jason Hatcher when you said Jay Ratliff had a good year. Ratliff is a douche that didn’t play one down. Your point stands though, as none of these players produced as expected–so doing without the dead weight is an improvement in and of itself.

  11. Jerry you are doing a fine job and never under estimate your talent evaluation skills!
    Keep up the good work and I hope you live forever!!

    -Eagle Fans Everywhere

  12. Dallas had six games last year that they lost by a combine total of 8 points. Their offence can score with any team in the league. Just look at the Denver game. They have a lot of new players in that secondary. Player that have a lot to prove. I love it. No name players, with new attitudes trying to make a name for themselves. I can’t wait. If that defence does get it together hold on to your cowboy hats. I believe this is the year. Even with all the odds against them. Maybe not a SB, but definently NFC champs.

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