Eagles will place Arrelious Benn on injured reserve

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The Eagles got on the road to 53 players by saying goodbye to quarterback G.J. Kinne on Friday and the moves have kept on coming.

PFT has learned that the Eagles will place wide receiver Arrelious Benn on injured reserve. It’s the third straight year that Benn has wound up on that list with this year’s concussion joining 2013’s torn ACL and a variety of injuries in 2012 as the reasons why his career has been sidetracked after catching 55 passes for the Bucs in his first two NFL seasons.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that the team has also cut running back Henry Josey, who showed well at times during the preseason. Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that wide receivers Ifeanyi Momah and Quron Pratt have also been dropped from the active roster. All three players have practice squad eligibility.

With the previously reported moves, the Eagles are down to 69 players which leaves them with plenty of work to do before they are at the 53-man limit.

11 responses to “Eagles will place Arrelious Benn on injured reserve

  1. He was normally injured all the times on the Bucs teams, that’s the reason he was basically given away to Philly even though he was a 2nd round selection and had played well when healthy.

  2. man, 3rd straight year on IR?

    tough break for this guy. this is his livelihood, so here’s to hoping he gets well and he’s able to make it back from this.

    get well & best of luck to you Arrelious. Hope we see you back on the field next season.

  3. I heard it was actually short-term IR which means he will be cut when ruled healthy. basically they couldn’t agree on an injury settlement.

  4. The Eagles need to cut WR’s Maehl, Murphy Kicker Henery and runningback Polk who is wore out and keep the best players not the ones who have played for Oregon.

  5. Josey doesn’t make the roster after not only doing everything asked of him, but excelling at it

    It would of been one thing if he was a last second cut, after trying to figure out a spot for him. But one of the first cuts?

    Probably the first thing Chip Kelly has done (so far) that I 100% disagree with

  6. Shame they cut Josey. starting caliber RB. Which is probably why they cut him early. So other teams could sign him. Probably would’ve made the team if they didn’t get Kenjon Barner.

  7. Chris Polk has a slightly torn hamstring, Matthew Tucker hurt his shoulder yesterday, and Henry Josey has absolutely killed it thus far. I thought there was a very good chance that he would lock down the 4th RB spot, and I hope that he manages to clear waivers and join our practice squad, but some other team is bound to scoop him up before then.

  8. Barner couldn’t tie Josey’s shoelaces. If he makes it over josey and maehl makes it over momah I’m going to start getting really worried about this oregon thing. Especially considering that keeping barner, a substantially inferior player to josey, will also cost the eagles a 7th rounder. As smart as chip is there’s such a thing as being to smart for your own good. He thinks his system can win alone but he’s wrong you need players.

    Its the Same reason why the patriots can’t win the big game anymore. As soon as bill wrestled control from pioli he started out smarting himself and not giving Brady the help he needed. Thinking his system was enough to get them through. Which it is until you meet a team just as smart. Thats when you have to have the talent to overcome. But bellicheck’s hubris has made the patriots unable to do that. The Mankin trade is just another example of it.

    Chip may be on the same path. Keeping players he knows and likes instead of players with more talent and ability. He’s going to have to break this narcissistic habit. If not all the naysayers might actually end up being right in the long run.

    For example Casey Matthews has been the 3rd worst player this preseason behind only Roc Carmichael and Jason Phillips. If he ends up making this team ahead of Najee Goode Emmanuel Acho or Travis Long that will prove just how in capable he is of making an unbiased decision when a duck is involved.

    If it happens I hope roseman’s balls drop and he actually does something besides trying to win the salary cap bowl each season.

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