Eli Manning on offense: We got out healthy, that’s the most important thing

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The Giants offense failed to impress once again on Thursday night as the starters mustered one first down amid the dropped passes, miscommunication and poor throws that were far too prevalent over the course of the preseason.

Quarterback Eli Manning hasn’t bought into the doom and gloom about the offense at any point this summer and his reaction wasn’t any different after Thursday’s 1-for-4, zero yard outing. Manning found silver linings wherever he could find them, including the old standby about the week of practice offering no hint of the struggles that were to come.

“Well, I thought we had a good week of practice,” Manning said, via NJ.com. “We didn’t get much going [Thursday night], but we’re getting ready for Detroit, that first game. We got the starters out healthy so that’s always the most important thing. We have to get ready for Detroit on Monday night. It should be fun.”

The Giants have held fast to a confident line about the offense being where it needs to be for the regular season, something that can be seen in Manning’s relative nonchalance about the struggles. They’ve got over a week to make sure that’s the case or the game against the Lions won’t be as much fun as Manning is predicting.

25 responses to “Eli Manning on offense: We got out healthy, that’s the most important thing

  1. for those that think the Giants preseason offence is bad, be thankful you didnt have to watch the Bills for 5 weeks

    This Giants offence looks like the 2007 Pats compared to the Bills

  2. When you are running a copy of a offense Andy Reid used 15 years ago, and you do not have the right players to run it, you can call it a season and hope you get a top 3 pick in the Draft next year. The west coast offense is OBSOLETE in today’s NFL, Esspecially when you have a turn over machine in ellen a laughable o line, a defense that is a shell of its self. This team is in denial of being a rebuilding team so going through this schrade is just prolonging them from actually rebuilding. Lol have a fun year sewer pot scum

  3. If a spade is a 2 time super bowl mvp… yep, hes a spade alright! Since when has preseason ever mattered?? Were 5-0, guess that means were gona have a 19-0 undefeated season huh? See u here in a couple weeks, make sure all u haters come back when were 6-2 at are bye

  4. As a Giants fan you have to be a fool if you are not concerned. Nassib moved the ball (not well) but moved the ball with less of a line and against the 2’s.

    For a couple of drives it was the same competition.

  5. Well it goes to back to what Cruz said after the second preseason game. They’re just not letting you see the real Giants yet. All of this dismal offensive production is part of the plan.

  6. bigbluepa83 – a spade is not based on preseason. Its based on throwing more interceptions last year than any other qb. Its about never having a great QBR, and yes super bowls……..when u go 9-7 during the regular season, you arent great. Anyone can eek in and win a few games in a row…..especially when you have a great d-fense and solid run game to back you up. Russell Wilson isnt great either, put him on another team and his team prob wont make the playoffs. Eli on any team without a stellar dfense and great running game is a loser, plain and simple. There is a reason he wasnt even a top 25 qb in fantasy leagues. So yes, a spade is a spade.

  7. Why blame the QB when you have a brand new OC that never was before, installing a new offense. It’s McAdon’t’s fault.

  8. Give Eli a break; his right arm preferably. That’s the only thing that will stop him from breaking his interception record, again.

  9. “Eli on any team without a stellar dfense and great running game is a loser, plain and simple”

    What happened in 2011 when their running game rushed for 1427 yards and 3.5 ypc (both good for dead last in the entire league)? And how bout that amazing 27th ranked defense that year? lol, some ‘stellar defense and great running game’ What an awful, flaw-filled argument.

  10. Eli is the MANN and often plays best when it counts the most.

    And Andre Williams looks like a young Eddie George out there. The Jennings/Williams combo is going to be nice!

    GO BLUE!

  11. Easy Eli attracts the contempt of a lot of people who are jealous of his accomplishments. The media piles it on thick to generate buzz and have always failed to get the rise out of him they seek.

    Eli is a legend. GO GIANTS!

  12. as a giants fan its tough to see eli in this ‘decline’ – hes won 2sbs in great fashion and has had some great years and to see him losing it and possibly not go out on his own terms if he doesnt correct it isnt right…

    that said eli was possibly the 40th worst QB last year and if things dont go right this year nassib might push him. bc nassib looked really good for a 2nd yr pro (against the same string teams eli faced i might add)

    hope TC and EM dont go out like this..

  13. letsgobuffalo4 – our spade has 2 more super bowl trophies than all your all-pro quarterbacks for the entire Bill history. LOL

  14. It’s only preseason. Let the Eagles, Bills and other know-nothing fans call spades spades and revel in August QBR stats. WE know that when the lights come on, it’s a different story. Rings proves this.

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