Jerome Simpson suspended three games for substance abuse


The Vikings have one less cut to make to get to the 53-man roster limit, at least for the next three weeks.

The NFL has announced that wide receiver Jerome Simpson will be suspended for the first three games of the season.

Simpson had appealed to the league after getting a DUI in November, and failing to submit to a chemical test.

While it was his first alcohol-related violation, he had previously been suspended three games for violating the substance abuse policy in 2012.

Simpson has slid down the depth chart behind some younger options, and it will be interesting to see whether or how long the Vikings hold onto him.

52 responses to “Jerome Simpson suspended three games for substance abuse

  1. Just cut him. He’s not that productive. I’d roll with Adam Thelan and Rodney Smith behind CP84, Jennings and Wright.

  2. Goodell: “We have sought – unsuccessfully – for several years to obtain the NFLPA’s agreement to more stringent discipline for DUI, including mandatory deactivation for the game immediately following an arrest and a minimum two-game suspension for a first violation of law. We will continue to press our position on this issue in the hope of securing the union’s agreement.”

    Then how did he manage to pull off increasing discipline for domestic violence? The union didn’t approve of it.

  3. If Simpson doesn’t count against the 53-man roster, I wouldn’t cut him until after seeing if someone else can fill his role. He’s really the only outside-the-lines deep threat receiver they have. If Jarius Wright or Rodney Smith can stretch the defense like Simpson can, they can let him go when his suspension is over. Five wide receivers seems like the right number, so I wouldn’t mind saying adios to The Juice.

  4. Look he can’t contribute unless he is on the field. Do you want to count on him and then late in the season have him suspended? it is hard already when injuries take key players off the field. This guy takes himself off too. time to say bye – bye. (and I was a proponent of keeping him after the last one of these)

  5. Alcohol is a “substance” and is more addictive than weed, so this should be his second strike (at least) in a relatively short time, and three weeks is a joke. The fact that he was previously trafficing drugs makes this a further indication that he has some real serious issues. Goodell needs to be more consistent with his suspensions as it would appear that he just judges these “infractions” arbitrarily, giving some teams a wink and a nod while bringing down the house on others. Goodell got pressure from domestic violence groups so will now hold public executions for those offense while drug dealers and habitual screw ups have to miss recess. LOL…gotta love the new No Fun League!

  6. I’d drink and do drugs too if my QBs were Dalton and whoever the Vikings roll out there.

  7. I think the bigger lesson here is to be careful regarding the Free Agents that you sign. Its one thing to draft a 21 year old coming off a college campus where partying is the norm, its quite another to pay big contract money and have the guy be an idiot.

    What is it with the Vikings and FA WR’s? Berriman was a bust, Craig Jennings is vastly overpaid for his production and now Simpson is suspended. Spielman can seem to draft or find good help at WR and QB, which wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t such a passing league.

  8. The one Viking move that I did not understand was to re-sign Simpson after last season, knowing that a suspension was coming.

    Simpson is a liability. Now, he is out for the first three games of the season, including difficult contests against the Patriots and Saints.

    The Vikings have some good young WRs fighting for roster spots right now, including Adam Theilen and Rodney Smith, both of whom, to this point, have been ready to play and stayed out of trouble.

    Cut Simpson now.

  9. freeigwebuike –
    Don’t get your post…
    How about Simpson and KLUWE take a trip together… and never come back…

    Pfeifer didn’t do anything wrong, except run afoul of political correctness.

    Apparently joking about sexual abuse of a child is OK though… apparently to the very sensitive Kluwe.. raping children is a big joke…

  10. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Aug 29, 2014 12:12 PM
    Is there ever any positive news to report on this team?
    Just drug tests.

  11. “I’d drink and do drugs too if my QBs were Dalton and whoever the Vikings roll out there.”

    Considering the Steelers’ preseason, this explains Bell and Blount smoking weed before catching the plane to Game 3 as well.

  12. Silly Simpson – he should have known to rent a boat and get drunk. That’s the Minnesota way.

  13. What a team in Minnehaha! They have a corrupt owner, bigoted coach suspended, players suspended, arrests, players that want to leave, a qb with dwarf hand, cant fill a 40k college stadium for their games, and bandwagon fans. Bwahahahaha! That team and state are the gift that keeps on giving.

  14. 2ruefan says:
    Aug 29, 2014 1:51 PM

    freeigwebuike –
    Don’t get your post…


    Really? Simpson and Priefer are both suspended to start the season, so both have time on their hands to maybe take a trip together.

    It’s really disheartening to see how stupid some of my fellow vike fans are.

  15. Have to love these articles with their team’s screw-ups. Give the rest of us here a reprieve from having to deal the purple trolls because they go into hiding.

    Its only a short time now and they both will be irrelevant.

    Tick, Tock…..

  16. Unfortunately, these are the kind of players our team has to resort to in order to climb out of the basement every year. This is the year we make it to third place!

  17. Add him to the long list of “Winners” in gopher land…
    1/1/14: Vikings LB Erin Henderson is arrested on suspicion of DUI.
    11/25/13: Vikings CB A.J. Jefferson is arrested for domestic assault.
    7/7/2012: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is arrested for resisting arrest.
    6/2/2012: Vikings FB Jerome Felton is arrested for DUI.
    4/28/2012: Vikings RB Caleb King is arrested for assault.
    12/30/2011: Vikings CB Benny Sapp is charged with fifth-degree assault and careless driving, both misdemeanors.
    10/22/2011: Vikings CB Chris Cook is arrested for domestic assault.
    9/20/2011: Vikings S Tyrell Johnson is arrested for suspicion of impaired driving.
    8/7/2011: Vikings QB Rhett Bomar is arrested for DWI.
    3/12/2011: Vikings CB Chris Cook is arrested for brandishing a handgun.
    1/31/2011: Vikings DE Everson Griffen is arrested for felony battery.
    1/28/2011: Vikings DE Everson Griffen is arrested for public intoxication.

  18. Unfortunately, this is one of things that comes with living in a city that has major news outlets and where the police can’t to protect the athletes when they commit a crime.

    Small towns like Green Bay that have the equivalent of Boss Hogg and Cletus running show look the other way all the time…

  19. Yet they wonder why so many people keep wanting to watch the repeated train wrecks.

    No wonder they paid so much to avoid a trial with Kluwe wherein so much more ineptitude would come to light.

    Well, it resets the clock on days since a viking scandal.

  20. Kind of hard to take packer fans drinking jokes seriously when it’s their baseball team that’s named the “Brewers”… Oh wait, 90% of them cheer for the twins.

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