Seahawks scored on 11 of 13 drives led by Russell Wilson this preseason

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After leading the Seattle Seahawks to their first Super Bowl victory last February, quarterback Russell Wilson appears to have elevated him game significantly entering his third season in the NFL.

Wilson – who has won more games than any quarterback in history in their first two seasons in the league – has been under center for 13 offensive possessions in Seattle’s four preseason games. They scored points on 11 of those possessions and punted just once.

Those 13 possessions ended with nine touchdowns, two field goals, a missed field goal and a punt.

In his only possession against Oakland Thursday night, Wilson led the Seahawks on a four-play, 80-yard scoring drive. Wilson was a perfect 3-for-3 for 77 yards and a touchdown on the drive, capped by a 25-yard touchdown pass to tight end Luke Willson.

For the entirety of the preseason, Wilson was 33-for-42 for 437 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. He also rushed for 61 yards on nine carries and three touchdowns. His passer rating for the preseason is 133.8.

Wilson has been nearly flawless this preseason. If Wilson and the Seahawks offense can carry this production over to the regular season to pair with their already strong defense and special teams units, they could be nearly unstoppable this season.

52 responses to “Seahawks scored on 11 of 13 drives led by Russell Wilson this preseason

  1. While the Seahawks remain the team to beat, I hope it is noted that the two drives the Seahawks of their first team offense that did not result in scores were against the Broncos.

  2. I am a bandwagon Seattle fan… I became one as soon as I heard they drafted Russell Wilson. Fell in love with the guy when he played for my beloved Badgers.
    He aint too bad.

  3. Amen! Wilson has been on fire. This young man is an inspiration and is zoned in on his goals. Lots of Hawk hate on this site but I don’t know how you could not respect Wilson’s work ethic, craft, and humanitarian goodness.

  4. Gonna be tough for league to knock the Seahawks off the top perch.

    I’d put money that they repeat. (sigh)

  5. But he’s just a game manager right? The only reason he is good on offense is because the defense is good, right? He’s only good because the running game is good, right? LOL. Wilson is an absolute stud. Best QB in the NFL right now. Go Hawks.

  6. If you consider most NFL qbs don’t come into their prime until between their 4th-6th seasons then we, as Seahawk fans, are witnessing something truly special. Like once in a generation special. I hope I’m not jumping the gun here but I’m comfortable with making that statement.

    Go Hawks!!!

  7. I can hear the clarion call that “it’s only preseason” but ****-it this is a fine football team! The first team offense and defense are tuned up and playing like it’s week eight; you have to respect that. Wish you guys well and “Go Hawks!”

  8. That’s the good news for Seattle. The bad news is that Richard Sherman has been eating Campbells Chunky Soup.

  9. While they’ll always be a run-first offense, they could easily remove any/all restraints on the passing game.

  10. It was clearly a bad showing by the backups, but I’m not going to read too much into the loss. Russell just keeps getting better and better. I think the National perspective of Russell Wilson will change big time this season.. No more of this game manager stuff because this kid is the real deal.

  11. Every reason to fail, yet they succeed. Just admit, they are the model franchise after that can they unleashed on the Broncos.

  12. RW will be in the HOF. This game tonight reflects why the D-Line is the real key to our team on D. With no avril,Bennet or Mebane we not only didn’t apply pressure but couldn’t stop the run. Thats why the loss of big red,clem and Mcdonald were serious losses. Marsh got hurt early too in this game. We will need marsh,scruggs,Schofield and smith to be a factor this year because if we can’t get pressure with 4 guys then the LOB can’t do thier job. I think we will be ok though as most of our guys obviously didnt play. Carr should start for the Raiders,,Schaub? if they start Schaub fire the owner.

  13. Can’t wait for Denver to shut these fans up in week 3

    Maybe Week 3 of the 2015 Preseason

  14. Wilson’s QB rating the last three games, as the o-line began playing, 140.74.

    My guess is Wilson will have big games early in the season and Lynch will have big games late.

    At first I would guess teams will stack the box like last year and Wilson and Harvin will feast.

    But eventually DCs will have to admit Wilson is too good and be forced to play straight up and the you’ll see Lynch eat up yards.

    Barring injury, it’s going to be real tough to beat this team.

    In fact, if every team stayed healthy the entire year, Hawks win another SB.

    Too good.

  15. qdog112 says:
    Aug 29, 2014 9:03 AM
    Every reason to fail, yet they succeed. Just admit, they are the model franchise after that can they unleashed on the Broncos.
    Just admit, they are the model franchise after what they unleashed on the Broncos.

    Damn keyboard.

  16. In fact, if every team stayed healthy the entire year, Hawks win another SB.
    You better hope the Saints dont get HFA.

  17. “While the Seahawks remain the team to beat, I hope it is noted that the two drives the Seahawks of their first team offense that did not result in scores were against the Broncos.”

    It should also be noted that those two drives were the very first drives of the season since the Super Bowl. (Denver also did not score on their first two drives either against the Seahawks)

  18. Nearly unstoppable this season? They were nearly unstoppable last season, too. Their only three losses were by a combined 15 points. I can’t imagine doing better than that, though I hope they do.

  19. Seattle this Seattle that blah blah blah!!!! I hope you people are wearing your helmets because when the wheels come off that wagon alot of yall gonna bump yall heads!!!!

  20. Some bad mis-informed posts here re the Denver game. Wilson had 2 drives. Punted on the first (only punt on his drives all pre-season) and scored a TD on the other. Peyton also scored once on his 2 drives. Seahawks led 10-7 at halftime as Jackson led them on a scoring drive on their 3rd possession.

  21. What’s missing in all these “expert” prognosicators saying Seahawks won’t repeat as Superbowl champs is the age of this team. They are one of the youngest teams ever to win a Superbowl. They were able to win it all during their ascending years which is unusual. Believe it or not they haven’t even peaked yet. Russell Wilson is just now getting it figured out.

    Like the Steelers in the early 70s, the 49ers in the 80s, the Cowboys in the 90s, and the Patriots in the 2000s, these guys are just getting started.

    You haters can make all your predictions of doom based on hope, but it has no basis in reality. These next few years are the Seahawks time.

    What is even more rare than to repeat winning the Superbowl (8 teams have done that) is for the loser to make back the next year. The 1971 Cowboys and 1972 Dolphins are the only ones to pull that one off. Still so many are picking the Broncos to somehow make it back. Might happen, but I doubt it.

  22. What I meant was: It is even more rare for the loser to make it back “and win” the next year.

  23. Is it just me or is the media downplaying the fact that the Raiders rookie qb and WR3 made Richard Sherman look average. Or what about Latavius Murray stiff arm to Earl Thomas

  24. jtnt2010, it is just YOU. It was game 4 of PRESEASON. Completely IRRELEVANT. No WR makes Sherman look average. The starters were in for ONE series. Not denying the fact your team played lights out last night…but win an actual regular season game before crowning yourself League Champs. And for the love of God…can someone please get that team a damn stadium of their own already?!?

  25. Carr completed 1 pass against Sherman with a really nice on target pass. He also got one batted away by Sherman because he had his man well covered. That was one drive. It would have been interesting to see how it all played out for an entire game. Guess we’ll find out in November.

  26. All of the comments about Wilson relying on his defense to win games and just being a game manager are going to go out the window after this season. Offense looks great but the Hawks D has looked like it’s taken a major step back, coverage seems softer and the run stopping in particular has been pretty bad and wasn’t a strong point last year. Beyond just the awful first drive last night they also got lucky with the Bears receivers dropping a number of catches that should have probably been made despite the coverage, one that would have been for a TD. The starting D also doesn’t have a take away yet this season.

    Hawks should still be in the playoffs and make a run at a repeat, but this year it will be the offense that gets them there. Look for way more 31-28 type games this year.

  27. Carbonriver: you are def misguided. It was week 4 of the pre-season, which means every “good” team’s goal is to go through the motions and not get injured. You cannot judge a team based on their week 4 pre-season performance, and if you do, I hope your betting for push-ups not cash money…..

    Im sure the D will be great again this year, there is no reason to doubt it. However, I do agree with your estimation of the offense though. the offense is for-sure an upgrade.

    And one more thing. Im super excited to see some of the historically weak teams coming up!
    Talking about Raiders, Detroit, Cleveland, KC, and Seattle.

  28. I love it. The haters will tell you it was the defense that created each of those drives. Unbelievable the lengths some will go to to escape reality.

  29. Like the Denver Broncos did in February’s SB you mean?


    listenup823 says: Aug 29, 2014 9:15 AM

    Can’t wait for Denver to shut these fans up in week 3

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