Seahawks to release Terrelle Pryor


The Rams’ patience may have paid off.

Per a league source, the Seahawks will release quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  A 2011 third-round supplemental pick of the Raiders, Pryor will hit the waiver wire, since he doesn’t yet have four years of experience.

The Rams could very well be interested in Pryor, who has shown flashes of potential at the position.  He was unable, however, to beat out Tarvaris Jackson as the backup to Russell Wilson.

Pryor appeared in 11 games with nine starts last year for the Raiders, who traded him to Seattle in the offseason.

If Pryor clears waivers, he will become a free agent.

Whether by waivers or free agency, the Rams could use a veteran presence behind Shaun Hill.  The only other quarterback currently on the active roster, Austin Davis, has no NFL regular-season experience.

123 responses to “Seahawks to release Terrelle Pryor

  1. Hey Florio – have you seen Pryor play? He absolutely blows and cannot play the position. The way the media hypes up these “athletic” QBs is beyond upsurd.

  2. When on 3rd and 7, you can’t hit a wide open receiver for a first down 8 yards away, your time is up….sorry. Good luck though!

  3. Glad we dropped him. Should have developed an offensive linemen with that 7th round pick

  4. Pryor does not qualify as a veteran presence; and if the Rams think handing him the starting job is a solution it’s time for Fisher to move into the booth. He’s not an NFL QB, period. If he does not move to another position he will be in Canada this time next year.

  5. I approve this move, Pryor is not worth a 53-men roster spot to be a trick play feature. With our QB situation settled, there is no need for 3 players like during the early Carroll years (aka the Clipboard Jesus era).

    Rams options are limited but if they want to sign a backup I would rather take a shot at Orton (if he wants to play, of course).

  6. Terrell Pryor should be a Wide-Receiver. Sure he’s a mobile, agile, fast Quarterback but that doesn’t win Super Bowls. NFL Super Bowl winning Quarterbacks need to be able to pass accurately with the short and long pass and be consistent.

  7. Please go to the rams Pryor.

    And Any idiot that post “it’s because he wouldn’t take PED’s is a jealous hater, because their team didn’t draft Russ. We’ll have more playoff wins while Your team will have more suspensions.

  8. ‘He was unable, however, to beat out Tarvaris Jackson as the backup to Russell Wilson.’

    Not something you want to put on a resume, that’s for sure.

  9. Unfortunate. I had high hopes for Pryor but after his last two performances he just isn’t quite there. Good luck to him though, someone will get him on track. He’s got a ton of potential.

  10. He beat out Jackson fair and square. The organization just seems to have blind spot where Jacson is concerned. He’s beyond awful.

  11. It’s to bad the Seahawks couldn’t afford to keep him. I think if he had more time in the system he would have become a great back up. The Hawks just couldn’t use a roster spot on him with all the young talent at other positions. Other teams snatch up anyone we release so there’s no stashing these guys on the practice squad, they never make it through waivers.

  12. Why would the Rams be interested if he can’t even beat out T-Jack? This is reminiscent of last year when this website tried to hype Josh Freeman as a hot commodity. How did that work out? Where is he at now?

  13. Pryor suffers from Tim Tebow Disease. If he would relinquish the pipe dream of becoming a professional quarterback, he could be an outstanding player.

  14. There’s a shocker.
    I watched the game longer than I planned just to see how he was looking.
    I saw a big, dumb, athletic kid who is nowhere near an NFL quarterback. The same thing I saw with the Raiders.
    Carroll had to call a timeout for him? Yeah… that’s the guy you want running your show.
    It seems the whispers out of Oakland that he had trouble learning plays are accurate.

  15. For future reference, if you are first or second or whatever string, remember there is always the very likely scenario your # will be called to enter the game, especially during PRESEASON!!!

  16. Couldn’t beat out Tarvaris “Hot Mess” Jackson? Not exactly a high point on your resume…..

  17. If Buffalo doesn’t jump on this, I give up.

    This is the best QB there is to challenge EJ and possibly win games if needed.

  18. Tavaris had the benefit of being in Seattle for most of the last couple years and he was their former starter, and he played with the oc in MN. Pryor not beating him out isn’t that huge of a sign. Rams should snatch him up, he’s a good playmaker when healthy.

  19. I commented at the time of the trade that he was merely a Seattle camp arm.
    He’s pretty much done as an NFL quarterback.
    Just not very good at it…
    Thanks for playing.

  20. He’s not good enough to be a 3rd stringer??

    The Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Miami dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers (Blaine Gabbert sucks) and Houston texans (maybe) could use him.

    I loved having him for fantasy football though last year. Especially when he hurt pittsburgh with his 93-yard TD run. It’ll be a shame that he’s not in football for longer.

  21. Al Davis’ LAST pick. For the sake of nostalgia, not to mention he is one superb athlete, I’m pulling for him to stay in the league on someone’s roster. He looked pretty good in his last outing against us. Go Raider Nation. The first and ONLY nation!

  22. BJ Daniels was far superior this preseason to Pryor, and TJack for matter, as Wilson’s back-up. Pryor seemed like a hard working, decent dude and I’m a bit sorry things didn’t work out for him with us. This is, however, the correct, AlwaysCompete move because BJD clearly beat him out.

    Pryor is not good enough yet to be a starting NFL QB and probably needs to sit at least one year, maybe two, and just learn the fundamentals at this level. Unfortunately there is not a spot for him in that capacity on a championship-caliber Seahawks roster. I wish him well.

  23. It sucks Philly couldn’t get him for the pre season…. I just feel like a QB like Pryor could really benifits from a month or 2 under chip kelly even if he didn’t see a play on game day

  24. Seattle looks bad in the trade in the end. Didn’t give up much, but Raiders might have dropped him anyways. We’ll see where he goes next.

  25. Seahawks would be better off trading him to a team for next to nothing than cutting him. I’m sure they could wrangle something for him by jettisoning him to the Texans.

  26. I saw him play a few preseason games since my local network shows the games. At first I thought the trade for him was alright but when watching him he really isn’t that great. I’m no Tavaris Jackson fan but he is far more serviceable than this dude. Same with BJ Daniels and no I’m not joking. I think another team will take their chances on Pryor as a backup but I won’t lose sleep at seeing him go. Has terrible accuracy and football IQ.

  27. Pryor is a young guy with potential and has a big arm but watching him play its like watching Tim Tebow in the pocket – its really ugly. BJ Daniels looked like more of a keeper.

    His bad footwork and mechanics are too much to overcome right now. He strikes me as a good guy that’s working hard and I hope he finds his success in the NFL.

  28. If Pryor is playing qb for your team, you’re in serious trouble. I’d honestly rather have Christian Ponder. He’s really that bad. He looked completely lost the whole preseason and his throws were more erratic than Goodell’s suspensions. And running out of bounds for a loss of yards is the most idiotic/selfish thing a qb can do and he does he consistently. Very athletic kid, but just not starting qb material.

  29. A QB that scores 90 + plus yard TD last season and proved he can make throws is out of work , yet guys like Jimmy Clausen and Matt Barkley are alive and well in the NFL. Pryor is better than both of those guys combined. He is good enough to be 3rd on someone’s depth chart.

  30. thats to bad, i really wanted to see pryor do somthing in the nfl. such a talented athlete.

  31. If I were Jeff Fisher, I’d throw a conditional 7th rounder at Belichek for Mallet….

  32. Still not sure why we blew a 7th round draft pick on this guy considering most of the starters are made up of late rounds picks or undrafted free agents. We could’ve gotten another Malcolm Smith with that pick.

  33. I wonder why they traded a 7th round pick to the Raiders for Pryor if they are going to release him? Tarvaris Jackson didn’t play well yesterday.

  34. They may be testing the waters and see if any team is interested. If no one shows interest, then they can then put him on the practice squad. Since the Rams show interest, they may not cut him tomorrow after all.

  35. eh, for some reason i expected it. i think Pryor finds work. i kinda want him on a team who needs a backup as that’s what he is. a QB needy team should look his way, even if it’s just as a backup.

  36. Please Rams pick him up…you want a guy who couldnt even beat out a crappy QB like Jackson and was dumped by the raiders……please…please…please pick him up.

  37. Why is every single quarterback in the mix for the Rams according to you guys? Rams will probably only carry two QBs in Shaun Hill and Austin Davis in the regular season since Gilbert will probably slide onto the practice squad as an emergency number three option. That way they could keep both Michael Sam AND Ethan Westbrook.

  38. So much for all the so-called experts from Sea-dull who claimed that Cheatey Petey would turn Pryor around and use him to dominate the NFC West. You blasted the Raiders for not being able to use him but it turns out that Pryor is just not a good player.

  39. The Rams won’t go far with Shawn Hill but he does know the play book. What is a Austin Davis? That’s it?
    What a shame, the Rams have a great team but no quarterback .
    Pick up Pryor or get the 3rd QB from Philly. They have to prepare 4 necks year.

  40. While I respect Pryor’s work ethic, he is simply not a legit NFL QB. And if he is out of the league altogether then it’ll be his own fault – he shares the same stubbornness/denial with Tebow in insisting that he is a legit QB. Pryor (as with Tebow) could easily have an NFL roster spot if he agreed to switch to another position.

  41. His only value to the Rams is info. He cannot start, not good enough, unless you want to lose every game. I heard Ryan Fitzpatrick just got the boot, I believe from Oakland. Go get him.

  42. “Plenty of athletic ability, but he’s just not intelligent enough to play QB at this level.”

    Bingo, as a Buckeye fan I hated post game interviews with him. He just hasn’t got it upstairs.

  43. He has always been overrated, even when he was with my buckeyes I hated him. Newton will follow soon enough, he’ll never take the panthers to a SB.

  44. He couldn’t beat out Tavaris Jackson? Pfft, he couldn’t even beat out BJ Daniels for the #3 spot.

    If your team needs a QB, and Seattle cuts Daniels, that’s the guy you want, not Pryor. Pryor is only a name at this point. Because of his name, he’ll probably bounce to a couple of more NFL teams before winding up in Canada or Arena ball.

  45. I love reading the comments about Pryor. After the Raiders traded him (good move Reg), all the TP fans said he just needed a chance to develop. Most of them must have been as dumb as TP and not realized he was 3 years into this development. Then the TP fans said Seattle had great coaching and he fit their system. There were even idiots stating that he would be able to unseat Wilson. Now the Seahawks release him and that crowd is 50/50. Still some guys saying that he just needs time to develop. You only have so many prime years, especially when all you do well is run. You can’t take 12 years to develop.

    As far as being brought in by the Rams, he couldn’t learn an offense playing for a team almost 3 years, how is he expected to come in and learn a system in 4 days? There are a ton of quality veteran back ups available that would be a much better fit. Unless the Rams plan on installing the read option exclusively, they will not pick up TP. Guy is a joke. He was an Al Davis speed pick that failed miserably.

  46. It sucks Philly couldn’t get him for the pre season…. I just feel like a QB like Pryor could really benifits from a month or 2 under chip kelly even if he didn’t see a play on game day

    Yeah, because the NFL is littered with Oregon QBs.

  47. He just didn’t seem to learn from his mistakes fast enough. You can’t fault his effort and I like the guy but for the Hawks its about protecting the ball at QB. If he can sit for a few years on a good team with franchise QB I think he could be a late bloomer. I don’t see him out the NFL.

  48. Pryor played 11 games and started nine for the Raiders last season, but completed just 57.4 percent of his passes, averaged just 6.6 passing yards per attempt and threw 11 interceptions compared to just seven touchdowns. For the Seahawks this preseason, Pryor completed just 53.8 percent of his passes with 7.2 yards per attempt, one touchdown and two interceptions. Any questions?????????????? Get over it… Guy will never play QB in nfl….

  49. I remember Brees being pretty bad in SD before the lightbulb came on. That said, Pryor just needs some playing time. He could easily start in the CFL and show NFL teams what he can do. It’s just going to take some time.

  50. QB’s in the NFL take years to develop but usually only get three and that’s on the bench. Look at the number of high priced top pick busts there are.

    Pryor could benefit from the FXFL that is starting this year as an unofficial NFL minor league

  51. The comments from people thinking Pryor is ever going to be an NFL quarterback are hilarious.
    No, he’s not better than ANY quarterback on a roster today. Not one of them.
    The fact that he ran for a long TD last year might make him a decent WR or RB, but it’s not a feather in your hat if you play a position requiring passing skill, or the intelligence needed to manage an NFL offense at full speed.

    And to say he just needs to sit a year or two… Really? he’s been sitting for three years already. How long does it take to sink in?


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