Watkins re-injured ribs


Bills receiver Sammy Watkins returned from a rib injury to suffer a new rib injury.  To the same ribs.

The Bills disclosed that Watkins departed the preseason shutout finale against the Lions with the same injury that knocked him out of the team’s third preseason game (of five) against Pittsburgh.

Watkins’ availability will now come into question for Week One at Chicago, with coach Doug Marrone not wanting Watkins to talk about the situation and with Marrone required to commence filing an injury report as of next Wednesday.

Watkins finished the preseason with three catches for 21 yards, all of which came against the Panthers in the first week of the preseason, after the Bills opened the exhibition slate in the Hall of Fame game.

21 responses to “Watkins re-injured ribs

  1. No, first round wide receivers who specialize in running really fast and are all of a sudden required to jump in front of professional linebackers never get hurt. That’s why you can safely trade extra first round picks for them.

    The people running this team really know what they’re doing. Just ask them.

  2. Way to go, Doug “I punt from the opposing 37-yard-line” Marrone. Trot your starters out against backups for no reason other than to roll the injury dice. And with 2015’s 1st-rounder gone, it’s going to be difficult for the new owner to find a suitable replacement for you come January.

  3. Injury prone lol. Glad we traded the pick to buf for 2 1st rd picks(2014,2015)

    Jk about the injury prone(too early to say) but im still glad we got those picks(even though Gordon is gone for the yr which is BS). Hope he gets healthy quick

  4. The Bills made a bold move for Watkins this is not a good sign, thus far he along with Beckham Jr have been hurt a lot.

  5. Rest until the Bills find a QB Sam. Of course that means we probably won’t see you until after your rookie contract runs out.

  6. Marrone is WAY in over his head. And who ever elected to sign him and pass up on other talented head coaches should never have even been there to begin with. And I’m a Bills fan. And everyone not wearing a number on their back in Buffalo are WAY in over their heads as well.

  7. He was going to stay in the game until the refs stopped the game to reset the clock. Its nothing. Purely precautionary. He’ll be fine.

  8. So you’re telling me that a coach who barely eked out a .500 record in college, at a school in an extremely weak conference, is struggling with basic personnel and game calling decisions? Incredible.

  9. As a Bills fan I’m not worried about this season at all. It’s actually the least stressful season of their existence (once the sale goes through in October), because we will have a new owner and a new direction of the team. If somehow EJ learns to play QB we can make the Playoffs and it will be a fun year. If the team goes off the rails and Whaley traded away a top five pick, then he and all of the coaches will be fired and we get a fresh start next year with new coaches and owners. I’m just going to have fun and see how this drama unfolds.

  10. I just can’t wait for my complaints about the offense and playing calling to be for real and not just preseason complaints!!

    Watching the Lions game was like a car crash – just couldn’t look away, but I still felt like throwing-up!!

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