Bears cut Kelvin Hayden, set initial 53-man roster


Cornerback Kelvin Hayden re-signed with the Bears after missing the entire 2013 season with a hamstring injury, but he won’t get a chance to play for them in 2014 unless the team has a change of heart.

Hayden was one of the players let go by the Bears on Saturday as they set their initial 53-man roster. The 2005 Colts second-round pick played 16 games for the Bears in 2012 and was competing for a backup cornerback job in Chicago this season, but Sherrick McManis and Demontre Hurst remain on the roster.

The Bears also released safety M.D. Jennings with an injury settlement and released defensive end Austen Lane.

In addition to the previously reported cuts, the Bears also waived wide receiver Josh Bellamy, defensive tackle Brandon Dunn, defensive tackle Tracy Robertson and cornerback Al Louis-Jean.

15 responses to “Bears cut Kelvin Hayden, set initial 53-man roster

  1. Surprised they cut Austen Lane. He was better this preseason than Cornelius Washington by far. But Washington was a Phil Emery draft pick so that probably made the difference.

  2. I hope Bellamy lands somewhere. He played extremely well this preseason. He’s a solid deep threat for someone.

    Meanwhile the Bears don’t have a return man.

  3. Agreed the Bears still don’t have a return man. They could have had one if they had kept Chris Williams, but they cut him to hang on to Michael Spurlock… dumb.

    Also I’m not sure why they shorted some other position just to keep a 4th RB (Sinorise Perry). That guy has shown nothing in the preseason.

  4. As a Packer fan, I’m more excited for the start of this season than I have been for quite a while. I think the Bears are going to give my Packers a run for their money this year and Detroit might even step up and surprise us all. Minnesota, however, will continue to be Minnesota.

  5. Santonio Holmes looks like he’ll play a role in the return game. Guy still has something left in the tank.

  6. I don’t get the Chris Williams move at all, the Bears have no speed there now, gonna miss that for sure. Wasn’t that 73 yd. TD catch a sign, with all the YAC?

    Don’t know why Marquis isn’t on IR w/the Return designation to keep Bellamy who looked quite good (hello Cleveland, you need this kid). Speaking of IR has the NFL learned n-o-t-h-i-n-g from MLB how to run a IR program? Why only one return designee, and ridiculous time periods? Totally stupid IMO.

    And why, with a billion dollar operation are there only 53 on the roster, worried about an extra $400K? Hope it doesn’t take as long for the roster to expand (every team runs short of players each year in some respect) as it did for the practice squad. Also what’s the rationale for only 46 suiting up for a game when you’re already paying 53 guys, trying to charter a smaller plane to save a few quid?

    It’s obvious from the above and recent NFL decision making (Rice, Gordon et al) that they don’t have the right crew in the building making input during the decision process. Multi-Billion dollar revenue is no guarantee of a high common sense quotient, obviously.

  7. Count me among the surprised at the Williams cut. Have to believe it was due to his injured hamstring because he was invisible after that. Holmes and Spurlock will probably be in the return game. Let’s just get the season started!

  8. I am absolutely dumbfounded that they kept Chris Conte. He is one of the worst players, regardless of position, in the NFL.

    They cut Adrian Wilson (five-time Pro Bowler) and M.D. Jennings. But they kept Conte. Makes perfect sense.

    Just. Wow.

    But I would trust Mel Tucker on this one. Why not. Oh, I know why – because four of the five defenses that he has been DC for have finished No. 23 or WORSE in both points allowed and yards allowed.

    So much talent and promise on this team. Too much to have the glaring weaknesses on defense that they do.

  9. Williams means nothing people. If the Bears still struggle to play anything that resembles defense, what they do offensively won’t matter.

  10. KIR says:
    Aug 30, 2014 7:52 PM
    How many more years are they going to waist on Shea McCellenin?


    Waste* Not your pant’s size dude.

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