Raiders the last team to announce cuts, such that it matters

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As per custom, the Raiders were the last team to announce their cuts, rolling in three hours after the league’s deadline to submit them.

There wasn’t what you’d call a surprise among the group, though they did cut veteran wideout Greg Little.

The rest of their cuts include wide receiver Seth Roberts, kicker Giorgio Tavecchio, running back George Atkinson III, running back Jeremy Stewart, fullback Karl Williams, guard Lamar Mady, offensive lineman Jarrod Shaw, tackle Jack Cornell, tight end Jake Murphy, tight end Scott Simonson, tackle Dan Kistler, tackle Erle Ladson, defensive end Jack Crawford, defensive end Denico Autry, defensive end Ryan Robinson, linebacker Carlos Fields, linebacker Spencer Hadley, linebacker Bojay Filimoeatu, defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin, safety Brandian Ross and cornerback Casey Chance.

But hey, they were the last ones to reveal their cuts. So there should be an award or something.

51 responses to “Raiders the last team to announce cuts, such that it matters

  1. Well someone had to be last….

    I just find it strange that the NFLN on Sirius XM had this list about four hours ago.

    I really hope that #34 George Atkinson III makes the practice squad, the rest was camp fodder.

  2. Far, far too many dingbat fans from other “teams” commenting on these boards about the Raiders. We get it, you wish you were a part of the only true Nation in the NFL. Get lost.

  3. The Raiders may have lost the most games in the last 10 years but they still hold the highest winning percentage in the NFL.

    Haters are gonna hate.

    One Nation!

  4. ^^^ No they don’t. There’s at least 5 teams higher than them now. The stat was always a lie anyways. Whenever it would say the Raiders had the highest winning percentage in professional sports history, it never included the few non Al Davis years (where they were terrible).

  5. Of course the Raiders were going to be last…

    I mean, they have the least amount of wins over the last 10 NFL seasons…

    They were last in attendance in 4 out of the last 5 NFL seasons…

    And they’re picking right up where they left off last season… in last place again…

    I mean, it’s the Raiders folks…

  6. B. Ross, L. Mady, and George III I would expect to be signed the the practice squad. Maybe Stewart too…

    Kinda hated seeing Dale Murphy’s kid get waived.
    DID catch Derek Carr’s 1st professional TD though!

  7. Deadline. They miss the deadline. Shouldn’t there be a penalty like lose a 7th round pick or something?

  8. dougydougdoug says: Aug 30, 2014 8:55 PM

    I entirely expected to see Dennis Allen on that cut list. Odd. I guess a full ship of fools is always best.
    It’s the annual rite of passage for closeted Charger fans that refuse to publicly face their generational futility. Must be football season.

  9. “Such that it matters”…..I’d say it does matter to the 22 guys that just lost their jobs.

    True, but he was NOT talking about the players…

    He was talking about the Raiders being last of the NFL teams to make their cuts…

    And being last has no consequences as long as they made their cuts by the cutoff time.

    THAT is what he made that comment in reference to.

    But you knew that…

  10. Oakland trash. Can you tarp the 2nd deck this year? Only time you don’t need tarps is when Niners roll in and crush you. Lots of angry face painted fifty year old losers in that place! Ring a bell Raider clowns?

  11. The current holder of winning percentage is actually the Bears at .575. As a Dolphin fan, this galls me, too, but there it is.

  12. “Raider players are like deck chairs on the Titantic!”

    Rearranging the chairs on the titanic? Wow, I’ve never heard THAT before! – c’mon you guys can do better than that.

    The raider hate quality has really been declining lately.

    I’m glad Little was cut. The guy just didn’t look natural catching the ball. Kinda like another DHB.

    Troupe and Lumpkin were pretty good D tackles from what I saw. Good depth addition for who ever picks them up.

  13. The Raiders are one of the top 5 teams in won/loss percentage all time, regardless of their recent history. Prior to the last decade, they were in the top 3.

  14. I do local TV for a Napa TV station. The Raiders train in Napa. I went to the Napa Marriott to check out the scene. The Raiders left town to Oxnard to train with the Cowboys. My point is the Raiders are such a hush hush operation. Why are they so secretive?

  15. I guess nobody noticed Carr slicing and dicing Richard Sherman and the rest of the 1st team D on the Superbowl champion Seahags. Almost had 28 points in the first quarter.

    Y’all in for a big surprise this year.

    I will be the first to remind you of it too.

  16. Other than Greg Little and Atkinson’s son, sounds like a bunch of scrubs were let go.

    Honestly the raiders could probably cut another 10-15 players that no one else would want.

    The San Antonio Raiders…The NFL’s 2014 expansion team.

  17. haters are who we feed on, they only make us stronger. Raider Nation till the Casket Drops! I imagine a few seachickens are included here due to their first strings getting blown out by our 2nd stringers the other night. More Hate Please! all youse guys are “soft”, just ask George.

  18. Look, I know you guys don’t believe in Numerology but I think this an import coincidence… The 32 ranked team in the league was the 32 team to cut down to 32.

    My guess is that they will also have the 32nd best passer rating, offense and defense in the NFL.

    That’s great news… You will have the #1 draft pick next year.

  19. Always so secretive, so mysterious, so creepy,, the Raiders are the last team to announce their cuts?? Why? There is no body on that team that anybody else wants! The Al Davis ego lives on, yes? Long live your 4-12 seasons. Just lose baby!

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