Rams cut Michael Sam

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Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be selected in the NFL draft, did not make the Rams’ 53-man roster.

The Rams cut Sam in one of their final moves today, the team has announced.

Sam arrived in St. Louis with great fanfare — but with long odds to make the regular-season roster because the Rams were already deep at Sam’s position, defensive end. But Sam played well enough in the preseason that there was increasingly talk in NFL circles that he had a good chance of making it.

Unfortunately for Sam, he was simply caught up in a numbers game, and the Rams decided that he wasn’t one of the top 53 players on their roster. He could still return to St. Louis on the practice squad, a decision that would come in the next couple of days.

But first Sam will go through waivers, which means every NFL team will have a chance to put in a claim for him. Considering how well Sam played in the preseason, there’s a good chance that some other team will take him, and that he’ll be on a 53-man roster when the season begins. But that 53-man roster will not be in St. Louis.

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  1. Well, he played good enough that he should make it to the practice squad, if not onto another team’s active roster.

  2. I was rooting for him, and I still hope he catches on with another team, but lol @ everyone who dropped $100 or more on his jersey before he even played a game

  3. I have a feelin that Rex Ryan will call him, and also, DE Richardson and Sam played together in college, so Richie always talk highly of Sam.. NYJets will give him a chance.

  4. He was on the edge- just not quite there – may be able to develop.

    A perfect fit for the new FXFL unofficial minor FB league. Gives them some press, allows Sam to develop. Practice squad would be a slow boat to no where

  5. And in less significant news Champ Bailey who was one of the best CB’s to play in the NFL in the last 20 years & is a lock to be a HOFer was also cut today.

  6. he’ll make a practice squad, and as he progresses in special teams, he’ll make a team. From what i seen and read the dude kept his head down, and worked. Keep doing that, you’ll make a team.

  7. At the end of the day, it’s talent vs. talent and he didn’t make the grade. He will, I am almost certain, have a future on practice squad or another team’s roster.

    I am a gay man. I am an avid football fan. So if you even try to say that this will cause an uproar and was only done because he was gay, then don’t bother.

    We want good teams with good players. Sam isn’t there yet but he has a good chance of being there someday.

  8. You’d think they’d keep him solely for the press coverage, but then again the Sam Bradford Injury Report (SBIR) will keep them relevant on most of the sports channels for the upcoming season…

  9. What a relief. The Rams made the correct choice for more than one reason. Let’s hope no other team picks him up on waivers.

  10. Sam is a brave one. He went out on a limb by himself, which is a lot more than can be said for the bigots in the world. Bigots need the bullying force of other bigots to back them up. Without that, they are scared of their own shadow.

  11. The Tebow treatment ….. go out and win games, even a play off game and your out of the league…

    Teams don’t like distractions Sams and Tebow are from different sides of the political spectrum and have been treated the same, there should be no complaints.

  12. packerbackernj says:
    Aug 30, 2014 4:30 PM

    he’ll make a practice squad, and as he progresses in special teams, he’ll make a team. From what i seen and read the dude kept his head down, and worked. Keep doing that, you’ll make a team.


    Keeping his head down is the only thing the media was interested in.

  13. What other 7th round picks got cut today? Sam just wanted to get treated like everyone else, so I assume PFT will be doing individual articles for each 7th round casualty today? Better yet, how about we talk about the 7th rounders who worked hard enough to make the team, like Jeff Janis.

  14. BTW Jordan Stanton, DE of the Giants, who had several tackles and multiple sacks was also cut. In case anyone wants to complain about a 7th round or undrafted DE getting cut.

  15. He can now follow a better player (Tebow) into the announcing booth and become the first openly-gay college football announcer. It will give the media something to write about.

  16. Looks like johnny football got the last laugh. Him coming out was actually the best thing for him. If he were straight he would just be another player cut.

  17. bannedfromchoirpractice says:
    Aug 30, 2014 4:50 PM

    Sam is a brave one. He went out on a limb by himself, which is a lot more than can be said for the bigots in the world.

    Or, he was expecting political correctness to get him a job in the NFL. From what I saw of his play, he was good enough to lead the 3s, or be a minor member of the 2s. He needs work, and might be a year or two off.

  18. He arrived “with great fanfare,” which means the media made a big deal of it. Then, when the Rams were to make their cut to a 54-man squad and Sam wasn’t named, the media rejoiced. Now, almost secretly, Sam is cut.

    The media is not going to let this go without some horns being blown.

  19. I just don’t think this gay thing is a big deal. We got rappists, wife beaters, GF beaters, gangbangers, mom beaters, guys that flips cars, kill their friends or are serial killers like Hernandez, all accepted in the league at one time or another or are in the league, who cares

  20. Now he can do the “Dancing with the Stars” with Tim Tebow.

    I’m sure I’ll be boo’d on this one, but you gotta admit, it’s funny.

  21. Just saw on NFL network-Breaking News, SEVENTH round draft pick Michael Sam cut by the Rams, let me repeat that, SEVENTH round pick, when was the last time anyone saw that? I’m glad it had only to do with him as a football player. I’m still waiting on the breaking news the Eagles cut their fifth round pick Reynolds from Stanford.

  22. What an outrageous injustice!

    Sam was a star in the SEC, a conference that has better teams than some in the NFl, and during preseason Sam had the highest sack per play ratio.

    Shame on you Fisher, i hope you get sued.

  23. Finally maybe the circus is over, thank goodness.
    Send him to the 49ers with Jonathon Martin.

  24. He proved he can sack Johnny from A&M. That’s worth something right? Yup. In college. 7th round pick. 10 tackles in 3 games. Did his best, and I wish him well like all the others.

  25. Makes you wonder if he would have made the team if he just would have kept his mouth shut and played football. No one cares if he’s gay or straight; all he did was selfishly create media attention for himself. I have no doubt he will get more financial offers from various sources; this was completely self motivated and sad.

  26. There is no team in the SEC that could beat any team in the NFL; if you believe that you are truly incompetent. And sued for what…..treating him the same as the straight players on the team? Yeah…shame on you Fisher, you drafted him and gave him a chance to make a NFL roster. Even after he came with his self made distractions.

  27. @dman6015
    You said Same will be treated like Tebow. I disagree. Frankly, I really like Tebow as a person but don’t think he’s a good QB. With Sam, I don’t have an opinion of him personally either way, but think he’s a mediocre NFL player. Sure, great in college. This is the NFL. He will get picked up or rejected on those merits.

  28. It’s the right move. There’s too much depth there for him to overcome, and if they kept him it would only be for politically correct reasons. And the problem with that is, it would have hurt a guy who deserved to make the team but would have gotten cut instead. And that’s the problem with the politically correctness nonsense; all it does is hurt innocent people. That’s the only thing political correctness achieves, hurting the innocent. Luckily the rams didn’t cave in to it.

  29. wishuwerehere9 says:
    Aug 30, 2014 4:49 PM
    What a relief. The Rams made the correct choice for more than one reason. Let’s hope no other team picks him up on waivers.

    The other reason being that people like you don’t want equal opportunity for all. And then you add the hope that no other team picks him up?

    What an absolutely disgusting, bigoted sentiment.

  30. Sams issue as a football player is that he is not fast enough and/or big enough for either DE or OLB….. to poster above, he is more suited to a 4-3 (FAR too small for a 3-4 DE), far too slow to be OLB; he is a tweener (w/o enough speed or athleticism to play at NFL level)

  31. I’m beginning to understand what the Rams did here. They cut Sam, knowing no other team will pick him up off waivers because of the distractions, knowing they can still get him in the coming weeks. (I actually think they want him)They are basically playing with a 54-man roster.

  32. @erikinhell

    You are really that worried about political correctness raining on your parade? If so, then maybe your parade doesn’t have a lot going for it.

  33. He had a good preseason, better than I expected. I think another team will take their chances on him. He wasn’t going to do much on the rams with their already stacked d line

  34. I agree…. they did not want to risk releasing Westbrooks, who is a player and would have been claimed by others………. they believe no one will claim Sam and that they will be able to get him on practice squad…………….. football decision

  35. Y’all realize that right now there are players in the NFL who are gay who aren’t “cowgirls” or “pink circus tents” but hardworking, nose to the grindstone players?

    Some comments suggest this was the right choice because it kept a gay man out of the NFL. They are already there, have been there, and will continue to be there. And they could very well be one of your favorite players or on one of your favorite teams.

    You’re well entitled to your opinion, but you don’t have to be cruel about it.

  36. Seahawks, 49ers, and Cards fans are disappointed to see that the Rams finally decided they were not going to be the Liberal media’s darlings and instead are going to try being a real NFL team by keeping the best 53 possible players.

    Next stop for Sam is a team that needs an alternate focus for their media coverage instead of having to explain the awful season that awaits them, the NY Jets! With the clueless East-coast Media being the blind-leading-the-bling media that they are, the Jets grabbing on to Sam would be the perfect season-long alternative cover story for them.

  37. That’s the one thing I don’t like about this sport. The final roster is only 53. The teams however bring in more players than they really need to evaluate knowing most of them are going to get cut, it’s a super dream crusher.

  38. It’s only been a few hours, and I bet he already has his pick of attorney’s willing to represent him pro bono in an unlawful termination lawsuit against the Rams and the NFL.

  39. I bet you Obama will find time to come off the golf course to comment on how unfair this is for Sam and will demand social justice.

  40. I thought he was going to make the team, Sam did make a few plays (Yes I know they were against 2nd and 3rd string).The Rams are pretty deep in the D-Line/DE. He seems pretty intelligent so New England will welcome him in.

    Go Pats

  41. I bet George Bush Junior would have found the time to step away from “cutting some brush” throughout 1/4 of his presidency to comment on this. That guy has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands.

  42. So if the Rams were already deep in that position, why the heck did they draft him? Im thinking it was a publicity staunt. The Rams got the attention they needed, made history, and cut the guy loose

  43. I just received a CNN breaking news alert for a 7th round pick, 7TH ROUND! Can we get back to football now?

  44. He wasn’t good enough to be drafted in the first place, but in this PC climate the NFL made sure someone drafted him

  45. In other news Occupy Wall Street things Sam will be relevant and play in the league for a long time.

  46. Just saw where another brain-dead Obama Liberal is attempting to use their worn out , worthless tactic of trying to blame Bushie for Sammie getting cut.

    Brain-dead Obama Liberals are like zombies, they don’t understand why no one cares about them and their dead causes.

    It is what it is – Sam was not good enough to make the Rams’ roster. Makes us all wonder if some other NFL team is dumb enough to think he could help them win games when he brings a ton of locker room distractions, including the totally ignorant news media.

  47. Also, interesting timing. He was probably to be one of the first cuts, but to placate the PC brigade, the Rams announced all but 5 cuts yesterday.

    They knew full well he was done, but cutting him on Saturday of a long weekend gets less press than doing it Friday and gives the (false) impression to everyone paying attention, that he “almost” made it.

  48. Oh-oh, Oprah is going to stomp her chubby little feet and demand an explanation/retraction/reversal/apology for this unfair and un-communistic action!!!

    The Oprah will run her propaganda-commercial of how Obama was really working feverishly on holes 3 to 18 on the different golf courses he was on during his ten different vacations he took this summer to try to save the journalist who ended up being be-headed Remember, Oprah orders us to genuflect and bow down to Obama’s greatness and every Executive Order he utters. I am waiting for his forced burnt earth solution to the Washington Redskins non-issue.

  49. Sam may be temporarily down but he is not out.

    His courageous stand on social justice and equality within a hostile NFL placed him on par with other greats such as Rosa Parks, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

  50. Not surprised. At this point in time he is practice squad material.

    The NFL doesn’t owe him or anyone else a thing. Like anyone on a practice roster if he works really hard and keeps his head down we’ll see him again soon.

  51. The news media is falling all over themselves with stories about Sam and “what’s next for him?” etc.

    Here’s what’s next: a short career on the bench. He’s mediocre and doesn’t play special teams. That’s a recipe for having a very short career.

    But it’s OK, he’ll get his own reality show backed by Oprah and he’ll make the rounds on the network TV channels talking about his “Jackie Robinson-like” life where he broke the “openly gay player barrier” in the NFL.

  52. wisconsinhillfolk says:
    Aug 30, 2014 8:10 PM
    George Bush Junior has the blood of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on his hands. I hope he hears their screams in his sleep.

    FYI: He’s not a “junior”

    And Obama has the blood of thousands of Iraqis who have been beheaded, crucified, tortured, raped, and massacred by ISIS.

    He can’t hear their screams on the golf course.

  53. Apparently sacking Johnny Manziel wasn’t enough.

    Michael Sam made some plays in the preseason. At the end of the day he was let go because he wasn’t playing well on special teams. I think if he goes to the CFL, he’ll be a starter.

    And it’s amazing how many of you are so afraid of this guy and so defensive when his name is mentioned.

    When Joe Gilliam started at QB for Pittsburgh, the media reaction was similar (but not quite as intense because it was pre-Internet). And I’m guessing the same people who hate Michael Sam (just because …) come from families where people hated Joe Gilliam just because.

  54. wisconsinhillfolk says:
    Aug 30, 2014 8:10 PM
    George Bush Junior has the blood of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on his hands. I hope he hears their screams in his sleep

    ? I think you are on the wrong page homes.

  55. Jonathon Martin was heard pounding on the table at Niners headquarters yelling at the coaches – we have to get this guy…now!

  56. Pharmaherb — I appreciate your rational commentary as a gay man. You are 100% correct. Sam got cut because he wasn’t good enough to make the Rams, who have a very good defensive line already.
    It is well to remember that Sam isn’t the first gay man to play or try to play in the NFL and he certainly won’t be the last.
    I hope if he gets picked up by another team, all this media hysteria about him will go away.
    The bottom line is, a lot of players — young and old — had their dreams shattered or cut short today. Sam is not alone in that and shouldn’t be viewed any different than the rest of them.

  57. Here’s a media firestorm to ponder; Michael Sam to the REDSKINS !!
    Maybe the lib’s will be so focused on Sam, that they’ll forget all about their “mountain out of a mole hill” agenda.

  58. Cue the lawyers…just a matter of time before he files a lawsuit against the Rams and the NFL. I was quite amused at the media falling all over themselves acting like this guy was the second coming of Lawrence Taylor. Just because you were good in college doesn’t mean you will be good in the pros. Time to put this circus to bed. Nothing to see here.

  59. The Dolphins will pick him up. We could use him. We could use a lot of people. But the idiots in charge will overreact and take him as a P.R. stunt to show the world how much this team has evolved. It would be interesting to watch the 1st interaction he has in the locker room with the man-child-idiot supreme Pouncey.

  60. I find it laughable that some of you on here are saying he had a great preseason. You do realize he was playing against 2nd and 3rd string players. While he did have 3 sacks, I still didn’t think he stood a chance with the defensive line that the Rams have. Maybe he will get picked up by some other team or get picked up for the Rams practice squad. Good luck to him!

  61. He had his chance, it was fair competition. He just wasn’t good enough to make the roster at this time.

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