Report: Packers expected to keep just one backup for Rodgers


The Packers are looking likely to enter the season with just one backup for Aaron Rodgers.

The club isn’t expected to keep both Scott Tolzien or Matt Flynn on the 53-player roster, Rob Demovsky of reported Saturday. In short, the Packers are likely to decide between Flynn and Tolzien.

The 26-year-old Tolzien would be subject to waivers. He has practice squad eligibility. Flynn, 29, would be free to immediately sign elsewhere if released.

Tolzien had a strong preseason, completing 38-of-56 passes for 477 yards and three TDs with no interceptions. However, Flynn has risen to the occasion in relief of Rodgers throughout his career. What’s more, Flynn outplayed Tolzien in the 2013 regular season.

In all, both quarterbacks could very well end up on NFL rosters this season. But both won’t be on Green Bay’s 53-player roster, it appears.

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  1. Bad move on GB’s part if this happens. With the horrid O line they have, they are gonna need a third QB considering the inevitability that Rodgers goes down again.

    Maybe they are gonna cut one, then look for a cast off from another team…….Ponder would sure look good in green and yellow! lol

  2. Both look solid. You can tell Flynn was injured last year,because his throws have been more solid this pre-season. Tolzien has more upside, and had a slightly better pre-season in my opinion than Flynn. I’ll be happy with either, but I’ll be surprised if Tolzien isn’t the pick. Whoever the #2 is, I hope they don’t see any meaningful playing time this year.

  3. Pretty sure Tolzien was brought in to keep the fans in check.

    UW wouldn’t let him throw. Although, they didn’t need it.

    Just go to the trash pile and pick out any 3-5 quarterbacks. Can’t do worse than Tolzien.

  4. I don’t get the controversy, Tolzien was awful in actual games last year after Wallace didn’t get it done and Flynn basically saved their season. Flynn isn’t a good QB but for some reason he just works way better in that system.

  5. Flynn will be cut. He will be picked up as a backup in New York for the Giants. He is better than Painter or Nassib and knows what McAdoo wants to do. Tolzein wouldnt clear waivers because as minimum he would be with the Giants if a lower team didnt claim him first.

  6. The comments on this topic are proof positive the geniuses of football around here should all be hired as GMs of NFL clubs other than the Packers.

    Then Green Bay would win the Super Bowl every year.

  7. I’m surprised at the number of teams this year that are seriously contemplating going with only 2 QB’s! Roster spots are precious but when your QB goes down the back-up becomes the starter and there’s no back-up for him on the roster.

    Sure, you can grab a QB off the street but the guy won’t have any familiarity with the playbook, players or coaching staff.

    This could be a recipe for disaster for the teams going with 2 QB’s.

  8. Everyone forgets Flynn salvaged the Packers last season. He is a pure Green Bay system QB, having washed out in Seattle and Oakland, where he was given the keys to the bus. I think they will keep Tolzien, cut Flynn, knowing he likely won’t get picked up anywhere else. If something happens to Rodgers, they can pick him off the scrap heap like they did last year.
    Tolzien has some potential, plus a loyal Wisconsin Badger following in Wisconsin and beyond.

  9. Tolzien has played against first string defense THREE times in Green Bay–he threw TWO INT’s in loss to Eagles and 3 INT’s in loss to Giants before he was down by 16 points to Vikings in a game Flynn brought’em back to lead in OT before the defense blew the tie. I say FLYNN, go with experience over the QB who stares his WR’s and allows the defense to read his eyes.

  10. Queenie fans trying to give advice on qb’s that’s precious. That miserable team hasn’t produced a decent qb since tarkenton and all he did is run around but failed when it mattered. It wasn’t long ago that Flynn destroyed your putrid defense in 1 half of play and he was only on the roster a couple weeks. Just remember this is for our backup position, they could easily compete for a starter on the vikings.

  11. No matter what happens, the Vikings annual offseason world dominance only continues for another 5 days. Unfortunately for them, the actual season starts at that time and they must reclaim their usual, and rightful, place at the bottom of the barrel. Then their “fans” can get back to World Of Warcraft and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

  12. Lol. Vikings fans. Jealous much? We all know you are.

    Look – I know how easy it is to say “Their OL is terrible and Rodgers will get hurt again” – but it’s simply not true. GBs OL was really good last year and will be awesome this year.

    I personally can’t wait for about week 4 when GB is 3-1 and you are 0-4… then there will finally be peace on these boards for the rest of the NFL fans out there.

  13. As a Vikes fan, can all the trolls on both sides of the border please pipe down UNLESS you’ve got something that’s actually clever or witty. And if you’re not sure, err on the side of caution. “Caterpillar Lip”? That’s the best we’ve got? Let’s class it up around here.

  14. Ted Thompson badly mismanaged the backup quarterback spot last year before Flynn finally picked himself up off the scrap heap to salvage a miserable season to win a miserable division. At least this year he’s only picking between two quarterbacks instead of six.

    The problem with keeping only two quarterbacks is the backup will have to run the scout team in practice all week so he won’t be prepared to go into the game if Rodgers gets injured or starts feeling some discomfort when handing off.

  15. It’s Tolzein. For anybody that watched the preseason he certainly benefitted from a year under the watchful eye of QB guru Mike McCarthy. It’s also why Flynn looked good despite being kicked out of SEA, OAK and BUF.

    I’ve been saying since day 1 that Flynn wouldn’t get picked up if released and the Packers could sign him later on. He’ll get a wink and a nod as he walks out the door and be told “stay in shape”. He’ll be missed, though, he’s a classy dude.

  16. They’re doing this so they can keep that UDFA DE on the 53 that had 6 or 7 sacks this preseason. He would never make it back to their practice squad if they exposed him to waivers.

  17. Why do you think that they have a practice squad – they could even put two QB’s on it but that would be dumb. That is where the 3rd QB is stashed and runs the scout team

  18. Keep Flynn and put Tolzien on the practice squad. If Rodgers gets hurt and the Pack needs a 2-3 game caretaker, Flynn gives them the best chance. Saying that these two back-ups are starting caliber based on pre-season makes about as much sense as my fellow fans claiming NFCN division crown based on the Vikes’4-0 pre-season record.

  19. linemanguy74 says:
    Aug 30, 2014 12:00 PM
    Packer fans are in for a long -long season

    Yep, 19 games is a long season indeed. wild card bye week will be a nice break

  20. linemanguy74 says:
    Aug 30, 2014 12:00 PM
    Packer fans are in for a long -long season

    Typically so – Packers tend to play into January, unlike anyone else in the division.

    The season is long for Packer fans because it includes the post-season, something the Viking fans don’t have to worry about.

  21. Tolzein had a better preseason but Flynn outplayed him big time last year. Tough decision. For all the queenies talking about how fragile Rodgers is, do you realize he’d started every game the 2 prior seasons and only missed a couple other games before that. He’s not Favre but he’s certainly not fragile….especially considering his propensity to run.

  22. linemanguy74 says:
    Aug 30, 2014 12:00 PM

    Packer fans are in for a long -long season

    Our season will definitely be longer than that of the Vikings “fans,” just like it has been for the past several years. While we’re cheering on our team in the playoffs, that bunch to our left will be firmly back to Spongebob and Gummy Bears.

  23. Why is everyone criticizing Tolzein based on what he did last year? The guy wasn’t signed to the practice squad until September 1st last year. He didn’t get the benefit of OTAs, training camp, preseason or anything. He was thrown into the fire two months after he got his playbook.

    He is miles ahead of where he was last year. This preseason he completed 38 of 56 passes for 477 yards. Three TDs with no INTs, for a QB rating of 111.9. He is considerably more comfortable out there than he was last year.

  24. I don’t get the controversy, Tolzien was awful in actual games last year after Wallace didn’t get it done and Flynn basically saved their season. Flynn isn’t a good QB but for some reason he just works way better in that system.
    Tolzien was brought into Green Bay after the season started last year. He didn’t have any off season work, didn’t know the offense and was thrown into games to sink or swim with limited knowledge of the pay book.

    Flynn has been in GB for 4.5 years. He knew the playbook so could run more of the offense when called on. That’s why he played.

    Tolzien now has a full off-season under his belt and a much better grasp of the offense. He delivers the ball where t should go and can throw down the field, unlike Flynn. He also moves better than Flynn and has better feel in the pocket. He is also one tough SOB and will stand in and deliver the ball in the face of a rush.

    GB might keep Flynn because of familiarity but I doubt it. Tolzien is just a better QB and SF would sign him as a backup (or they should) if he is cut. There are probably more than a handful of teams that would sign him but I doubt many would sign Flynn.

  25. Go back to last preseason game, see the perfect dime Tolzien dropped to Janis for that 53 yard TD, then go look at the play Janis was streaking down the sideline, had a step on the defender n look at where Flynn placed the ball, 15-20 yards short or Janis likely catches that pass n finishes off an 80 yard TD pass. There’s no question Tolzien is better than Flynn n deserves the job over Flynn. And people, stop bringing up last year, Flynn played 3 of the bottom 5 D’s in the league, he embarrassed GB in Detroit and blew vs Pitt with a 69 rating when he actually played a decent D. As for Tolzien, he was basically a rookie without any OTA’s, camp or preseason, you can clearly see a difference in him in the preseason where he blew Flynn away, 112 passer rating to 82. Tolzien has to be the man, he gives Green Bay a greater chance of winning if needed.

  26. For those who say Tolzien sucked last season well he was signed on to the practice squad and elevated to the 53 within the span of a few days before the season started.

    He didn’t know the system, or have an chemistry with his recievers. This year he got a full offseason in GB and you can clearly see he played much better. Id go with Tolzien and hope Flynn doesn’t get picked up by anybody. The 49ers at the very leat would scoop up Tolzien in a heartbeat if hes cut.

  27. I’m surprised we cut Stoneburner and Rolle in favor of keeping Ryan Taylor and Jarrett Bush.

    We usually go with the young guys with upside.

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