Report: Patriots waiving Josh Boyce


The Patriots are releasing one of their draft picks from a season ago.

The club will waive wide receiver Josh Boyce, a 2013 fourth-round selection,’s Mike Reiss reported Saturday.

The 23-year-old Boyce appeared in nine games (three starts) for New England as a rookie, catching nine passes for 121 yards. A December ankle injury ended his season. He caught 7-87-0 in four 2014 preseason games.

Boyce (5-11, 205) can be added to the Patriots’ practice squad, but he will first have to clear waivers. The question now is whether he will land elsewhere by Sunday.

21 responses to “Report: Patriots waiving Josh Boyce

  1. Boyce’s athleticism is unquestioned. His ability to run routes and catch the football is very much in question.

  2. Cleveland bound. The league’s bottom feeders will be watching the Pats, Broncos and Seahawks cut lists and gladly licking up the scraps.

  3. I feel confident the Jets will grab him…in their never-ending quest to somehow one-up the Patriots for Danny Woodhead.

  4. Why shouldn’t the Browns claim him? There is no WR on that team (Gordon is gone now) who is more talented then Boyce.

    He can get tons of teaching from the Browns to clean up his route running and he could become a good WR compliment to Gordon next year.

  5. Tough to find room for him…..Edelman, Amendola, Tompkins, Dobson, LaFell. New TE Wright is almost a WR essentially as well. It was him or Tyms really and Tyms stole the show the last month. Boyce didnt do enough.

  6. Clueless fans who think they know more about football than Belichick love to use his drafted cuts of examples that he can’t draft

    But what they can’t understand is that Belichick knows the draft is a huge crapshoot

    While other coaches have too much pride to cut recent draftees Belichick will cut guys loose and retain UDFAs who earned a spot

    That’s part of the reason why Belichick is so successful – but the haters can’t comprehend all of this (or won’t)

  7. Soooo many losers are jealous of BB and his success. The Patriots won loss record speaks for itself. Makes me proud every time I read their posts.

  8. Patriot fans swear they are better than everybody else. I thought the steelers were terrible but Patriot fans take that big spygate cake and eat it too. Like Leo Dicaprio said in the Departed.I t really sucks if your the other guy in boston……

  9. Boyce is purely a guy that you can use on short stuff like screens and reverses. He is virtually useless on deeper balls and more complex routes. He is an athlete more than a football player. He doesn’t understand basic route running concepts.

    NE invested a pick on a guy who had speed and his speed just isn’t obvious on the field. He’s a developmental project that you can play in limited quantities. NE just doesn’t have space for that.

  10. Lol Pats are always so loaded its very difficult for draft picks to make it. And Belichick has no ego about cutting someone loose early on if they don’t cut it.

    But if it makes you feel better to think that Belichick can’t draft well even though he’s drafted numerous pro bowlers, by all means keep living in fantasyland while the Pats continue steamrolling your team year after year.

  11. how many receivers for the pats who did well took 3 years to get there? It seems like either they get the patriots offense immediately or they never get it.

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