Reports: Leshoure out in Detroit

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With Joe Lombardi bringing the Saints’ offense to Detroit, a three-headed tailback monster could be a real possibility — which in theory gave former second-round draft pick Mikel Leshoure a spot in the rotation with Reggie Bush and Joique Bell.

While the Lions may still use three tailbacks on a consistent basis, Leshoure won’t be one of them.  According to multiple reports, the Lions will cut Leshoure.

Drafted in 2011, Leshoure’s rookie year ended before it began, with a torn Achilles tendon.  In 2012, he started 14 games, gaining 798 yard.  Last year, however, he played in only three games, getting the ball twice for nine yards.

The departure of Leshoure could be good news for Theo Riddick or George Winn, or both.  They’re the next two tailbacks on the roster after Leshoure.

The move makes the team’s 2011 draft officially a disaster, given that the Lions took soon-to-be-gone defensive tackle Nick Fairley in the first round and spent another second-round selection on long-gone receiver Titus Young.

Leshoure and his non-guaranteed salary of $645,000 will now hit the waiver wire, since he doesn’t have four years of service.

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  1. The Lions three running back rotation never included Leshoure, Riddick was always ahead of him, he never had a chance to make the roster because Winn is a better running back, plays special teams, and can be stashed on the practice squad, I wish nothing but the worst to Leshoure, he has the maturity of an 8 year old and thinks he is a superstar, not to mention he ate a bag of weed right in front of a cop

  2. Yeah between him and Titus Young that’s not much return on investment for two 2nd rounders. I think it’s a bit early to write off Fairly but if he doesn’t pull it together either then that front office has some ‘splaining to do.

  3. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says:
    Aug 30, 2014 11:15 AM
    Some might say that Leshoure’s career went “up in smoke”.


    He doesn’t smoke the weed, he eats it

  4. That’s too bad, I hate to have to see draft picks get cut, but that’s why you have depth. Although they could have also tried to figure out a trade option from within that group, or not spent so much money on FA RBs as well as another draft pick on that RB depth that will now replace this higher round RB that they picked beforehand. Now he’s just another wasted draft pick like Jonte Green recently turned out to be. Good luck to the Colts fan that is interested in a free former pick!

  5. I remember the outrage of so-called Patritos fans when Bill took Shane Vereen one spot ahead of Mikel Leshoure in the second round. You know who Belichick is, right? He’s the guy that everyone says is a terrible GM.

  6. By the way, the Pats got the Shane Vereen pick from the Saints in 2011 when they let the Saints take Mark Ingram. The other player the Patriots harvested from that trade was get defensive end Chandler Jones. In short, Belichick traded Mark Ingram for Shane Vereen and Chandler Jones. What a terrible GM.

  7. … Not surprised to hear that the Lions let him go, especially with the way George Winn has played.
    Still think someone thin at running back will pick him up as a backup though.
    I don’t think we are going to have to worry about him coming back to burn us.

  8. For people knocking the Lions for drafting Leshoure, I suggest going back and seeing the long list of failed running backs from the 2011 draft. The NFL is not easy to make, never mind excel. The best teams admit their mistakes and move on while the weak teams hang on to their mistakes trying to look good.

  9. Another day, another bust. Wow, it’s great to be the Steelers.


    Uh, no, it’s great to be the Seahawks. We’ll be curb stomping the old, finesse, Steelers next year when you come to town.

  10. He’s slow, lacks vision and dances around in the hole. Seems like every time he gets the ball he’s putting his head down running into the back of an offensive lineman.

  11. To Tigerlilac: Are you suggesting that the Lions are among the best teams? The best teams find contributors throughout the draft every year. No one picks winners at at each round but the good organizations don’t waste draft picks over and over, year after year. By the way, those teams also win key games, win divisions, go to playoff games and win them. Sadly, our Lions don’t do any of those things.

  12. He was born in prison, had some chances to overcome it, but hasn’t. Hoping he can still take advantage of them.

  13. He’s a good guy. As a Lions fan I always hoped he’d regain that burst he showed in college. But, after that Achilles tear right off the bat, he never got it back. And then, after sitting for a year, he can no longer even find the hole. Too bad…he did have the talent. But it was very obvious he was outplayed by all 4 tailbacks this preseason despite getting him more work than any of them in trying to see if there really was anything there.

    I wish him best of luck. Sometimes people just need a change of venue. Hopefully, for him, this is the case.

  14. Thank God it’s about time. I’m surprised Mayhew’s ego allowed this to happen though. Another wasted second round pick. Fire Mayhew!

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