Steelers cut two 2014 draft picks on way to 53 players

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The Steelers have announced 22 cuts to get down to the 53-man roster limit and two of the players dropped were members of their 2014 draft class.

Fifth-round cornerback Shaquille Richardson (pictured) and seventh-round tight end Rob Blanchflower were both waived on Saturday, leaving the Steelers with seven of their nine draft picks on their initial roster. Both players can be signed to the practice squad if they make it through waivers.

The Steelers also dropped 2011 fifth-round pick Chris Carter, who couldn’t navigate his way through the other linebackers on the roster. Carter played 29 games and made four starts for the Steelers.

The Steelers released veteran offensive lineman Guy Whimper and tight end David Paulson as well.  Tight end Bryce Davis, defensive back Isaiah Green, defensive back Dayonne Nunley, defensive back Ross Ventrone, running back Josh Harris, running back Stephen Houston, defensive lineman Ethan Hemer, defensive lineman Josh Mauro, defensive lineman Roy Philon, defensive lineman Nick Williams, linebacker Howard Jones, linebacker Dan Molls, quarterback Brendon Kay, wide receiver Derek Moye, wide receiver Lanear Sampson, offensive lineman Graham Pocic and offensive lineman Will Simmons round out the team’s cuts.

20 responses to “Steelers cut two 2014 draft picks on way to 53 players

  1. Either they are drafting people who can’t make the roster or they don’t know they are drafting people who can’t make the roster.

    The talent evaluation going on in Pittsburgh ATM is questionable at best.

  2. Welcome to the NFL Big Dan McCullers.

    Only current Steelers I’m disappointed about is Landry Jones and only cut I’m disappointed about is Howard Jones.

    I’m sure the roster will look slightly different come week 1 but 7 of 9 including a 7th ain’t bad.

    The season has begun, lets go Steelers.

  3. I USED to be a Landry Jones fan till this preseason… def think he shoulda been cut… that being said im very disappointed they cut LB Howard Jones… that guy looked like another LB sleeper for Pittsburgh… guess another team will have a shot at him now… darn

  4. Both draft picks will be on the practice squad unless someone else snags them. Richardson was injured almost the entire camp, so there was no chance of them keeping him on the active roster when he barely played or practiced. Branch flower was a seventh rounder….most don’t make opening day rosters when drafted in round 7

  5. thehayseed,

    I’ll take that bet. And I’m sure there will be a lot of others in line behind me to take it, too. Here’s an idea, let me know how to get in touch with you so we can agree on the bet! Hell, I’ll even bet you my house and car that the Steelers will be better than 2 and 9. Unless, of course, you are yet another of those chumps that puff out your chest when able to hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

    Your move, chump.

  6. if Ben gets hurt we’re DONE! Kay looks better in one game then Landry Jones lookd all pre-season.. Not surprised at any of the cuts

  7. Doesn’t matter how bad their draft has been, or how old they are…..Too many of the current experts are Steeler fans. They were supposed to win the AFC North last year. This year they are picked to win the Super Bowl. It never ends with these Steeler homers.

  8. Realistically 8-8 at best again. The Bengals are still on top of the division with very few losses in the offseason and getting all of their injured guys like Atkins back healthy this year. The Ravens actually made efforts to improve where they were terrible last year, specifically on the offensive line and in their pass catching corps plus they added three more young studs to that “old” defense again this year. Apart from their draft class which did have some good prospects in Shazier and Tuitt, the Steelers stayed status quo in improving unless you want to count a solid but average Mike Mitchell as an improvement, they’ve been handicapped by being so close to the cap for two years now while the Bengals and Ravens have had cap space to play around with. It will be the Bengals or Ravens division again this year with the runner up likely nabbing a wild card spot in what is largely an average AFC.

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